EH RAT Chief 3.13 2021 Late update All content.

Made this one because the other is very old and can't be updated nor anyone can make questions or suggestions.

Hi. This is an update to the old EH RAT Chief.
I've tried the old guide with minimum adjustments to see how it fare against new content and let's say its viable. This is what Shaper map and fight looks with the old Chief(this is not the Build on this guide, this is the old 3.5 Chief trying to take on 3.10 Shaper)
While it can be considered viable , it struggle with dmg output so I decided to test new things(lots of new things since 3.5) to see if I can bypass the struggle with dps while keeping somewhat tanky. I kinda went too far on the dps part and the tankiness aspect suffered a lot but even then that unbalanced take on the build felt a lot more viable than the old build.
Currently I feel the build is in a good balanced state so here I am sharing this.
Keep in mind that cluster jewel adds a lot of possibilities so you can (and most probably you will) use this guide as a guide and not just copy/paste pob tree and items. I'll share the less tanky but more dps build too so you can take some ideas and modify the build to your liking.
This is guide WIP since like I said, Cluster jewels adds a lots of possibilites and probably someone can come up and share some new and crazy idea to incorporate to build.
It is also WIP because for now this will have my current character POB some clips so you can see the build in action and little more things. I'll be filling the sections regularly and trying to answer any question.

My POB Community fork lvl 100 character at Delirium

Important settings on on POB explained , that you might find weird:
-On the map modifiers , "Player has Elemental Equilibrium" is checked. You can check how much dmg you do with or without the golem hitting the boss checking/unchecking "Enemy was hit by Light. damage"(EE from golem is a big chunk of dmg btw)
-"Is the enemy covered in Ash" is checked to simulate the Extra damage from Ensnaring arrow. You can check/uncheck that to see how much extra you get from it.
-This is the very best scenario and also it is burst damage, usually called bulshit POB dmg(specially for the Berserk+50 rage charges at the same time) , but it still very likely YOU WILL HIT that damage for a very brief time against Elder, Shaper or Sirus. Most conservative dmg if you check Berserk should use around 25, maybe 30 rage charges. If you can disable the curses, uncheck Vaal Haste , Berserk , the Exposure from Wave of Conviction , maybe the flasks , the close range , etc but again, you will hit that burst bulshit pob damage against most bosses most of the time.
-Remember to multiply the damage per number of totems deployed!

POB (Official POB)

You need this to calculate Barrage dmg, save a copy on your google drive so you can edit the numbers:(edit- This is only if you are using official POB instead of Community fork)

This will be a "normal" shaper dps per totem on normal POB, dont tick "is shocked" or else dmg will be inflated, I'll explain later why I tick "is frozen". For maximum burst you can go to skills and tick Berserk and Vaal Haste.
Elemental Hit is set at lvl 23 because POB doesnt count the +2 from amulet, if you have installed a fork that count it, uncheck the lvl 23 EH and check the lvl 21.
I'll try to fill the guide as soon as possible to evade any confusion and I will try to answer as much questions as I can.


Links setup
Early levelling
Skill Tree and PoB
Annoying map mods
Gameplay advices
I want more damage!
Final words


  • I've taken anything I played with this
  • Can do any map mod.
  • Your damage will allow kill super fast most of the bosses.Just like the old EH RAT Chief, the build is very cheap to start and advance comfortably until yellow maps.
  • You dont need a 6 link once you get your Frosferno.But this time you will need all the sockets you can have
  • Your damage come from totems, that mean that you barely have to target anything although better placement of them will yield better results.
  • It´s 100% lab self sufficient from normal to uberlab. You wont need a carry and after you have your core items you will run like an idiot over traps and still wont die unless a really heavy desync happens.
  • With the changes to Ballista from RAT, this time the clear speed is good(great for a totem build)


  • Old EH Chief was insanely cheap for what you can do with it. Now you have to actually put some currency if you want to take on endgame content.
  • Although it can do any map mod , some mods are annoying. Combine 2 or more of those annoying mods with a high tier map and you will have 100% doable without rip but hard map.That might feel familiar if you have read my old guide, this time is even worst because map mods are buffed as you unlock awakening bonus objectives
  • The totems take a little time to start attacking after placed , that will surely feel off at first if you are not used to it.
  • No SSF.But this time is actually pretty decent league starter.
  • The build might feel a little clunky since we have a lot of skills to use. You might see this as a Pro, its a totem build where you wont be just sitting there watching your totems do all the work but I honestly feel its a Con.
  • The game is in a state that it seems that if you dont have a combination of all dmg reduction possible , full block , 90% phys mitigation , 90% of all elemental resistances and a good pool of effective hp YOU WILL EVENTUALLY GET ONESHOTED NO USER ERROR. This build will get you oneshoted no matter if you go full dps or the more balanced tanky variation , and again, no user error.


