[3.14] 61 Million Sirus DPS Cyclone Slayer | 2H Axe | Full content | Videos

The build is still viable in 3.14 with the following metions:
- mirror level axe crafting won't be as easy to get by (so the 70M DPS in the pob won't be reached )
- the awesome-level multimod axe still stands, and with it you can actually clear all content like it's nothing

Hello mateys, wanted to share with you a pretty brutal build: 2H axe cyclone slayer which I used on my very awesome character "Popeye The Slayer Man".

I would like to start the guide by making a pun which involves the spinning movement of cyclone and spinach, since they both have a spin and involve a Popeye. However I cannot think right now of anything that isn't too cringe, so just imagine I wrote some amazing pun and laugh about it.

This is a build for people who enjoy big numbers, a build that will kill things fast enough to make content seem easy. A build that lives by the rule: If it's dead it cannot hurt me.

If it was done before I hope I won't get much heat.

As a side note, this is a high budget build, which doesn't come with the cheap version.

The build can oscilate between 30M to 70M dps. So let's see what these numbers represent.

Well, as PoB allows us to be fairly optimistic about our build, we can check things to improve our dps. So I'm going to place here some relevant numbers in order for people not to feel cheated if they want to follow my PoB:

30M DPS - lazy effort dps output

- for when you don't want to save that extra 0.5 seconds on boss kill and you are too lazy to drop all things that make you great
- Multimod 2H axe
- 1 aura improvement watcher's eye
- No ancestral totem / shock / banner placed

40M DPS - normal day dps output

- for when you are willing to press all the necessary keys, but you don't have enough egzalts
- 1 aura improvement watcher's eye
- Multimod 2H axe
- No shock in PoB

54M DPS - I am rich and I buy things - build

- for when you realize that it's worth 1 month of farming exalts to get that extra 2 seconds saved time on boss kills
- 1 aura improvement watcher's eye
- Mirror level 2H Axe
- no shock in PoB

70M DPS - I am Perandus and RNG is always on my side - theoretical cap

- where the build can be taken with unreasonable expenses
- 2 aura improvement watcher's eye
- Mirror level 2H axe
- shock in PoB active !!! (checking all checkboxes to impress the community with high numbers)

So now that we see damage outputs there are two conclusions that we can draw:
1. Wooow, that's a s***load of damage !
2. WTF do I need that much damage for ?

And yes, it's an overkill even with the multi-mod axe, as you will see in the videos (to be uploaded).

Considering that this build was intended to be a high budget build, I achieved it by having a league starter character that I used to farm stuff until I got my body armor and multimod axe (which are the cornerstone of the build). In hindsight, using just the cyclone slayer from the get-go would've been more efficient.

- damage
- soooo much damage
- Surprisingly resilient (despite having no block / dodge and only 6k life)
- fast clear
- bosses are a joke
- can do reflect maps

- expensive AF
- build revolves around the Replica Farrul's Fur so you will need to buy it asap
- you will still get 1 shot every now and then, so no hardcore for ya mate
- cannot do no leech maps (or you can but it's not worth the effort)

So, without further a do, let's get into it.


More Coming soon in your home-office cinema!

Ritual encounters

Relevant Bosses

Maps and farming

T16 yellow map
T16 100% delirium
T16 100% delirium with HH
T17 100% delirium no HH
T17 100% delirium with HH
T20 100% delirium with HH


Can it be a league starter ?

Yup, especially if you start the league with a Replica Farrul's fur.

On a more serious note, the cyclone slayer seems quite easy to build up and good for farming, however I created this character as the 2nd one of the league, so he was spoiled, and I cannot say for sure how hard life is for a cyclone slayer without rich parents.

Why am I dead ?

