[3.13] CWC DETONATE DEAD NECROMANCER | Under Construction

Guide under construction, I will wait for 3.14 patch notes

Hello exiles!

This is the guide is for the build I used to league start Heist Flashback and Ritual. The build is perfect to start a league and rush maps, do Conquers and Sirus.

This build is not mine! I found the ideia in ThatsRealNeato youtube channel.
I recommend you to check his youtube channel for awesome non meta builds.

His video :

About this build

+Perfect for league start
+Uses cheap uniques
+Strong damage on low budget
+Tanky on low budget

-Cyclone = Slow mov speed (can be solved with flask)
-Needs flask and enchant on boots to be Stun immune
-Phys damage can be a problem
-Non SSF friendly

Main Mechanics

Path of Building

Main POB: https://pastebin.com/WnYqhxn7
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