3.10 Videos

You can easily see when Im using Chin Sol or Death's Opus and you can tell when Im on the dps variation or the balanced variation based on the hp/es globe.
This is just so you can see what the build is able to do with actual gameplay, no theorycrafting or pob involved. Im still going to share POB with indication of what to tick and what not and why for people that like POB but as I said on another thread , there is nothing like gameplay to see what a build can do.

Items. What items do you need? Any alternatives?

  • Combat focus
    The 2 EH Treshold jewels are an absolutely must and for the most part , they are the reason I dont think this is SSF viable.
    If for some reason you dont know what they do and why we use it on this build , you can read my old guide. It have an okish explanation and it will save space here.
  • The Vigil
    This and Vigilant Strike linked to Fortify support (and Ancestral Call for QOL) will give you around or even more than 40 seconds of Fortify.
    It have the same drawback as old Chief RAT , when you swap to melee weapon to Fortify all your EH totems will dissapear , but since the change from RAT to Ballista, the placement speed got heavily buffed so this time instead of using on very speciffic situation we will using it all the time.
  • Rain of Splinters.

    This will help on your clear speed but oddly enough , this will also help a lot on your single target dps, more details later
  • Cluster Jewels
    Lots of possibilities here.
    One that is key to the build is MOB MENTALITY CLUSTER
    Glorious Vanity for extra ES


  • Frostferno
    You can check old guide if you have doubts on why this helm is so good for fire EH.
    You want this with 4 links, 2 red sockets and 2 green/white sockets. +2 Fire/Cold/lightning/etc corruption or double corruption is super good for EH dps but you should do fine until very high end game with a normal Frostferno.
  • Goldrim
    This is recommended for leveling but its not really needed.This is bis at early leveling , it gives you a lot of resistances , evasion and you can equip it as soon as you kill Hillock and get to your stash. As soon as you can replace with Frostferno when you meet the level requirement.


  • Chin Sol. Recommended.
    Even with the nerf form 100% to 50% more damage at close range of this bow is crazy good for this build. The problem now is that you NEED this with +1 arrow corrupt or else you are better with another bow.There is also a little annoyance with knockback taking some bosses out of the close range zone but once you get used to it the knoback is also a great defensive tool
  • Death's Opus. Recommended
    You want extra arrows, trust me. If you dont trust me, keep reading until the gem links section , you will see why. Note that +1 arrow corrupt seems great(another arrow and I say "you want extra arrows", what can go wrong with it?) but you loose a huge local %crit chance, you will be doing less dmg with that crazy corrupt Opus than a normal one, get a normal Opus.
  • Arborix.
    Extra arrows , same as Opus. But it is slower than both Chin Sol or Opus , have less crit than Opus, you need to take Iron reflexes on tree to get the 30% more dmg at close range all the time and 50% of all that sweet phys dmg on this bow is wasted, but it could be a nice alternative(if Opus werent so much cheaper)
  • Rare Quiver
    You want a rare quiver with additional arrow. Along with extra arrow , Life , Crit multi , Crit chance , Accuracy , Elemental damage with attacks are great mods that we want to have on this
  • Quill rain
    This is great for leveling if you are leveling with EH totems. Swap immediately to Opus as soon as you can
  • Skirmish.
    Skirmish is still good, one extra totem its hard to beat when we talking about full buffed maximum damage. The benefit of one extra totem is not even near as good as it was on old RAT so while its a GREAT budget option , we are better with a good rare
  • Sinvicta Mettle
    You need a melee attack to get your Fortify buff. You can also use this to Leap slam .
    Also, Its easy to trigger Rampage with this

