[3.13] Battlemage Mjolner CWC

Here is my Inquisitor Mjolner build. Mjolner casts Shock Nova on hit while Cyclone casts Arc for great breezy map clearing.
Cyclone Cast While Channeling Arc is like a giant AOE skill that hits enemies as soon as they appear, with Arc having 9 chains.

Gear with Gem links, enchantments, corrupts, level 95, 7.0 k life.

Stack as much Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity as possible. The Cyclopeon coil belt is great for more attributes, I like to keep Int just above Str, for shock, and ignite immune.

Dagger main hand for Battlemage bonus. I like added cold for chilling enemies. Attack speed on dagger really speeds up the attacks. Rippling thoughts unique sword is a fun alternative.

Try to get a high accuracy roll on a ring. Get a ring with 0.4% lightning damaged leeched as life or use Bereks grip unique.

Passive Tree Link: Open Ascendency to view.


Ascendency order: Righteous Prov, Innevitable Judgement, Augury of Pentinence, Instruments of Virtue.

Bandits: Help Alira, for mana regen, ele resist, and crit multi.

Pantheon: Solaris, and Yugul


Auras: Wrath, Anger, and Precision (level 7 to 9).

Jewels, 10 slots!: Eat your heart out Scion. Watchers with Anger Multi and Wrath lightning damage.

Optional skills:

Movement skill: Charged dash with Fortify

Damage reduction: Steel Skin with Arcane Surge (level 4)
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