[3.13] Cast on... skill use?! A Discharge novelty

I had quite a few people PM me about my build after seeing it on poe.ninja or wherever, so I made a short showcase on Reddit which garnered quite a bit of interest. After getting confirmation from Mark that this isn't a bug exploit, I decided to make a guide for the build.

This build revolves around the use of the threshold jewel Endless Misery which sets Discharge's cooldown to 250ms. This overrides any other modifiers, such as Cooldown Recovery and incidentally also other cooldowns.

Initially on finding out this was how it worked from testing, I was pretty sad because CoC Discharge was one of my favorite builds of all time (CoC has a cooldown of 150ms so you're actually gimping yourself), but I decided to turn it around by instead using the trigger with one of the longest cooldowns, and that is the crafted mod "Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill" which normally has a 4s cooldown but now only has a 250ms cooldown because of the jewel.

This lets us have huge benefits:

- No need for Cooldown Recovery as mentioned before

- A full 6-linked trigger setup as compared to using Awakened CoC or CwC along with a trigger ability

- No need to scale Attack Speed or Accuracy, just a tiny bit into Cast Speed to optimize breakpoints while using Blade Vortex to generate charges and proc Ele Equilibrium (because of abyss jewel with added cold damage)

Obviously there are things you would need to consider as well, the main one being that you are basically forced (well not really, I know someone using wands for this and his dps is very respectable too) into a 2H weapon to fully utilize a 6L trigger, of which staves are the best choice.

Because we use staves, majority of passive skill usage is towards the left side of the tree, which is why I decided to opt for Inquisitor over Assassin, and as it turns out Inquisitor is better in terms of both damage (since you can cap crit using new Inquisitor) and survivability in comparison to Assassin anyway (much higher EHP and regen even while running RF, ailment immunity).

All fights completed with A9 life, all invitations were alched

Sirus execute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgUWycug4KM

The Forgotten https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMUbn0_3Px8

The Formed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euY1T3dizn8

The Twisted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dFKI09cSsg

The Hidden uploading

The Feared uploading

Uber Elder uploading



Trigger breakpoint
Discharge cooldown is 250ms. However the server only updates every 33ms, so the earliest refresh is every 264ms. That means you want just short of 3.7878 casts per second on your BV to optimize your trigger rate which is roughly 89% increased cast speed (not that it's extremely important to hit 3.78, at least 3.5 would be nice but NEVER more than 3.788 because you'd be bottlenecking yourself).

Gear choices
There's actually quite a wide range of gear that you can use. The priority most definitely goes to the staff, followed by a +5 Discharge radius helmet with an elevated Warlord's power charge mod.

Initially I thought that
would be the optimal choice. It makes sense right? +2 power charges and +1 endurance charge from this, what's more to be desired? Well I was wrong. Number of max charges on this build is not that important. Once you hit 5 endurance charges and roughly 8 power charges, spell damage and crit multi are more important. Not to mention, the Eventuality Rod base lacks block chance which is very important for us as it's not easy to get block chance with staves to cap block with Glancing Blows.

So I crafted this instead:
. Steps to craft this:

1. Buy iLv84 (if you wanna roll +1 power charge, but % damage per power charge is extremely good too and that doesn't require 84) base with additional crafted mod enchant (I wish your wealth all the best if you try to Tempering Orb spam for this mod)
2. Perfect fossil and 6-link
3. Crusader exalt
4. Awakener's Orb another Shaper staff onto this
5. Alteration spam for Magister's/+2 spell skill gems (I spent 6k alts doing this)
6. Imprint and annul off suffix
7. Imprint and make sure regal hits a removable mod
8. Remove extra mod
9. Craft multimod, trigger, spell damage + extra chaos, +2 support gems
10. Remove non-caster, add caster (if it removes +2 support gems, craft again, remove added mod and repeat)
11. Remove added mod (this is a deterministic outcome with a guaranteed secondary tag for you to remove using Harvest)
12. Augment influenced mod
13. Remove/add influenced mod until you hit either +1 power charge or % damage per power charge
14. Augment crit
15. Remove/add crit until spell crit/power charge on crit (alternative is block chance/crit multi on recent block, but I wanted more power charge generation)

In total this staff took me roughly 50ex to make. Yes I'm aware that this aren't the BiS mods, but I looked into crafting staves and I know for a fact that it's extremely difficult to craft the ideal staff for this build that would look like this: because the prefixes share so many similar tags and the suffixes are just tagless.

How much would your staff have to resemble mine? Priority goes like this; 6L>+2 gems (keep in mind if you get +X fire/cold/lightning gems that you cannot craft +2 support gems)>damage per power charge=spell damage. Make sure you also have an open suffix for the trigger craft.