Amulets and rings

  • Marylene's Fallacy. budget
    GREAT budget option for this build. The less %crit chance is heavy, but the Multi is insane and it also have accuracy. Annoint Shaman's Dominion on this
  • Rare Amulet
    +1 fire and +1dex with a combination of what you can take from :
    Crit multi
    Elemental damage with attack skills
    Crit chance
  • Malachai's artifice . Recommended
    At first you must be thinking that you loose a whole ring for a gimmick but this ring is heavily underestimated.
    You socket Lightning or Ice Golem on it(which one depends on your gloves, more on this later) and you get a heavy debuff of -50 fire resistances, that doesnt get mitigated by endgame bosses unlike curses. It a HUGE dps increase , you can check POB with settings I'll give later to see by yourself.
    Also, as a Chieftatin that will allocate Tasalio , we will have free 110 fire resistances(125 counting on Alira , 105 after penalty from Malachai) so with a perfect cold/lightning resistance roll we have to focus mostly on only Cold/lightning resistance(based on what golem you socket) to cap them all.
    Of course another obvious good thing about this is that is very cheap.
  • Rare ring .
    You can use this slot to cap your elemental resistances. Try as hard as possible to have your elemental resistances capped. Also get as much life on your rings as you can.
    Another mod that is usually crucial for this build is Accuracy, try to get a t1 of accuracy on this ring.
    Then you can get any mods like Increased elemental damage with attack skills attack speed , fire damage , critical chance.
    If you get anything that's not an Opal ring base, use Abrasive Catalyst on this so you upgrade Accuracy roll with it(if the ring have inc dmg with attack skills it will be get buffed too)
    If you have an Opal ring base, Turbulent Catalyst might be better because it also upgrade the implicit, but accuracy rolls wont be upgraded by Turbulent.
  • Mark of the Elder.
    If you somehow get a Shaper Malachai's Artifice , this ring will give you a lot damage, but it way too much expensive and it will put pressure on other slot items for chasing that much needed accuracy. So this is just an idea but is not really recommended.


  • Rare temple gloves
    They were very cheap early league , maybe people finally catch up on how crazy good they are.
    Since we are using Skitterbots, enemies are virtually always shocked and chilled.
    If you get a pair of temple gloves with the mod % increased Damage with Hits against Chilled Enemies , you will have gloves with at the very least 30% increased dmg. Best Implicit Gripped Gloves are 18% and no need to say that 30% is better than 18% and 30% is the WORST ROLL, they can go up to 50%. This also will always come with T1 cold resistances, you have to use Lightning golem on Malachai's ring and try to get Lightning resistance mod on that ring as close to 100% as posible, the others wont matter at all.Note that you can get a gripped temple glove, but good luck getting that and also with good hp and accuracy rolls, so just get a normal one.
    Try to get this a good life roll and a good accuracy roll, anything else is just bonus.
    % increased Damage with Hits against Chilled Enemies gloves are a better than % increased Critical Strike Chance against Shocked Enemies , but if you have a nice life and accuracy shocked gloves, use them, they are pretty good too. If I remember correctly, they add around 6% effective crit chance, no need to say thats good , right?
    If you use shock gloves, this will come with T1 Lightning resistances , so you need to use a Malachai with Cold resistances as close to 100% as posible and put Ice Golem on it.
    Try to get them with one open suffix or one open affix
    For prefix , craft % increased Damage while Leeching .Chilled gloves will basically be an up to 93% inc dmg all the time.
    For suffix, craft %increased attack and cast speed while focused, this will be a very nice extra burst damage for bosses(thanks Kharadas for this suggestion).


  • Soul thether.
    We need this so we can leech energy shield. With Corrupted Soul Keystone from Glorius Vanity we get 20% of our max life as extra energy shield.With 6% from belt + Keystone is around 1500 es for 5 points on the tree, I dont see how you can get that much life for 5 points.
    It also give "Overleech" , so as long as you are leeching through your totems , you will have the %inc damage from Vorici mod crafted on your gloves. You can just put totems on your way while doing trials/labyrinth and just run like an idiot, ignoring traps, is really hard to die against traps while you have overleech.
    We stack some Feed the fury's cluster jewel notable too, so the overleech will be always good for us.As much as would like to have a stygian belt with a good jewel on it, Soul thether is core on this take of the build.


  • Shaper/Elder Rare boots.
    Get them with Ballista support mod,the highest level , the best.
    Try to get them with Totem Damage instead of Totem Placement Speed.
    Of course, get them with as much movement speed as possible, as much life as posible too.
    I got Elemental resistances capped w/o resistances on boots , so boots with this mods might not be as expensive as you are thinking. This will have the links we use for clear and the Combustion debuff for our Totems on Frostferno single target dmg.

Body armour

  • Rare Body Armour.
    This is recommended over Kaom.
    Try to get the most life you can from this. You probably will need some resistances on here to cap elemental and I recommend getting temple rare armor with the mod % reduced Chaos Damage taken over time , since its a double mod that always will come with Chaos resistance(we are limited on where we can get chaos resitances)
    Explody chest is probably great , but it sure will be expensive, we dont really need that but its a pretty good option
  • Kaom's Heart.
    If you saw my two guides, you must be thinking "this guy hates Kaom heart" .
    This time we are using overleech and when using Overleech , having the highest life pool is almost mandatory and there is no body armour that give as much life as Kaom's heart, period. The biggest problem we have here, is the lack of sockets(cant have the nice chaos resistances from temple armour too).
    You can take out some gems here and there and make the build play a lot easier while getting the benefit of using Kaom's Heart on an overleech build. You will surely gimp your dps , but it might be good enough for your needs and having to use less skills will override one the listed cons of the build.
  • Farrul's Fur
    This should be the best armour for dps by far. It cover the lack of easy Power charges generation that Chief have along other good things.
    Its a unique armour without resistances tho, so It might be hard to fit on the buildbut I will try to make it work and see if is good for this build. Thanks Kharadas for the suggestion.
  • The Perfect Form
    The old Chief use this , same problem as all unique armors recommended, no chaos resistances/elemental resistances and this comes even with a penalty to Cold resistances. Even after loosing some Chaos resistaces did a Mastermind and a Simulacrum with Kosis at wave 20 deathless(Kosis kill on videos section). Phase Acrobatics is great and Free Arctic armour sinergizes well with Tasalio ascendance's notable


