Battlemage Mjolner CWC

Welcome to the Inquisitor build!

Mjolner casts Wave of Conviction on hit while Cyclone Casts while Chanelling an Arc for great breezy map clearing.

Endgame Gear with Gem links, enchantments, corrupts, level 95, 7500 life. A non legendary Lorewave armour also works.

Get rings with lightning damaged leeched as life.

I like to keep Intelligence just above Strength for shock and ignite immunity with Cyclopean coil belt.

Note: Arc doesn't need to be in Mjolner to get the extra chain.

Note: A Mjolner setup with Shock Nova, Conccentrated effect, and added lightning is also very effective if you not into Wave of conviction.

Passive Tree Link: Open Ascendency to view. Some notable nodes are Eldritch battery and Mind over Matter. Arc leechs ES with the Energy Leech gem support very nicely, due to its constant damage while channeling.

Ascendency order: Righteous Prov, Innevitable Judgement, Augury of Pentinence, Instruments of Virtue.

Bandits: Help Alira, ele resist, and crit multi.

Pantheon: Brine King, and Ryslatha (or the chaos poison)


Auras: Wrath, Anger (Got buffed in 3.14), and Precision (level high as possible).

Jewels, 9 slots!: Watchers with Anger Multi and Wrath lightning damage.

Vaal Arc and Vaal Cold Snap are fun to use.

Why not Cast on Critical Hit support gem? Cast while channeling is much more reliable and steady for hitting monsters. So it hits monsters that are a fair distance away from you, which also gives you a steady leech. You can try Coc but I prefer CWC even though it took a really hard nerf.

Mapping: Cant Elemental reflect mod maps, or no regen. Less recovery of Life and ES maps suck. For Phys reflect maps sub in Phys to lighting for Immolate.

Good luck!

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Reserved Mana post.
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Any plans to add PoB or some gameplay video?
Can it do all contents easily? and can you run this build without bottled faith?
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Hi, no plans for a video or POB.

Can it do everything easily? Well it would be easy if it weren't for some of the map mods that can really hurt the build like Vulnerability, Reflect, -max res, etc. I've been working on a tankier version. I've did alot of the end game stuff in Ritual, Cortex, Shaper etc. Didnt get to Uber Elder. The build may be more of a fun mapper, but it does dish out some good damage.

Bottled faith isin't necessary if you can get your crit chance high enough.
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Possible to boost single target? Feels great for map clear but bosses feel like they take forever.
Hi Larry, do you have enough Crit chance? You will get more as you progress.
I see you have controlled Des. with Arc, it might not get enough crit.
You can try Shock Nova ,inspiration, Conc. effect in the Mjolner. Spark is ok try CWC Arc!

A few other things like getting Arcane Surge with dash. Get the Watcher Eye jewel with Wrath and Anger. Awakened jewels like CWC and added light are great upgrades. Helmet with another Power charge is huge. I had The Gull helm with a power charge for awile.

Ok good luck.

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Thank you for taking a look. I've been experimenting with a few different gem setups to see what I like best. I'll continue working on those upgrades and see if it helps.

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