We’ve just released the new Stygian Hood to give you an alternate option for your Stygian themed looks! This cosmetic effect transforms your exile into the walking dead with the dark black hood mysteriously framing its glowing blue skull. You can check it out below or get yours here.

The Stygian Hood is the perfect match for other Stygian themed microtransactions from the store, such as the Amour Set, Wings, Weapon Effect and Footprints.

Thank you for your support!
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Looks like any other hoods :D
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Embrace the vaal and the corruption! Only then, you will be bless by Atziri. That's how I got a Headhunter in the Atziri Apex of Sacrifice!
Stygian? More like Styg-I-needs-it.
I like it, although I'm kind of tired of hoods tbh. There hasn't really been any helmet I've been fond of in a while. The only helmet mtx I really like is the Arcane Lightning helmet because of the shape combined with the Synthesis helmet attachment as well as the purple skull helmet. Everything else when it comes to helmet mtx seems kind of bland or more or less the same, then again maybe it's difficult to make a good looking helmet mtx, idk.

I'm still hoping you come out with the purple version of the Arcane armour set or at least something else similar in aesthetics.
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🔷🔶🔰🌀✨Best Leagues Ever Made: Synthesis(3.6 version)>Harvest(3.11 version)>Delve✨🌀🔰🔶🔷
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Another hood
looks alright
WTB Stygian summon zombies
^^^ What they said, Zombies please.

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