3.13 CI COC Blazing Salvo Wander Assassin (WIP)

Hey guys :)

i wanted to show u my first try on creating a build that is not based on eye of innocence and in the end turned out to not go well :D

The idea is to trigger blazing salvo on crit with power siphon, but also i wanted to created something "tanky" or at least not super squishy, even its a ranged build. Therefore the build has 75/75 blockchance and es on block, 7.7k es and also ailment and stun immunity.

So far i only planned the build in pob, so notice that the gear is kinda maxed in its mod values and character is lvl 100 ^^

HH is only equipped because i like to play with it, but not necessary, icr belt would be the other choice.

Since its a WIP, i wanted u to tell me ur thoughts about it, there are still some decisions im not 100% sure about, for example:

-Assassin/Shadow choice
-Flasks (because the crit chance is far above 100% and it feels kinda wasted)
-Shapers Touch, because im not rly stacking attributes
-Attack speed with Power siphon
-Mana Leech or Mana Pool in general

also it was a struggle to get the 100% hit chance with power siphon :(

So feel free to tell me what ur thinking and what maybe could be made in a different/better way :)

POB: https://pastebin.com/ADrQu1Dd

also i want to apologize for my bad english xD

greetz, and may the rng be with u :)
Last bumped on Mar 22, 2021, 9:07:44 AM

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