Trial of Ascendancy in SSF

Hey, GGG!

Just wondering if you think this is okay:
90 lvl, almost on my first Sirus. Did mastermind and 400+ map runs.
Also funny that I'm totally unable to find trials on the red maps (did 50+ of them).

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I have been tracking trials for the last 5 or 6 leagues.
It takes (in my experience) about 150 maps for all 6 trials.
This is a rough average, I had one league where it was north of 250 maps.
I always run Zana missions to find extra labs and Prophecies for Lab trials as well.
You have been unlucky, Exile.
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if you know math....if the chance of each trial is equal (1/6), on average you need 15 trails encounter to complete the set

are the trail spawn rate is 10%? If it is , 150 maps is normal .......250 is not that surprise either due to the probabilities
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There's a great chance that trials are still weighted, so math could be different.
At least that was the case in the parent league, with burning rage being the worst offender.
Could be a confirmation bias, but I still get stuck on this certain trial over and over, like three previous leagues in a row.

For statistics: last 2 leagues found all trials at lvl +90, of which in heist finally managed at lvl 93.

The progression wall that are trials should be addressed, it's a piss poor design once developed to serve as a league-chase event and further abandoned as is.
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Didn't they say Lab is going away in PoE 2? Or at least going to be completely overhauled? I don't pay much attention to statements like that, but I think I remember somewhere.

If that's the case, I get why no resources on it now. Keeping it broken makes for a much greater feeling of relief when you finally release something new. Fixing it now runs the risk that the new thing is perceived as worse by a chunk of the base.

FWIW, I had a number of leagues where burning rage was always the last one and really hard to get.

Last few leagues that has not been the case. But my one data point does not prove anything, of course.

This league was actually crazy rng for me. Got all 6 in 9 trials. In 8 (?) prior leagues it has always take 20+ trial appearances to get the 6 uniques.
A couple leagues ago I've had a character named "LingeringPainMyAss" because of how impossible it was to find this last trial.
This league however isn't better because it's not my first but the third character.
Now I'm just rushing forward through the maps ignoring the rituals hoping to find a trial.
And I take only "Solve the trial of ascendancy" missions from Zana.
But Lingering Pain and Burning Rage (yes, it's always these two) are still unsolved.
So you are super unlucky guy, maybe you should try to catch trails on the white maps, i think you will have the best expiries on this stuff.
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GreyLensman wrote:
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OP is in SSF per title.
I mean no offense, but if you choose SSF, aren't you choosing to play the game on hardest difficulty and least resources?

Is not this unavailability of final ascendancy points the whole point of SSF?

I was in Tier 14 maps before I found my last trial in trade leagues this season, maybe 300 maps. Of course I choose to trade so I got my final points around tier 5 for 2c.

No offense meant, not putting you down, but why play ssf, then complain about lack of abundancy?

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