[3.13] Slayer+Raider Cyclone (Max Block) SSF HC Concept/Experiment Help

Greetings everyone,

I'm currently working on a build that focuses on Cyclone and Max block using the Scion class (Mostly doing this just for fun). I wanted to make something that could survive Sirus A8 on Solo Self Found Hardcore. The build details are below; though if you want to check out the PoB Link (I'm using the Community Fork) you can get it at this link:


I'm posting my build concept because I recently ran into a big road-block in progression. I'm not sure how to push my character further than I already have; so I guess this is a post asking for help as the title states haha

Anyway, the basic details are below:

Defensive Layers

Chance to not take Damage

= +76% Movement Speed (Not Channeling Cyclone, No QSF)
= +23% Movement Speed (While Channeling Cyclone, No QSF)
= 78% Block Chance

Damage Reduction

= Armour = over 7000
= Fortify = 28% Less Damage Taken
= Immortal Call = 26% Less Damage Taken
= Wind Dancer = 20% Less Damage Taken
= Kintsugi = 20% Less Damage Taken
= Infused Channeling = 8% Less Damage Taken

Effective Life Pool

= 6000-7000 Health Pool

The Problem

Well, I tried my best to make the character as tanky as I can make it given little resources and only a few farmable uniques (which takes time, but that's SSF for us) but I can't push my damage past 150,000. I can push it towards 250,000 - 300,000 but that's when I have Berserk and an Ancestral Warchief on the field; which I'm not opposed to using but I was wondering if I could somehow push the character to at least 900,000 to 1,000,000 Sirus DPS.

I'm not exactly a new player, nor am I a veteran; I guess casual is the best I could describe myself as? So if you have any ideas or suggestions that could get this character stronger, it would be much appreciated <3

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