Currency Tab is eating my items [solved]

See above, my general farming procedure is

1. full inventory
2. fill box tab for chaos recipe (helmet->rings)
3. sell all the rest to Helena
4. take currency back to currency tab and wildly click everything
5. fill rest of items (maps, splinters) in extra tab to sort later
6. repeat

What's happening now since yesterday, during 4., I click items that dont fit into currency tab (maps) by mistake or splinters that fit in the bottom column AND THEY DISAPPEAR.

Yes, you read that correctly. It happened yesterday that a few of these red splinters disappeared under my coursor but never made their way to the tab, the blue ones were transfered cause I manually put few of them there before into the bottom area.

Now I accidentally clicked a rare map, I'm 1000% certain because it was after a map boss fight and this map got deleted in the process transfering currency, I'm not drunk, not high, not incapable of remembering stuff correctly, I'm no schizo and I'm mentally healthy.

The. items. dissapear.

Shoot me a name of a good freeware screen recorder and I'm making a video of it.

What happened all the years before is obviously that nothing happened at all, you clicked the map and it kinda made this metal noise iirc.

So, what's going on guys? Can I Karenesquely talk to the manager please?
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Have you set up affinities on any of your tabs?

When you have tabs with set affinities, and tab affinity is enabled in your Stash Options (top right of the stash), Ctrl-clicking items will send them to a tab with the item's affinity instead of the tab you are on. To send them to the current tab instead, you can Ctrl+Shift+Click the item.

If you enable "Affinity Auto-navigation", when you Ctrl+click an item with an affinity, it will also navigate your stash to the tab the item is deposited into.
I havent played since Delirium and wondered what this tab function is when I randomly clicked in it, yeah, I'm an idiot.

Good function, apparently I'm handicapped though.

Thanks mate and stay healthy.

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