Reduce the damage of Arakaali's Fang Spiders!

There is literally no counter to this. Player with 100% stealth and 20 immortal spiders moves around the arena and his spiders one shots everybody. When game lags its even worse, those spiders just teleport out of nowhere and u die. All you can do is try to kill him offscreen somehow but this will not work most of the time. I know the pvp mechanics and this is completely out of hand, such ''minion'' build should not exist in pvp. You really have to fix this, i do not have problems with any other build, everything can be delt somehow with, but not this.
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Hey man, you can easily counter that with the use of the Flee Support gem.
It will make them run away from you and not hit you. Very easily countered.
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Very easily countered

Not sure if trolling or…
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess
«PVP» -- PVP Guild. Recruiting!

Pm me for: 1v1s / 2v2s / 3v3s / CTFs!
I will try this, i hope this works, thank you.
chance to flee+ storm brand + chain working good.
Chance to flee + AOE skill too.

Having to use BCR+Chance to flee is a little bullshit mechanic Imo. Those 2 support should at least be white gems.

If your build cannot offscreen would still be a problem if you also are slow.
Why can t we use conversion trap in pvp anymore is a mystery too.

Other minor counter would be Freeze prolif from alt arctic armor but minions can be immune to freeze.

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