Petrify your foes with the stylish look of a brand new Gorgon Shield! Check out the video below or click here to get yours.

Made out of shiny metal and decorated with Medusa's head, this shield perfectly complements the Gorgon Armour Set as well as many other cosmetic effects from the store, such as the Temple Armour Set, Wings, Weapon and Weapon Effect.

Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
very nice
Nicely done!
Creeping Frost mtx when
That looks amasing. It wold be good to see a whole set like that.
Ahh, it's over... My sun... it's setting... It's dark, so dark...
looks nice
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I almost don't want to say anything critical about this. Everything from the metallic base, the more shiny/reflective central face portion, to the snakehead spikes ringing to edge all fit the background story so well. Even the wrapping around the mouth works to convey that one side of the story has often been muted/overshadowed. All of which is combined with being an overall design you could actually imagine somebody effectively using in combat. Last but not least, it's fits the tone of PoE.

And ... then there is the aspect that the play button covers before we start the video. The head sticks out ridiculously. It's a somewhat understandable design choice considering we'd be viewing it most often from the perspective beginning around the 10 second mark. Even then, it seems like the effect the designer(s) wanted to create from that perspective could have been accomplished were the protrusion reduced by a factor or 1/2 to 2/3. As it is, it just ruins the overall form of the shield to my mind. The issue is most obvious beginning around the 17s mark. That said, hopefully a lot of people disagree or don't think it matters as much and get the MTX. It's certainly the type of design I'd welcome to seeing more of, and anything we can do to encourage GGG to produce more along that direction would be great.
absolutely love the design

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