Sirus Loot lost

So I did the sirus fight for the 3rd time, never before have I actually beat him. Well today I had finally learned the fight enough and was prepared for the encounter. I phased him all the way to the end, no deaths and was feeling really good. Apparently he had the last laugh, because right when the killing blow landed his beam killed me too. So we both lay there dead, and me staring at this lovely looking loot. I listen to the dialogue and relish in my first ever kill before trying to re-spawn at checkpoint. No instance found. I keep clicking it, but it wont let me spawn back. Ok, spawn in town that's fine ill just go take the portal back after the story stuff. So I head to my hideout after and there's no portals. So I guess I am just out those drops, so I have nothing to show for my first hard earned kill. Feels really bad.... just wanted to share this moment with others in hopes that in the future there is some way to not just lose out on anything because the game closes all your portals...
Last bumped on Feb 24, 2021, 7:52:05 AM
Congrats on your kill, honestly that is the real spoils anyway.

Honestly my last 10 sirus A8 kills have been worth less than 10c total, no exaggeration. So if there were any drops, you were lucky, then unlucky to lose them.

But seriously, congrats on the kill, that part feels good right.
Indeed, congrats on the kill! Took me a few leagues to learn that fight myself.

If it makes you feel any better, I double KOed my first The Feared this league on my final portal. The loot drop was incredibly awesome and all I could do was stare as I had no more portals... :(

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