  • Forbidden taste
    Instant full life gain with 1 press of a button for panic moments and also you can activate it to gain Phasing , which can be crucial on choke point at Delve , etc.
  • Magic Silver Flask
    You gain Onslaught , which will give you a lot Attack speed. Im using one with "of Acceleration" suffix for extra attack speed.
  • Magic Diamond Flask
    Lots of effective %crit chance. Im using "of the Order" suffix for extra %crit chance
  • Magic Granite Flask.
    Extra armour is good and MS and VMS make it more than good.Im using "of Warding" suffix to deal with curses
  • Magic Quicksilver Flask
    Lots of needed movement speed. Im using "of Staunching" suffix to remove bleed, probably can swap to another mod since we have overleech and a lot of life regen so bleed shouldnt be a big problem
  • Dying Sun
    Im not using it but this is an obvious big dps increase. If you are using the Spreadsheet with Barrage calculator dmg , just add 2 extra projectiles and see how much dmg you gain from this.
    The less fire dmg taken have a nice sinergy with Tasalio ascendancy point.
    For the clear setup is good too , 2 extra projectiles + inc AOE.
  • Bottled Faith
    This is obviusly good for dps, but its very expensive. Remember that you can have Dying Sun for a lot less currency and that you can't craft mods on unique items, and you might have problems to get all good utility suffix if you are using many unique flasks.
  • Get all flask to at least 20% quality.
    You shouldnt be playing without "of Warding" , "of Staunching" and "of Heath"(of heath if you dont have Freeze immunity). Try as hard as you can to have them all.
    You should also have a Topaz flask of Grounding ready to use against Eradicator or Simulacrum waves where the monster have shock on hit or a chance to inflict ailments.

