[3.13 Ritual League] Molten Strike Raider



Some things about this Build

Steady Damage output
Can do endgame bosses just fine
Fairly fast
Good evasion once Blind Procs
No Cluster Jewels

Prone to One Shots
Can't Leap into Very Large Packs (Such as Valdo Rest Harbingers)


PoB (Community Fork): https://pastebin.com/E4i2xhGx

Passive tree for those who don't use PoB: Passive Tree

Help Alira for the Crit Multi and Resists

My Gear

*Edit* Minor Gear Swap - Not Necessary

Dealing With Reflect

Swap out the Non-Assassin Mark Ring and make sure it's in the Left Ring slot, and use "Soul of Yugul" Pantheon

Small Boss Tips

Sirus - Face Tank = Win

Shaper / Uber Elder - Watch out for Shaper Balls as they can and will one shot you without a larger health pool and if you fail a dodge. Can last about 1-1.5 seconds in shaper beam so don't sit in it.

Maven - Can't really say anything yet. Don't touch the beams, the same as every other character...


Thanks for looking at my build!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCurbHunter/featured

Catch you guys and gals later,

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