[3.13] Hand of the fervent trinity BV, 200m+ sdps, 50/50 block, 7500+ regen, 100k+ ehp

WARNING: This build is not budget friendly. The EO version is 70-80ex minimum, up to 150ex, while the main crit build is around 350-400ex budget. HOWEVER, this build performs incredibly well compared to other builds of a similar budget level.

Feel welcome to hop on my stream at twitch.tv/butsicles
to ask questions. You can see my build being played, just to get a feel for the dps/tankiness. This is not clickbait.

Hi all,

Based on the feedback I got from my reddit post, I decided to post a (somewhat scuffed) full guide on the forums.

This build is (in my opinion) one of the strongest boss-killers in 3.13, and fairly well-rounded for all-purpose mapping as well. By using the combination of indigon/hand of the fervent, we can still invest in quite a bit of tankiness while still having damage that far outstrips any equivalent cold pathfinder versions of this blade vortex build that have been floating around. There are few builds in the current meta that can compete pound for pound in terms of how much damage you can pump out, without being a complete glass cannon.

-200M+ shaper dps when fully ramped
-50/50 block (no glancing blows bullshit)
-7500+ regen through 45% mom and 5000+ mana regen/s from flask (yes you can tank Sirus storms, shaper bullet hell, etc.)
-Perma-fortify (almost permanent with general's cry uptime)
-130k+ single hit mitigation across all damage types (300k+ for physical), even higher when factoring in block. You can tank maven's memory game (check VOD) and brain explosion as well.
-Permanent flask uptime if properly timed (always have all damage, etc. on long boss encounters)

-Worse clearspeed than Cold BV PF due to less explosion scaling (if cold bv pf is a 9/10, this is probably a 7/10, can check vods for explodey clear)
-Ramp up time is around 5-7s on bosses due to hand of the fervent scaling (see below)
-Build has some learning curve on cooldown management (flasks, fortify, etc., mana management etc.)


Scion crit pob:

Scion EO pob:

EO pathfinder pob:

Pathfinder crit pob:

DPS numbers aren't fully accurate in pathfinder versions, it's still insanely strong.


Sirus + storm tank: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/939421981
2 man feared in 20s: https://clips.twitch.tv/TriangularSpookyClipzAMPEnergyCherry-43vkvMQ6JPt0DxEZ
6 man feared (with rippy mods) in 1:10:
T19 delirious deathless (except the metamorph, metamorph atlas passive makes them absolutely insane, like depth 700+ aul or something):
Warlord kill on delve setup (1/2 damage of regular setup)
Maven kill tanking memory game (Credit to crstilled on reddit for post)

Gear/crafting guide for items:


are a pair of unique gloves that grant a percentage of our mana cost as flat physical spell damage (similar to archmage), but also give us a debuff that deals 150% of our mana cost as physical damage per second. This means for a 3000 mana cost skill, we'll be dealing a whopping 4500 self physical damage.

To reach these ludicrous mana cost levels, we use indigon, which gives us increased mana cost of skills per 200 mana spent recently, and this also gives us spell damage. We stack an insane number of mana recovery multipliers, which causes our flasks alone to regenerate 5500 mana AND hp per second (Due to the non-instant mana recovery flask).

We scale a ton of phys as extra added cold/light damage in equal amounts, which allows the random rolls of both cause cold and light to alternate randomly as the highest damage type. This allows us to use trinity, which is the most broken elemental spell scaling support in the game (except for inquisitor ignore ele res, obviously).

We scale a ton of less/reduced damage taken multipliers to both mitigate the degen from the gloves, which also let's use become an immortal killing machine. Sources of reduced/less damage taken listed below:

Physical Damage Hits:
1. 10K armour
2. Phys taken as cold from body armour
3. Basalt flask
4. Immortal call + 3 endu charges every time (35% less physical and 45% less physical respectively)
5. Fortify (20% less taken)
6. Sigil of power (20% less taken)
7. Berserk (20% less taken)

Elemental Damage Hits:
1. Wise oak balance + flask effect (16% reduced elemental damage taken)
2. Immortal call (35% less elemental taken)
5. Fortify (20% less taken)
6. Sigil of power (20% less taken)
7. Berserk (20% less taken)

Not to mention our insane regen/less damage taken, we have 50/50 block without glancing blows, AND a bit of dodge from elusive.

My Gear:

All the gear explanation/stats are in the google doc, it was too much of a pain to translate this to the forums


Bottled faith
Wise oak
Enduring divine mana flask of warding (or of the order if crit and no curse on map)
Basalt flask of adrenaline for bossing ONLY (swap for quicksilver for mapping)
Rumi's for block

Mapping/Bossing Setup

Check gear google doc for details.

For mapping we use a chest with explode/damage taken from mana instead of life, see here:

This chest is usable on ALL endgame content. If you are to pick one chest only, you pick this one.

This chest is for bossing, if you're making a bossing specific char. The lack of explosions makes mapping a bit painful.


Go hollowed palm, get a ton of int/dex conversion jewels etc. on tree as you go along. Respec at around 75 ish

I'll update this guide in the coming days, just a bit of exposure for people who have the budget to try this.

UPDATE: We'll see how balance changes affect this. It'll be still possible to craft some of these items next league, but things will be more expensive with the harvest nerfs.

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How do you get stun immunity?
How do i improve from here? my survivability is pretty bad :/

For maps where you can get stunned, I would just go brine king pantheon. Otherwise, you can re-craft your basalt with "of the order" for almost 80% stun immunity by itself (lower movespeed, of course). I've never had a problem with getting stunned on bosses since you insta-phase most of them.

I would put your immortal call on a 4l with increased duration - arcane surge - second wind - immortal call, first and foremost.

Are you running a similar flask setup? What are your jewels, etc.?

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