  • EH.
    Get this and any other gem you need as soon as you can. You wont be able to buy this at act 1 npc as a Marauder so you might have to buy it as another class or ask someone else to buy it for you.
    EH damage scales A LOT with levels so try to get this to at least lvl 20. Quality helps with dps but a lvl 21/0 is better than a lvl 20/20.
  • Ballista Totem.This support gem will place totems that use EH attack. Get this gem to at least lvl 20 and with 20% quality if you have gcp to spare. When it you have it 20/20 vaal it you want, you want the extra quality but it barely makes a difference.
  • Combustion.
    The debuff from this support gem will be a really good dps boost to our EH .Get this to 20/20 and only take it to 21/20 when you start minmaxing. We using this on the clear setup so we can use another support on Frostferno
  • Elemental damage with attacks
    You will use this support gem on Frostferno for a nice %more dmg. You can use the Awakened verion for even more dmg.
    Get this to 20/20 and only take it to 21/20 when you start minmaxing.If awakened version, get it to 5/20 , if you are lucky with vaal you will be happy but if you brick it you can loose some currency.5/20 is fine, so its up to you.
  • Barrage
    You will use this support gem on Frostferno for a BIG single target dps. Since this gem will make all projectiles from Frostferno fire sequentially, this is similar in concept to "shotgun projectiles". For example, having only extra arrows from Opus , will make totems fire 3 arrows at the same time, but only 1 can hit a single target. With barrage support, all 3 arrows can hit(we need accuracy or they can also miss or hit and fail a critical strike roll). Same thing if you add Rain of splinters, but with 5 arrows instead of 3.
    You must have Rain of Splinters on tree for this support to be good.
    You can use the barrage dmg calculator to see how much increased damage you get from extra arrows.
    I recommend using Death's Opus for the extra 2 arrows. It also have nice mods, crit multi , great base crit chance and is super cheap. Use Blessed orbs on this until you get 50% inc crit chance implicit, those orbs are super cheap too. Note that normal Opus is better than +1 arrow corrupted Opus(ok, probably double corrupt with Crit chance and +1 arrow is better but that should be crazy expensive)
    Shaper video is with Opus and no +1 arrow quiver, you can see that Opus is more than enough for end game content.
    Chin sol with +1 arrow corrupt and +1 arrow quiver have more dps (at close range) but its going to be more expensive.
    Get it to 20/20. Quality corrupt is better than lvl but it is very minor. Frostferno with +2 projectiles corruption will raise the gem lvl to 22 and you will gain a -1% less penalty.
  • Chain
    You will use this support gem for clearing maps and it will increase our clear speed a lot.
    Get this level 20 , adding quality to this barely makes any difference and getting this to level 21 is just a minmax thing, you wont need it at all.
    This gem also have an Awakened version, its crazy expensive and its not high priority but if you can have it, it will improve clear speed.
  • Cast when damage taken
    You will use this support gem to trigger Molten shell and Temporal Chains. It will trigger only from hits, dot damage doesnt affect this gem.
    Remember to match the level of this and the level requirement of Molten Shell and Temporal Chains. Im using CWDT lvl11 , MS lvl15 and TC lvl 14.
    There´s no need to quality this gem.
  • Molten Shell.
    This will be autocasted when you take the ammount of damage from hits that the your Cast when damage taken requires. It will give you a lot of damage mitigation.
    If you want to use Vaal Molten Shell , you should swap this to Steel Skin , if you dont swap CWDT will trigger normal Molten Shell and will override VMS :(.
  • Temporal chains.
    This will be autocasted when you take the ammount of damage required by your Cast when damage taken. It will curse enemies at an aoe around the enemy that make Cast when damage trigger it. The most important thing about this is that the curse heavily slowdown anyone affected by it. Quality this to 20% if you have GCP to spare
  • Blood rage
    This will boost your dps .
  • Summon Lightning Golem Summon Ice Golem.
    This go on Malachai's Artifice, so the golems will have Elemental Equilibrium, so they will debuff target for -50% fire resistance. That debuff is a HUGE dps increase against Endgame bosses.
    Lightning golem also will give you a little extra attack speed and since its a blue gem, Malachai's Artifice will give up to 100% ligthing resistance. You should use temple gloves with %inc dmg against chilled enemies for the t1 cold resistance so you can cap easily all elemental resistances.
    Ice golem will give you additional accuracy , critical strike chance and since its a green gem, Malachai's Artifice will give up to 100% cold resistance. You should use temple gloves with %inc critical strike chance against shocked enemies for the t1 lightning resistance so you can cap easily all elemental resistances.
    Socketing Lightning golem is better since it will give up to 100% lightning resistance , chilled gloves give more dmg and Frostferno give cold resistance too, so this way is easier to cap cold and lightning resistances resistances but Ice Golem is good too and you should use it if you have a nice pair of Shocked gloves.
  • Ensnaring arrow.
    Thanks to Kharadas for mention this skill.
    You will use it to make enemies take 20% increased dmg from projectiles. 20% may look like its not that much but this is not 20% inc dmg , this is enemies take 20% inc dmg and its great dps buff.
    Use it against bosses for maximum dps , try to link it to Mirage Archer and Culling strike.
    This will also slow down the target , I'll upload a video of a 44% inc attack speed / 32% inc movement speed Phoenix so you can see how powerful this is when combined with Maim/TC/Chill.
  • Mirage Archer.
    You will use this support gem linked to Ensnaring Arrow, so you can get the full slow stack + auto target if the enemie move away from the ensnare.Try to get this to 20% quality
  • Blink arrow.
    I still think this kinda suck but Im used to it. Link Second Wind to this to make it suck a little less.
  • Haste.
    This aura will increase your attack speed giving you more dps and also increase your move speed.Get the Vaalv version so you can also get a brief but really powerful dps boost that will help you against bosses.
    Level this to 20 , quality is not needed.
  • Rallying cry
    This and allocating Mob Mentality on the tree from a cluster jewel will make you gain 5 rage every time you cast it. At 50 rage you will have 25%inc attack speed , 50% inc attack dmg and 10% inc movement speed. That is HUGE.
    But also having Rage will enable us to use Berserk , which is insanaly good for burst dmg and extra tankyness against bosses or another problematic enemies
    Rallying cry also will give extra mana regen and extra damage buffs , put it on your left button mouse so you will autocast it just by walking. Be careful and dont stand on Baran runes, if you dont have mana , you will stop moving and you will have to swap to the melee weapon to get out of the rune. Of course no regen maps can cause the same effect , be ready with an Enduring Mana Flask.
  • Vigilant strike
    You will use this with your melee weapons to gain Fortify for 40+ secs. If you mess up you can bypass the cooldown and attack again but it will cost 1 endurance charge. If you link it with Ancestral Call you shouldnt mess this.
    Note that when you switch your melee weapons all your EH totems placed will disappear.
  • Fortify
    This will support your Vigilant strike and will be one of the reasons that the Fortify buff will last 40+ seconds
    Level this to 20 and get 20% quality if you have some gpc to spare.
  • Leap slam
    Use this to move fast if you have , mostly if you have to backtrack.
    Note that when you switch your melee weapons all your EH totems placed will disappear.
    No need to quality and levels on it wont make a difference for us.

