Help with forum trading, please.

JontomXire wrote:
I asked a question about forum trading the other day...but the thread has disappeared.

The existing trade posts seem to use some strange syntax, presumably to allow the posts to be picked up by the "Trade" feature of this website. or maybe it is just a generally accepted short-hand. Could anyone please enlighten me on this?

How do I put an image of the item for sale in my post? Existing posts seem to have a linked image which gives details of the item when you hover over it, much as in-game.

Most posts seem to have "Verified" in them to indicate that the item is verified as being available, that the seller actually has the item or something. How do I get my items to be verified?

Hi there, JontomXire. Thank you for your question!

To link an item that you have in your stash, all you need to do is create a new thread in the appropriate sub-forum, for example, the 'Ritual League - Selling' sub-forum. Then click on your character at the top left of the website, you will see your character's inventory and a number of tabs, one of these will be labelled 'Stash'. Once you have navigated to the appropriate stash, just click once on the item you would like to sell. This will enter a line of code that will point to the appropriate item in your stash tab.

I hope this helps!
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