make portal scrolls faster than logout/login


I really think that the town portal-in locations should be changed to always be closer (faster) than logout login, because it's really wrong that a mechanic which costs currency (portal scrolls) is slower than one that is free and cheesy (logout login).

For example, in most cases if the login/logout was placed at the further away portal location, and the portal-in was placed close-in the town, it would provide a speedrun advantage to managing portal-scroll usage, especially SSF-on-character runs.

Last bumped on Mar 27, 2021, 9:26:33 AM
To be fair, both portal scrolls and logging out have their own pros and cons.

Portal scrolls are better if:

- You want to just go back to town then waypoint to another instance.

- If you want to preemptively leave a portal in a certain area (i.e ruined square in act 10 for Vilenta) then come back later with a waypoint to town then portal to save you some decent time.

- They close if you logout so you can't really abuse them this way.

Logging out:

- When you want to check vendors for certain items/gems or want to take passive skill points since the spawn location is closer to the vendors than portals.

- Also good to do in a certain town to make it your spawning town next login, mainly useful for picking up Fairgraves & The Way Forward passives from Bestel then continuing act 2 progression from Lioneye's waypoint.

- Mainly done in the first three acts since you don't really have many portal scrolls to go through.

While this could be me stating the obvious to you, perhaps some other reader will learn some tips and tricks to practice in his future speedruns. Overall I don't really think that it's bad design, both portal scrolls & logging out have their own benefits so it's not like one beats the other in every situation. Only thing I'd change perhaps would be buffing portal scroll drop rates a bit in the first three or at least two acts, but other than that I think it's fine.
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