Links setup
Might be obvious if you are not new to the game , but for support gems to affect skills both the skill and the support MUST be in LINKED sockets on the same item.
  • Put Vigilant strike + Fortify + Ancestral Call together on Sinvicta.
  • Put Leap Slam also on Sinvicta.
  • Put EH+Ballista totem+(awakened)Elemental damage with attacks+Barrage on your Frostferno.This will be your single target skill.
  • Put EH+Combustion+(awakened)Chain+Multiple Totems on your boots(Ballista totem support mod need on the boots). This will be your clear skill and you will cast once against bosses to debuff with Combustion and help your single target skill.
  • Put Cast when damage taken+Molten Shell(or Steel Skin)+Temporal chains.
  • Put Ensnaring+Mirage archer+Culling Strike.
  • Put Blink arrow +Second Wind.
  • Try to put Vaal haste+Skitterbots linked to Enlighten lvl 3 or more so you have mana to spam totems.

Additionally you want:
  • A socket to place Bloodrage
  • A socket to place Frenzy
  • A socket to place Rallying cry(you can also link it to Enlighten along with the aura gems)

If you want to use Kaom's Heart , ohhh boy XD.
You will have to take off a lot of jewels , feel free to experiment with it

  • Help Alira(recommended).Helping Alira means easy resistances , and mana regen which are great for our build at any stage of the game and the crit multi bonus will increase one of our main source of damage since we want to crit heavy and as much as we can.
  • Killing them all will give 2 extra points, and with this league cluster jewels madness , you might want to have those extra points.

Early Leveling

Its a shame the VOD got down, but this guy on Reddit put a very nice vod of him leveling a Chieftain to maps including merc lab and all passives points quest on SFFHC at 3:53:33
This is the Reddit thread so you can see some details about it:
Edit. Here is the VOD:
I started the league with a Shadow to get the gems needed and then leveled the Chief Im playing using that run as reference. I use to take a lot of time getting distracted by new league mechanics. Never got maps so fast before , if you start from zero and want to level a Marauder, I highly recommend that VOD/Reddit thread.
Only thing I add to that, is that Marauder get access to Vigilant Strike at lvl 8 , making Marauder super easy to lvl with.
Remember to use the added flat fire dmg recipe for early leveling , explosive trap will kill everything fast.
I honestly dont really know for sure what lvl is recommended to swap to EH but if you have a Tabula and rush the sockets for place the Treshold jewels , at around lvl 20 it should be easy to go with EH totems and if you rush a cluster jewel slot, you can add Mob Mentality for Rage generation. At lvl 33 you can add Berserk and then the acts should be brain dead easy.
I'll try to make this leveling part more detailed later.

You can ask here about any doubt you have with gear/tree. On the 2nd post there is a brief update of what you need to change , im sorry but you kinda have to start from there instead :( . In my defense, i didnt really wanted to update the guide.

3.13 Videos:
Some Maven fights:
This one was with Chin Sol , only first phase to show you can do just fine without crafted bow if you know the fight , at that time I didnt , got the kill on last portal, the fight was horrible because lack of experience there:

Some Uber Elder Fights:
With Chin Sol:

Sirus A8:
Sirus A8 Without Bursting him (tanking the Die Beam):


Baran A8 with Delirium fog:

Stupids things you can do but you shouldnt
Vs 60% more life / 50% resistances Minotaur while standing on 63% inc damage taken shocking ground:
Tanking The Elder Ring Explosion:
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Tested Farrul's Fur and while we are obviously less tanky than we can be using a good rare , The Perfect Form or Kaom Heart , the increased damage we get from the Cat auras and the power charges generation is clearly noticeable.
Added to the videos section a test with Farrul's vs The Elder and another vs The Shaper.

Also is worth mentioning that the very first video destroying The Elder was stacking a lot of damage while I was looking for , well , more damage but I wasnt using Barrage support , I was using Hypotermia. All the damage came from stacking cluster's notables like Provocateur , Feed the Fury and Smite the Weak and I discarded a lot of them after swaping to Barrage support so I stop being a Chief running with 4.5k hp on one of the deadliest league to date. IF you dare to be a said Chief , but also use Chin sol(+1 arrow corrupt) , Dying Sun , Farrul's and Barrage Support the damage can be pretty stupid high XD.