There are several reasons for such events, but here are some questions to guide you towards the correct answer:

- Are you on a map with elemental weakness and did you just eat a homing fireball of death or a shocky boy ?
- Does,by any chance, the map have 2 or more damage increase mods ?
- Did you recently open a strongbox while sitting on the corpses of your slain enemies ?
- Do you have 20 stacks of degen but you suddenly found your inner peace and you decided not to hit anyone ?
- Did you forgot to turn on your aspect of the cat skill ?
- Did you stand in the middle of those round thingies that bloodline monsters leave when they die to see what happens ?
- Did you see vids of dual wield gladiators / builds with shield where they were sitting still while monsters where hitting them and their life wasn't going down and you thought "HEEEY! That's me!" ?
- Did you leap slam in a bunch of enemies on an elemental reflect map and you committed death by self-zap ? (you are immune only to self-bonk)

Is there a cheaper version ?

There is always a cheaper version of anything.

I deviated a bit from the build. Why isn't it as awesome as you are saying ?

Well now, deviations are always welcome, however the warranty becomes null and void.
Your 2H claw elemental-bleed hierophant is an awesome deviation but I don't have many tips to help you with.

Why aren't you placing immorta call in cwdt / why not use molten shell/ why not ... ?

This is what works for me, feel free to setup the defensive gems as you wish. I personally enjoy blaming my death on mechanics and GGG not being fair and RNG.

Should we use headhunter ?

Do you like steroids? Do you like to gamble with your life a bit in order to bathe in the blood of your enemies ? Do you like to receive head(s) ?

That's what a headhunter is for this build. It's like play with cheats.

However any build should be stand alone without a headhunter. This one is.

As playstyle you will want headhunter for clear, and for big bosses such as Sirus or Elder or Maven you will use a stygian vise.

PoB (current status - 61M DPS)

70M DPS 3.14 PoB

Leaving old PoBs for reference.

61M DPS with current items

Just for reference, I'm also leaving the 51M DPS PoB (difference is only in items)

Gameplay, style and mechanics

The build has a ton of damage so while leveling one might opt for the health nodes instead of raw damage.
With the nodes within reach you can boost your life from 6k to 7k which will make you less 1 shotty.
Generally speaking you can play without dying if you are careful until level 100 and then switch to a more dps centric build.
You can do any map as long as it doesn't prevent life leech, however to minimize your chances of dying I listed some map mods you should avoid in order to make your life easier:

Here are the map mods which you should be careful about:

Big No No (don't go in maps with this):
- Cannot leech life / mana

Big chance of Boo Boo happening (avoid maps with 2 such mods)
- curse with elemental weakness
- Monsters deal #% extra damage as Cold / Fire / Lightning /Air whatever
- T1 -#% maximum resistances
- Map has patches of shocked ground (yeah, don't think you an hopscotch around them)

Good chance of Boo Boo (avoid maps with 3 such mods, or a combination of these mods and the ones above)
- curse with vulnerability
- curse with temporal chains (running around remains the best defense)
- monsters deal #% extra damage

Improves Boo Boo chance, but not a big deal by themselves
- monsters deal extra critical damage/ improved critical
- hits from monsters always ignites
- monsters fire 2 additional projectiles (for maps where monsters fire at least 1 projectile)
- player cannot regenerate mana (because admit it, you will eventually spin around without hitting stuff, just for the fun of it and you will have to politely manual bonk a monster to gain your mana back)

Special death: Elemental reflect maps
- you are immune to phys relfect, but not elemental reflect
- on elemental reflect maps you will finally notice that indeed your shock nova is being triggered (see? I didn't lie)
- remove your nova from your cwdt link on elemental reflect maps in order to not die like a toddler inserting a fork in a power socket !

Playstyle and mechanics


The crux of the build is to maximize your endurance charges by maximizing frenzy charges and using the Masterful Form ascendancy node. You will have your endurance and frenzy charges given by the Replica Farrul's fur so you don't need to worry building around generating them. The total endurance and frenzy charges you will constantly have is 7, which means +28% resistances and physical damage reduction from the endurance charges.

The build itself doesn't have much mitigation.
Your face is your shield, and with 28% dodge chance you are as agile as a rock giant on Xanax.
However, since you are making your very own circle of death around you, most monsters won't hit you since, well, they die. Ranged monsters don't have the same existential crisis. Fortunately, due to the nature of the build, they won't hurt you enough (only your feelings).

