[3.13) Champion Generals Cry/Bladeflurry/corpsewalker

Hello, this is my first ever build guide and it utilises corpse walker boots to generate corpses to use with generals cry linked with blade flurry.

The benefits of using corpse walker rather than cyclone linked with cast while channelling is that, one, we do not care about mana leech, two, we never actually attack anything ourselves. This has two bonuses. we are immune ot reflect is the biggest and as we have never attacked recently, things like 120% crit chance if you haven't crit recently are always "on".

It also allows for high mobility, this is also very defensive.

Though we have a low life pool, around 5000 we have a lot of fortify effect and easy endurance charges combined with immortal call. This makes us feel really tanky despite the low life. we also have really high movement speed and this also helps us feel tanky.



Gameplay example>


Feel free to ask any questions.
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How survivality mapping and speed mapping is this build my friend?...

Is there any way to build this without aul´s, its so expensive atm...

I don´t understand bladeflurry, in video, you didn´t use it?...
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Survivability is good but it isn't the fastest map clear.

You don't have to use Aul's, the damage is still good without pride however you could either drop the impale and banner node or the 2 fortify nodes and take the taunt nodes in the ascendancy, this way you don't need to worry about accuracy.

I'm also using purity of elements as an aura, mainly to make use of the physical damage taken as fire on my watchers eye. If you have enough resists on your gear you can drop this aura too to free up some mana for pride.

Instead of the crafted foil use paradoxica instead.

Redblade banner is mandatory for the build, we want maximum power for our warcries.

Deidbellow with the enchant for generals cry doesn't exist on the trade site so feel free to use a rare or abyssus as the RNG to get the enchant you want from running uberlab is too painful.

Bladeflurry is used by the mirage warriors that you summon with generals cry. You never actually attack anything, all the damage comes from the summoned warriors from generals cry.
This seems to be a very nice build, could you upload a video doing an aleatory map?... whatever you want, to see how it works mapping, before I level up the build... If its possible, thanks in advance...
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Currently locked out of my youtube account so can't upload anything at the moment.

I will say mapping is not super zoom zoom as the build is designed as a boss killer.

Once I'm able to I'll upload a mapping video.
oook thanks so much...
Hey my friend, without auls, what should I sacrifice, aspect of the cat?

In General´s Cry it says it stay 5 seconds, but my general´s dissapear so quick, I´m doing something wrong?...

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Your generals only last as long as they attack, if there are no targets, then they'll disappear fairly quickly. If there are targets they'll channel bladeflurry upto 6 stages then release the channel.

Aul's is very expensive but it isn't really needed, however if you really want pride in your build you can either drop:

Purity of elements, free's up 35% mana, only reason I have it is it free'd up some resitst on gear and my watchers eye had X% phys taken as fire.

Have a lower level precison so it free's up a bit of mana, or use Hyrri's truth. That gives a lvl 22 precision for 50% resevation. I haven't tried that myself so not sure how effective it'll be.

The other option is don't use pride. Just get a crit multi precision watchers eye, they're cheap an that is what I used until I had the exalts to get Aul's. Damage was still pretty good.

The final option is to change the ascendancy points and either drop the fortify nodes, or, drop the impale node and the banner node and take the intimidate nodes so accuracy is no longer an issue.

If you're going to drop fortify though, you might as well play a berserker, the whole point of this build is to stack as much fortify effect to mitigate incoming damage while being able to spam enduring cry for the life regen. It does work as a berserker, the damage is stupid, but you will die a lot.

The final note I'll add is this build deletes things when there is just 1 target for all the generals to focus on. but when there are multiple targets it can feel a bit lackluster, this can make it feel like a poor mapper, but it is a good bosskiller.

EDIT: I noticed you said drop aspect of the cat, I did not realise that was in my POB but yes, drop that first and foremost. I was messing about with farrul's fur so aspect was free. It gives more consistent dps for bosses but felt a lot worse for mapping.
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This is dope. I’m thinking of champion league starter for this. I tried berserker this league but it’s stupid dmg but I die too easily to random shit.

In a league start scenario, assuming we get corpsewalker no problem, what are some ways to get enough damage before we can afford paradoxicas and crafted foils and such?
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Corpse walker should be easy enough to get in a trade league. They were 5c on day 1 of ritual and dropped to 2c quickly after.

For weapons I'd probably use scaeva until you have enough to buy a good paradoxica.

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