3.13 Witchunter's Judgement Chieftain

Brandsurge: Charges your brands causing them to expire and activate faster. After expiring they explode dealing a large amount of flat damage (with high damage effectiveness).

High scaling and high base damage means modifiers that grant physical as extra [element] are great for this! The biggest modifier is likely from Chieftains Ngamahu, Flames Advance which grants 100% of physical as extra fire for 4 of every 10 seconds. We're going to squeeze as much out of those 4 seconds as possible to apply some good ignites.

We use Armageddon brand as our brand. You are free to leave this at level 1, it really doesn't matter. I've chosen Armageddon brand for the low cast time and the quick hit rate (to keep elemental overload up).

Since we expect the ignites to last a while anyways, why not have 3 of them? This is actually part of how we get the duration to 10 seconds, but it is also huge for our dps. We achieve this using 2 of the following rings:

The general idea is to walk up to a pack, drop the brand and then brandsurge. I've socketed less duration into armageddon brand to drop the time before detonation down (mostly so it feels less clunky).

Bossfights consists of running around and dropping a brand / brandsurging when you get a chance. We have enough ignite duration that the ignites that apply their damage will be the ones from those 4 seconds of Ngamahu, Flames Advance.

Another nice thing: We use ignite proliferation so anything we kill stays burning, passing our ignites around. This great for things like ritual, breach, legion and blights.

Video below of a T16 Pit below (my computer didn't like the recording very much so it lagged quite a bit with the breach + bossfight, sorry about that).


The character can be found at (named GoodJudgement)

The Path of Building:

Right now I'm comfortably clearing T15's and T16's with about 5400 life and about 491 life regen per second. If you have any thoughts / ideas to make this better please let me know!
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It would be pretty nice to see a video of you at least clearing a map, along with maybe you also clearing a Maven's Invitation. It's kinda hard to judge how good something is if we only have the concept.
I do like what I'm seeing, though!
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I've updated the main post with a video of a T16 map. My computer is not the best, and it really struggled while recording, especially when I accidentally started the abyss on the boss fight. Still though this should give a decent idea of how it plays (also because I took about a month break and am just coming back this character doesn't have the 4th lab yet, which is a ton of damage currently missing).

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