Endleague let's get moar dmg just because XD:
Got a double curse setup(lost Culling strike tho) and took off 2 5% hp nodes when dinged lvl 100 to put a Precision crit multi Watcher's eye.
Burst dmg is around around 23-24M Shaper dps. With a +4 corrupt Frostferno should be around 27M. Can get better rare ring , better amulet but at that point I dont think it would add a significant amount of dps. Maybe swaping life and armour flask for Onslaught and Bottled faith can add some significant damage but it will be a stupid sacrifice just for the lulz.
Added Uber Elder deathless to the videos(forgot to swap the chaos resistances quiver used on the Chayula runs to the extra arrow quiver, sad).

3.11 changes?

Rework of warcries make us obviusly have to swap Rallying Cry. That will be a minor nerf to damage and huge nerf to QOL(no more totem spam due to extra mana regen).
Chieftain rework will make us obviously change Tawhoa since it will be absolutely useless for this build. I choose 3.10 Tawhoa for the endurance charge generation , extra damage was a little perk , but it was really different from old chief end charge generation so I opted to swap Immortal Call to Molten shell/Steel skin and running all the time with max Endurance charges as extra layer of tankiness. Since 3.10 damage from Tawhoa was just a perk to me , at 3.11 I will change Tawhoa for Valako and with the new Endurance charge generation being more alike the old chief, I will change back to Immortal call. Also Enduring cry will take Rallying cry place for Endurance Charge generation against bosses.

So far we have nerfs, mostly minors but based on lastest balance manifesto and changes already announced Im expecting:

-nerf to crit multi on tree
-nerf to Alira bandit choice
-minor nerf to Berserk(minor thx to the brutality suffered by Berserker class changes)
-minor adjustment(you know, a nerf) to Ballista totem support
-Maybe a minor adjustment(nerf again) to EH

So for now , the build seems to be more than viable for 3.11 , with some nerfs, but lets see what the patch notes say.

RIP Mob Mentality , no longer give 5 rage charges when using a warcry. Got to get creative with the new keystone or loose Rage+Berserk.
The critical multiplier nodes we took on the tree(Shaman's Dominion annoint , Watchtower's wheel and Lethality's wheel) seems unchanged , Provocateur from Cluster jewels is nerfed to 10% so stacking them as an option is less atractive.
Feed the Fury from Cluster jewels is unchanged and keeps being an excellent choice for making our totems more powerful.
Cremator from Clusrter Jewels is unchanged, this is huge since we have 100% chance of ignite(with the clear totems) and the corpses are destroyed.
BTW the Tawhoa from the old chief guide was 20% chance to gain an endurance charge(against burning enemies but we had 100% ignite chance) and made us regain maximum end charges almost immediately while mapping after Immortal call consumed them , so the new 5% chance from the minor leading to Valako seems underwhelming... will see how that work out.

3.13 late Edit:
A console player asked for me to show the new tree and items and i told him he can check my profile and compare with the pob on this 3.10 guide. Turns out they dont have an easy way of accessing character builds on site profile nor accessing PoB features and PoB builds.
So im adding screenshots of my current tree and highlighting some required changes of things that worked on 3.10 but dont work anymore since 3.10 end.

Tree Top Left:

Tree Bottom Right:


Since console version have a very wonky economy and they can have a hard time finding the right items , this is an alternative tree with no clusters jewels that is similar to what I've used at league start:
Tree Top Left:

Tree Bottom Right:

Cluster jewels tree clearly give more damage (it uses 3 more points I think tho), stacking Feed the fury is great for this build plus you can get easy onslaught from Sleeping Sentrys without the need for a flask , just place a totem and get a 4sec Onslaught.

What items are we using?
Currently Im using this crated bow and helm:

The helm give a little more damage than a +2 Frostferno but you can do fine with Frostferno , no big difference there unless you get a lucky single or double corrupt. I havent got lucky :(
The Bow give roughly the same damage than close range Chin Sol but the bench craft on it make you autocast things. Those things can be a lot of useful things , curses and skills that debuffs enemies or buff your skills.
Currently im using Phantasmal Flame Wall + Divergent Purifying Flame + Enhance lvl 4.
That combo will make enemies get a -22 fire resistances debuff from Phantasmal Flame Wall plus a bonus projectile damage to projectiles passing thru the wall.
Divergent Purifying Flame will make the enemies take 11% inc damage(a little more than Intimidate) plus if you are not using Bottle faith , you will have an additional critical strike chance against enemies on Consecrated Ground.
Swaping Divergent Purifying Flame for anomalous Assassin's Mark and getting rid of the autocurse on the ring will give you a lot more of single target damage but the curse can affect only 1 target making it useless for the vast majority of the content , but is worth mention it for its single target potential.

