Which type of Watchstone should the card redeem for?

Any Magic Watchstone Type for any Atlas Region
Any Magic Watchstone Type for a specific Atlas Region
A specific Magic Watchstone Type for any Atlas Region
A specific Magic Watchstone Type for a specific Atlas Region
Any Unique Watchstone
A specific Unique Watchstone
Poll closed
We recently launched a series of polls to design a Divination Card with our community, courtesy of community member lowkeyripper. The first poll determined that the card should be redeemed for a Watchstone which means the next step is to decide which type of Watchstone! If you’d like to contribute to the Path of Exile legacy, be sure to vote in the poll above.

This poll will be open for one week. Over the coming weeks, we’ll open up additional polls where your choices will determine all aspects of the card including the Atlas region or type of Watchstone, the modifiers it will have, the name, the art and the flavour theme!

We can’t wait to see what you'll design this card to be!
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Where is community-designed MTX polls and updates?
First page hype! Glad to see these polls. :)
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any unique watchstone almost catching up. Surprised one I voted for is coming in hot.
i know poe 2.0 will not need link itens but can do a card for a super fusing like 10 fusings in a click (like the harvest craft)
not looking good
Voted specific unique watchstone because I think a Misinformation card would be a good addition in trade leagues.
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