Physical damage won't be your problem, despite running an Abyssus. However elemental damage will always be something to be careful about. Getting shocked followed by a homing flameball or a shock boy detonation will almost always spell death.

Since you are not blocking anything placing yourself in the middle of monsters is a BAAAD idea. Harvest spawns or Harbringer spawns, if the melees start hitting you all at once will make your life evaporate, so start killing them from the edge not from the middle.

Defensive mechanic wise I'm running immortal call on keybind while having steelskin on cwdt. This will result in some clunky mechanics that can get you killed if not careful (they cannot both be active at the same time). You can toy around with the setup a bit, but I prefer to have my immortal call on bind since it consumes my endurance charges, hence my elemental resists go down (however you still take less damage).

You have greatly improved mitigation while leeching (10% dmg reduction plus the actual leech). So when you don't suck ... you suck. The way I approach troublesome engages is by immortal calling then running into the fray to make sure I survive for enough time to build my leech stacks.

Since single target damage is more than enough, I opted to go for a devastator notable in order to improve the clear speed, while also having the pleasant sound of watermelons popping.

Finally, you are playing with little mana while resorting to leeching for regen. That means that eventually your character will start acting like having a seisure. I decided to change my left mouse bind from walking to hitting since sometimes I just need to politely ask some mob to give me some mana.

As far as the general gameplay goes, spin like a maniac until you kill everyone around you, jump to the next group, spin spin spin. Quite straightforward, zero buttons if you are lazy. Every now and then, just to feel good about yourself, you can use an intimidating cry. Placing a totem will stop you from channeling so you will reserve them for bosses. Place the banner every now and then, just so you can say you are actually having 54M dps as shown in PoB.


Kill them all !
B.. Bu.. But! Alira !
Listen buddy, we don't discriminate here based on gender !


- Lunaris or Solaris (I personally went for Lunaris, but Solaris is also ok)
- Gruthkul


In order
- Brutal Fervor
- Headsman
- Impact
- Masterful Form (since keeping all endurance and frenzy charges will only be possible towards the end)


The gear is quite expensive because it involves a Replica Farull's Fur.
The next mandatory expensive item is the axe.

Gear cost

Some notabale expenses:
The Abyssus with cyclone enchant is almost as expensive as the Replica Farull's Fur.
Watcher's eye with double pride aura is hellishly expensive.

"Cheap" gear (for finishing all content): 156 exalts

- Replica Farrul's Fur: 55 ex
- Multimod Axe: 50 ex
- Single pride Watcher's eye: 25 ex
- Well divined Abyssus: 1 ex
- Hands of the high templar: 10 ex
- Life stygian vise: 5 ex
- Other stuff: 10 ex

Expensive gear (for bragging about your DPS): 754 ex

- Replica Farrul's fur: 55 ex
- Mirror level Axe: 300 ex
- Double pride watcher's eye: 300 ex
- Well divined Abyssus with cyclone enchant: 50 ex
- hands of the high templar: 10 ex
- Life + chaos resist stygian vise: 9 ex
- other stuff: 20 ex

Body Armour

Just one armor for this build:

You want Replica Farrul's Fur in order to generate frenzy and endurance charges. 6L is not mandatory, I just bought it this way and decided to include it in my build as such. You will place the CWDT setup in the body armor.

Weapon (el Axo, the Bonker, il Brutalizatore)

For the axe go with an Elder Fleshripper.
The most important mod is the "Socketed gems are supported by level 1 Fortify" which will make your setup to be a 7L instead of a 6L.
As far as crafting goes, I will explain bellow.

The multimod axe is quite simple to craft, and doesn't require harvest.
The mirror-level axe requires harvest, but more importantly, a lot of tempering orbs to hit that 8% physical modifiers increase. Unless you are playing a lot don't aim to go for this axe with the enchantment.


Abyssus all the way. For extra dps the best enchants are the cyclone attack speed, followed closely by blood and sand increased effect (seems with higher dps blood and sand actually gives 170k more dps than cylcone AS) and with cyclone damage in 3rd place.

