3.13.1e Hotfix 2

3.13.1e Hotfix 2:

  • Fixed a bug where Ritual Vessels were sometimes unable to store the Jungle Valley Map boss, Queen of the Great Tangle.
Last bumped on Apr 3, 2021, 10:31:26 AM
poe 2 when
at least 4 weeks too late. something like this (because it's a CHALLENGE BOSS) should never have gone live, let alone taken half the league to fix.
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This was a bug that took far too long to fix.
Finnally. TY!!!
Jungle valley did get a fix but Sunken City didn't? ( how that dodged, as it has same problem).
BTW if someone didn't know if u do just boss room ritual than u can capture boss soul ( Same goes for Sunken City).
Clypeus3 wrote:
poe 2 when

They can`t fix this game, why would you need PoE 2? To contain all current issues plus?
item deletion fixes when? triggered upon failing a map/maven encounter
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Patch me up so I can remove the weapon armor incant from the harvest.

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