[3.13] Marauder --> Starforge Cyclone Juggernaut --> Need a push/help

Hi Folks,

I dug out an old char and did quite a rework. Back in the days it was a Wildstrike build but I had Starforge lying around and got Corona bored, so I tried to build a good old fashion Cyclone Juggernaut.

Skill tree


- Kill all
- Major: Soul of Arakaali
- Minor: Soul of Shakari
- Unflinching
- Unrelenting
- Unyielding
- Unbreakable

As you can see, the development is on basic state. Nothing is optimized or min-maxed yet. Reason for this is, that I don't see the char being end-game suitable atm.

Here the Problems:
- The damage feels not lvl80 maps worthy. After a certain point the clear speed goes very low and boss kills take 5min+
- the surviability is "medium" at best

I have the fear, even if I start investing, the char will never go to the final state I want him in. As this is more or less self developed, I assume you out there get the idea and will spot some shitty things I did that stop the char progressing.

Goal for me is to be able to play end-game content with this. I am aware that this will never become a DPS monster due to the nerfs on Cyclone during the past.

Things missing, I am aware of but not willing to put energy on until this is a working char:
- 6 linking the gear
- Maxing out the equipment
- Maxing out the gems

I would appreciate honesty. If it ain't work, I'll start over. If you think this is possible, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any hint!
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You'd probably be better off trying to scale crit but if you're going to stick with resolute technique I would suggest backing out of the templar nodes and the channeling/infusion cluster for more efficient passives directly adjacent to your tree. You have none of the impale nodes allocated so grab those.

Your gear is a little sus, I strongly suspect that you're not getting the full life benefit of daresso's very often and you could replace it with something that provides significantly more utility.

If you can get some gear that reduces the cost of cyclone you can reserve more mana too.
Hi Terzian,

I didn't recognize someone replied to my post as I stopped checking afer a few week.
So, better late then never, thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into this and see if I can use your hints to make this playable, finally


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