Other Gear

You will want Hands of the high templar with vulnerability on hit and +1 frenzy charge. +1 level of socketed gems will allow you to use a level 5 enlighten to reduce the strain on your mana. Lastly, other relevant feats would be +2 to aura gems and +2 to aoe gems. Socket your auras here.

Everything else should have life and resistances according to what's needed.
You will want to craft a -3 manacost to channeling skills on a ring to make things feel more smoothly.

One big challenge will be to get your intelligence to the point where you can use your enlighten and your infused channeling support gems. I'm still working on getting better gear.


Lion's roar and Bottled faith are a must have.
As far as blue flasks go, you will want to have a flask with remove bleeding and one with remove freeze.
I personally found out that if I'm hit, I'm very hit, so the best feeling I got was from a perfectly divined forbidden taste to get me out of bad situations (a life flask just won't cut it).
For the blue flasks get a diamond flask and a quicksilver flask and get staunching and of heat on them.
Unfortunately since you only have 2 blue flasks you will have to give up the movement speed bonus, but you will be fast enough without it.


Watcher's eye with Pride aura improvement.
The following are the dps bonuses in order:
- Impale you inflict last 2 additional hits while using pride
- 12% chance to deal double damage while using pride
- precision attack speed /crit multiplier / attack damage or pride physical damage

As far as cluster jewels, go for two 12% increased damage with two handed weapons jewel.
I used one notable to get devastator in order to get extra clear speed.
The two jewels and their notables are:

Pure DPS cluster:
- Feed the Fury (most dps)
- Surefooted striker (2nd most dps)
- Martial prowess

Clear + DPS cluster:
- Feed the Fury
- Devastator
- Martial Prowess

Abyss jewel and tree jewels should be focusing on life first of all, followed by physical damage , attack speed and crit multiplier

My current abyss (not ideal)

Tree jewels should be blanaced between crit multiplier and attack speed to maximize dps, while also having 7% inreased life:

One thing to note is that the build doesn't have a source of mana leech. I got it from one of my tree jewels, I called it the sacrificial jewel, since I used it to balance my intel while also having mana leech. Alternatively you could aim to get "Fuel the Fight" in the cluster jewels, but the dps hit won't make it worth while.

Here is my "sacrificial" tree jewel which gives me mana leech and intel.

In addition to everything you will need a medium ranged thread of hope in order to get Discipline of Slaughter / Discipline of the Unyielding.

Crafting and anointments

Anoint Frenetic. Or, if you feel more adventurous you can anoint Fervor. They have quite similar benefits.

Multimod Axe Crafting

Since you are not aiming for the perfect axe, you will want to have fortify, attack speed and some form of physical improvement then craft the other physical and increased crit chance / weapon quality.

Weapon base: Elder influenced Flesh Ripper level 83+

The process is as follows:
- fossil until you get 30% quality

- (optional) fossil until you get all whites

- (optional) fossil for item sells for much more to vendors

- alteration until you get "Socketed gems are supported by level 1 fortify"

- imprint + augment / annul until you get T1 (or T2) attack speed

- imprint + augment until you get T1-T3 % increased physical or T1-T2 flat phys

- multimod with the missing physical and crit chance + quality

Non Multimod Axe


You will need to have add / remove influence modifier saved up for this craft, with at least 2 add influence modifiers (so just exalt, not annul / exalt). The ideea is to make an ideal base using imprints, then get the right elder prefixes using horticrafting.

Weapon base: Elder influenced Flesh Ripper level 83+ (ideally with +8% phys modifiers enchant)

The process is as follows:
- fossil for 30% quality

- (optional) fossil for full white

- (optional) fossil item sells much more to vendors

- alteration until you get merciless (+170-179% phys damage)

- imprint + augment / annul until you get T1 speed (of celebration)

- imprint + regal until you get T1 or T2 flat phys

You will now have 2 prefixes and 1 suffix. first step will be to fill he sufixes so the next affix will be forced to be a prefix:

- multimod craft
- some random sufix craft (adds fire resist or anything really, you will delete it anyways)

You will now attempt to get Fortify

- add influence modifier
- remove /add influence modifier until you hit "Socketed gems are supported by level 1 fortify"

Once you are done you will now attempt to get "increased physical damage + hits have culling strike against bleeding enemies" elder suffix.

