We're continuing to share some of the entries from our recent Talent Competition. In case you've missed last week's highlights, check them out here!

The Tireless Quest for Exalted Orbs by nowand

Escape by Lumonium

Karui Chest by MuchiderKech

Tukohama by barbatrebbio

Chaos Orb Tattoo by Paintboxed

Fan Art by Kardalak_IX

The Maven by xuantung

The Maven by SimoneIF

The Maven by BlooD1SworD

If you've been inspired by seeing the talents of our players and would like to participate in this competition, you have more than two weeks to submit your entry! We can't wait to see what you'll come up with!
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Edit: This space for rent.
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Woah!! Very cool

Sick tat. Also is that real mahogany wood on the chest replica? Looks really well done.
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Absolutely love all of these, especially the Zana + Kirac one.
Pretty good stuff.
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Lumonium is absolutely lovely! Give me More!! Well done!

Same with the "Exalt" work, the gate keeper is mezmerizing! Bravo!
the first one is amazing

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