Over the years, our community has shared their love for Path of Exile with us by creating incredible pieces of art inspired by the world of Wraeclast. Join us in looking back at some of the wonderful works from the past that celebrate some of our favourite characters and bosses.

The Flame of Hope by Porky13

Shaper, Kitava, Atziri and Zana by yy6241

Ceremonial portrait of Emperor Izaro with dog by Kardalak_IX

Weylam and Fairgraves by GetsugaDante

The Brine King by Nambara

The Shaper by Devidblin

After the Hunt by adrnarisen

Lunaris by iZonbi

If you have any Path of Exile inspired creations that you would like to share with us and the community, be sure to post them in the Community Showcase forum.
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Grinding Gear Games
Always good art.
Corgi Squad
Walrus Squad
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lovely, really good art work :)
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Ive used at least half of these as wallpapers throughout time lol
The Shaper by Devidblin is INSANE
Very nice works these; congrats!

Absolutely liking that Emperor Izaro with dog one by Kardalak_IX.

Would look stunning in my game-corner :)

And also would work perfectly to keep family members ; aunties; uncles and kids off my back becasue they know me and will get wierd answers to the questions who that is and if we know them? ...
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Those Lunaris curves are OP...
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The "Shaper, Kitava, Atziri and Zana" is so good, great quality and perfect for a wallpaper.

William is always my favorite character! son fun to talk to him.

btw official wallpapers exists?
Ayy, seeing my ancient scribbles on the in game news banner was quite a surprise. Thank you for the feature!:) That Shaper piece by Devidblin is some seriously incredible stuff. Somehow managed to overlook it before.0_0

I'm sure we'll see more great art in the future contests. Thanks for giving people a chance to show off their hobbies with a game related theme.:)

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