If you cant craft or buy a bow like that , you will be just fine with Chin Sol. Actually if you manual cast Flame wall you will do more damage with Chin sol than if using that rare bow but it will be of course more clunky. If you dont mind the clunkyness I highly recommend to use Flame wall.
Lastest PoB update now can calculate the damage you get from it, if you cant access PoB then you will have to trust me , its VERY good extra damage.

Here a Clip with the tree and gear in case you cant access my profile:

Edit: the two jewels that i forgot to show are a Watcher's Eye with -mana cost while affected by Clarity and Rain of Splinters.

Required change from 3.10 , Warcries clusters jewels are mostly useless now on this build so discard them and to get Rage and being able to use Berserk you need to get a Lethal Pride Timeless jewel with "Commanded leadership over ##### warriors under Akoya" and spec a Keystone on its Radius to get Chainbreaker.
A thing im using now that didnt used on 3.10 is Natural Afinity Smal Cluster Jewel. You can spec Nature's Patience with it and it will give you up to 20% chance of double damage(massive increased damage) and up to 10% less damage taken. You have to be still for the buffs to make effect but most dangerous bosses on the game like to chat a lot before starting the fight giving you time gain that buff , place all your totems , use your flasks , get your Valako 15% more dmg buff and press Berserk to delete. I highly recommend using it. If you need to break the vines you can use a movement skill to regain your move speed instantly.
Recommended to use Enduring cry now and use Immortal call as your defensive cast when damage taken defensive skill.
Recommended to change ascendancy too as I show on the picture.

Budget items option:
Get the watcher eye with just the -mana cost while affected by Clarity and then whatever other mod you can get, of course its better if that other mod is something useful for the build but I highly recommend prioritize -mana cost mod.

Get Marylene's Falacy amulet if you cant afford a rare like that but the -mana craft on a rare is insanely good qol.

Get Pyre ring if cant find a good rare ring. You cant craft -mana cost on it so try to get a decent rare.

Malachai is higly recommended since its very cheap and the EE debuff give A LOT of dmg against bosses. If you use Flame wall you HAVE TO USE LIGTHING GOLEM , dont socket Ice golem on Malachai if you use Flame wall. Dont get obsessed with golem dying , he needs to get just one autoattack or better yet if he cast his orb near the boss. You can recast easily again if he die when you get a safe moment to do it.

Of course, Frostferno in place of the rare helm and Chin Sol or less atractive but still good Death Opus in place of the rare bow. But know that with current Havest crafting both rare helm and bow arent hard nor expensive to craft.

A body armour option that might no be budget but its worth to mention is Expedition's End. With it your totems will freeze about everything that doesnt die instantly , it crazy good for more survibility on this build.

Why am i speccing Fury bolts and Savagery on the tree? they seems decent but not 4 point decent. In the video that shows the tree and gear you can see that the Lethal pride jewel adds 5% chance to double damage on each of those notables , thats a whooping 1.5M per totems extra damage so now the decent notables are almost mandatory. Always check what bonus you get from your Lethal pride placed next to Golem Blood and Placed at the top of Devotion , you can get very good extra mods on decent notables that can make you modify the tree a little and gain huge bonuses.

On helm put EH - Ballista totem support - Barrage Support - (awakened)elemental damage with attacks supports
On shaper boots with Ballista totem support mod put EH - Pierce or Chain - Multiple Ballista totems support - Combustion Support.
On Crafted bow put Enhance highest lvl you can - Phantasmal Flame wall - Divergent Purifying Flame - rest is up to you to experiment ,I have Enduring cry - increased duration - Blood rage
Gloves Enhance highest lvl you can - Berserk - Cast when damage taken lvl 13 - Immortal call Lvl 15. You can experiment with the level of CWDT and IC.
Body armour I have Vaal Haste - Skitterbots - (vaal)Clarity - Precision - Phantasmal Blink Arrow. Enlighten is not really needed but if you put a lvl 4 and can get reduced mana reservation enchant of Haste on the helm you can put use Flesh&Stone for extra tankiness.
On whatever socket you have free put Ensnaring arrow , its debuff is a big dps buff and the slow is very good if you need to kite bosses , you mostly wont need to kite tho.
If you have lack of sockets problems you can take off Increased duration from the bow.

I left some videos of how the build is performing on 3.13:

Some Maven fights:
This one was with Chin Sol , only first phase to show you can do just fine without crafted bow if you know the fight , at that time I didnt , got the kill on last portal, the fight was horrible because lack of experience there:

Some Uber Elder Fights:
With Chin Sol:

Sirus A8:
Sirus A8 Without Bursting him (tanking the Die Beam):


Baran A8 with Delirium fog:

Stupids things you can do but you shouldnt
Vs 60% more life / 50% resistances Minotaur while standing on 63% inc damage taken shocking ground:
Tanking The Elder Ring Explosion:

Lots more on my channel , im having fun this league.
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