Race time "betting" speedrun mechanic?

I find PoE hardcore speedruns one of the most repeatable fun things in this genre.

I bored of "regular" Diabloe, Warframe and PoE each after around 400-700 hrs, but PoE hardcore speedruns seem really fun forever, and synergize nicely with PoE's permanent passive point allocation and periodic new leagues. I find speedrunning HC SSF much more fun than reaching endgame.

Random Ideas -

What about *official* leaderboard of race-times in a league to certain objectives?

Then, what about creating a reward mechanic around speed running challenges?


For a reward mechanic, I could "bet" I would make a certain milestone in a certain time, and I did make it, I'd get bonus loot proportional to the timer bet I placed (not my speedrun time). Even more HC would be self-destruct, where I'd die if I didn't make the timer.

Obviously speed running is fun without this, but it seems like at least not a terrible idea.

Along these lines, I really think that the town portal-in locations should be changed to always be faster than logout login, because it's really wrong that a mechanic which costs currency (portal scrolls) is slower than one that is free and cheesy (logout login).

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