Crafting dex/aura hunter amulet

What's the optimal way to hit those:
+1 All dex gems
Malevolence reduced mana reserve
on a hunter amulet?
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Optimal as in cheapest? Fastest?

The cheapest is probably to buy one to be honest. Because you are trying to hit 2 different mods, one of which has a terrible spawn rate and the other not great either, rolling one will be expensive so if you are thinking you will save currency by rolling it, you will likely be disappointed.

All that said, if you want to roll it, I would alchemy/scour spam. I'd normally recommend alteration/augment but that route is actually more expensive right now.
Ended up doing this:
1. Roll dex gems
2. Try to fill all prefixes, annul etc. or buy base with dex&filled prefixes
3. Augment -> rem/aug harvest chaos until t1 chaos DoT (disables other Dots and increases chance for desirable mods)
4. Aug influence
5. If didn't hit, Prefixes cannot be changed & reroll
Did you already do this? Because what you laid out (unless you happen to have a crap ton of harvest crafts) is WAY more expensive than just buying one from someone...
Yes I did that for my friend. It took a total of around 20 ex.
1. Base with +1 dex and filled prefixes - 2ex
2. Prefixes cannot be changed + scour - 2ex (+scour xd)
3. Aug chaos -> annul/aug chaos, got hit t1 chaos DoT in like 4 attempts (only can proc chaos res or chaos dot) - like 5ex in Harvest discord
4. Aug influence - here was definitely lucky hitting malevolence, but you have 4 mods available for 2 affixes: hpregen%, malevolence aura, attribute requirements, charges. Hp is also removable by annul life harvest, so you likely to hit that easy.
5. Annul prefixes in harvest, aug chaos, aug life

For comparison: something like this costs around 60ex on trade
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This isn't the amulet you originally asked about, hence I said it's much cheaper to buy it.
Well there's +1 dex and malevolence here, what's wrong? :D
Also there's no pure +1dex & malevolence 2 affix amulets, since they're all crafter already
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Nothing wrong. Glad your ego needed stroking so bad that you need to flex on a forum.
I asked how to craft an item, you provided zero helpful information actually. Then I answered my own question, so if someone researches on that topic can find my answer, and you dare to tell i'm flexing with ego. Great mindset
Is that so? Let's review: You asked for the best way to craft an amulet with two mods that do not share tags meaningfully. You did not specify what you meant by best so I gave you two answers. If you wanted the cheapest way, you alt spam/aug or alch/scour to get them since you can't harvest craft or fossil those 2 mods. I then mentioned you should probably just buy it if you want those two given their low weights.

What you posted was a way to get a near perfect amulet with 6 mods that cost you 20ex. Any new player who is wondering the first question is not looking for your "answer."

Are you telling me you know a better way to hit the TWO mods you are asking for? Because what you posted is neither faster nor cheaper. So yes, you are flexing your ego because you can spend 20ex crafting a piece. You weren't looking for help, you wanted to gratz on how much you can spend on a piece.

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