Infernal Cry + AoE Support???

I'm in my hideout testing if this works, but I don't really see the AoE size increasing with this support gem. Am I crazy?

Also, while we're here:

To be clear, Infernal Cry applies Ash immediately on activation, right? Without requiring one of the triggered explosions? I.e. I can viably use this on my caster?
Last bumped on Feb 25, 2021, 6:01:40 AM
I did not bother much in increasing AoE for my Infernal Cry with my Martyr Gladiator in Harvest.

I noticed, however, some interesting things for AoE when it comes to Infernal Cry: The Increase AoE from Quality, though there is NOTHING ingame that clearly states it, only applies to the Warcry's AoE, but not to the Combust skill it applies. Likewise, there are no lab enchantment that increases the Warcry's AoE, only Combust's AoE.

Perhaps that's what's happening here too. Perhaps generic AoE boosts are applied to Combust, while you are forced to resort to "Warcries have x% increase AoE" bonus for Warcries' AoE.

As for your second question yes, Infernal Cry will immediately cover enemies on ash. Depending on the enemies' power, the Covered in Ash you will apply may be stronger or weaker than the one applied from Chieftains and Xoph's Blood
Ty ty.

Will any orange-texted boss give max Ash? That's what I'm interested in.
Each Warcry is enhanced by the proximity of enemies, and for some warcries, allies or corpses too. This is measured as 'Power', with Normal enemies providing 1 Power, Magic enemies providing 2, Rare enemies providing 10, Unique enemies providing 20, and players providing 5. All Warcries also taunt enemies in range.

Infernal Cry applies Covered on Ash on use. The efficacy of Covered in Ash is 3% per 5 power, for a maximum of 20%.
You will need 30-33 Power for a max effect Infernal Cry. So, no, just a Unique boss won't be enough - it would just yield a 12% effect.

You can bypass the whole Power thing by equipping a Redblade Banner, which gives Infinite Power.

Infinite Power means the Warcry will apply the greatest possible power-related effect. In this case, even having a white will apply a Cover in Ash for 20% effect.
Ah, thank you, I missed that on the Wiki.

Hmmmmm... Kind of meh, but it's the only reliable source of Ash if I'm using Eye of Chayula, I suppose.
Meh indeed, since Chayula means you are either going CI or Low-Life. Don't know how much that shield can help you since it boosts life.

However, the only alternative is being a Chieftain, so... yeah. Better lower fire resistances on enemies via Combustion, exposures and so on, Infernal would be icing on cake

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