- Remove all crafted mods.
- craft: Prefixes cannot be changed
- add influence modifier
- remove / add influence modifier until you hit "Increased phys damage + culling strike against bleeding enemies"

Finally you can craft the Crit + weapon quality suffix.

Gem links

Main skill: Cyclone, socketed in the weapon to get a 7L setup.

21 / 23 infused channeling requires more int than I have. The gem itself requires you to have at least 111 intel, which will be hard to get by on your tree.

Everything else is self explanatory.


It's not necessary to have a 6L CWDT, the 6L just came with the armor.

Steelskin was my go-to option, despite it making my immortal call clunky (I just had to have immortal call on key bind, and having another immortal call in CWDT .. well it's an option, but I didn't go for it).

Anomalous shock nova + Elemental proliferation, because I wanted to have some sort of shock. You get hit quite often, so you will see it proc. It also has the benefit to give you a visual aid when you are receiving damage, since your life leech will most likely overtake the incoming damage, and often times you will feel like you aren't even attacked.

Withering step provides a pretty good defensive option, since you will be granted elusive. Since leap slam will be your "blink" and leap slam isn't considered a "blink" skill, it won't share cooldown with withering step.

Ice golem because ice golem provides the biggest dps boost from all the golems. Is nice to have a friend to walk besides you.

I leveled my CWDT to level 20, although I think keeping it at a lower level might be a better option. It allowed me to max steelskin and my golem, so my friend doesn't die as much and my face can take more punishment.

Auras - socketed in the gloves

Generally speaking you won't be able to keep all the auras unless you have an englithen gem. If you feel you don't have enough mana, giving up Flesh and Stone will fix that.


Since both ancestrall warchief and leap slam benefit from maim, why not.

Get a vaal ancestral warchief, and keep in mind that you can have 3 totems active: 1 from normal and 3 from vaal. So every now and then, if you time things right, the bosses will be triple bonked.

As a bonus, if you sit afk enough in your hideout, the character will start dancing with the toems.

Intimidating cry is there to be used every now and then against things which are too tanky (and since you have 40M - 54M dps, nothing is too tanky)

Remaining slots

Make sure that the auras aren't connected to the increased duration support, otherwise they will take extra mana.

Divergent precision you can keep it at level 1 and use just for the quality buff plus watcher's eye if you get one with precission.

Dread banner is a must have.

Immortal call will benefit alot from this build, since with the high number of constant endurance charges you will actually be protected for ~4 seconds, which will allow you the do the carnage that is well deserved by those pesky minions.

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Pls can u post a guide how to farm 700 exalts fast :P
Sure thing buddy. Buy my "How to make egzalts fast" guide for only 700 egzalts !

But on a serious note, the build itself requires ~100-150 exalts to do everything, which is the cost of Replica Farrul's Fur and the axe crafting. If you manage to level up in the early part of the league, the cost are closer to 70 exalts.

Everything is paper once you reach 25M Dps, all content becomes viable, so everything above that is for bragging rights and for making delirium maps easier.
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ZaPwner wrote:
Sure thing buddy. Buy my "How to make egzalts fast" guide for only 700 egzalts !

This is a fair prize sir. I'll take one.

Hmm 25M DPS with 100-150 exalts sounds nice. Will check this Build next league then. Hope price balance will be similar to ritual league...
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Is this still viable using a HH?
How tanky is this build or more glass cannon style?
How tanky is this build or more glass cannon style?
Evansaustint wrote:
Is this still viable using a HH?

I just purchased a HH and let me tell you, it's on a another level. I take back that glass cannon thingie, things just die WAAAY to fast.

Definitely worth it, is like playing with steroids. Will post HH 100% deliriums to showcase.
Evansaustint wrote:
Is this still viable using a HH?

You can check the delirium video.

Please note that the overhead from the video recording software makes things a lot more difficult .
Sir, I'll be honest - i find your FAQ more entertaining than the game. And I love the game. :)

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