The most important thing here is the enchant and the elevated Warlord's mod. Everything else is besides the point, nearby -resists isn't that necessary because you push resists heavily into the negatives with Ele Weakness and Ele Equilibrium anyway and crit multi is a guaranteed augment. Steps to craft an ideal helmet:

1. Buy random iLv85+ Crusader helmet with +5 Discharge radius enchant
2. Alt spam for nearby -ele resist
3. Imprint and make sure regal hits a non-influenced mod
4 (alternative to 3, optional), Imprint and make sure regal hits an influenced mod, then Maven's Orb to elevate nearby -ele resist (if you fail, restore and try again)
5. Buy random Warlord Helmet with +1 power charge and another random Crusader mod (can be any, make sure this is the only other influenced mod)
6. Maven's Orb and hope you elevate +1 power charge, if not buy another and try again
7. Awakener's Orb Crusader onto Shaper helmet
8. Remove any undesirable mods (unfortunately I can't remove mana)
9. Augment life
10. Remove/add life until satisfied (I gave up after 15 remove/add lifes on hitting T1)
11. Augment crit or whatever resists you need

The chance to gain up to max power charges is pretty important, it's a big single target DPS gain. Also the +5 Discharge radius is huge QoL for mapping.

You don't need another 6L in this build unless you really want to run some other skills which I personally don't find necessary. This is why I use
, a lot of flat life, any resists I'm lacking in particular and crit multi. I also throw in a cold damage to spells jewel to proc Ele Equilibrium with BV.

Kaom's Heart is my budget recommendation. A lot of survivability there. Another alternative would just be a rare chest with explode and Gravicius' life as ES mod with PCoC/frenzy charge on hit (converted to power charge with Inner Conviction) and resists.

I used Hands of the High Templar for the longest time coupled with an Archdemon Crown. I would socket my BV setup in the Archdemon Crown to apply tri exposure and auras in the Hands with +2 Aura and +2 AoE for better effect. Unfortunately I don't think that is better than a pair of rare gloves simply because of life and resists, but that definitely is the budget option, especially since Hands can also come with % life and % to spell base crit which is also really good.

Without a doubt this is the best option, unless you wish to drop Militant Faith for Glorious Vanity, trading Inner Conviction for Corrupted Soul (which is a huge dps loss); or you use Voll's Protector and Glorious Vanity with a Stygian Vise which is also a survivability loss. Both options are cheaper though.

No contest. Buy +1 endurance charge corrupt when you have enough money, it's important to hit 5 max endurance charges for max Immortal Call effect.

Bread and butter of a triggered Discharge build. Remember to annoint the power charge near Shadow.

Before the build gets memed for crutching on
, I would like to mention that you can buy +1 power charge implicit rings and essence craft them and end up with just about similar levels of clear speed and while you would have lower single target, you would also have much higher life, ES and an easier time capping resists. So there's your alternative. It's by no means budget to buy those synthesized rings, but Precursor's Emblems are not required.

Yes, jewels are important here. The most important one of course being Endless Misery itself. Fortunately it is a 1c unique even with whatever corruption you desire. Use that to get your Corrupted Blood immunity. Don't forget the Intuitive Leap at the top of the tree!

1 jewel with cold damage to spells for Ele Equilibrium. All should have life and crit multi, ES as well if possible. Don't be afraid to use these to cap resists.

Militant Faith
Dominus for Inner Conviction. I used resists and % reduced mana costs per devotion because it's a lot of QoL and I don't need more damage.

Watcher's Eye
We lack Arcane Surge so we pick it up here off a Zealotry mod. The other mod is % life regen with Vitality. Physical damage taken as fire with Purity of Fire is also really good.

Cluster Jewels
Large - 8 passive spell damage ones with Conjured Wall and Mage Hunter and a random suffix

Medium - 4/5 passive area damage ones with Vast Power (insane AoE per power charge) and Towering Threat (life very important)

Small - 2 passive life ones with either Surging Vitality (imo you want at least 2) or Blessed/Sublime Sensation/Fettle

Got like 8k total life and ES with capped block. Could go for capped chaos resist if I dropped Purity of Fire for Purity of Elements and opted for chaos resist on gear.

Majority of the build's defences revolves around the regen from Inquisitor's Pious Path combined with Glancing Blows and
. Damage is split evenly between life and ES which puts the doubled regen to good use. Because of the high regen, Glancing Blows' downside of consistent damage intake is dealt with. With Surging Vitality from Small Cluster Jewels, you also are guaranteed to regen to full life and ES every 4 seconds. On top of that, we have self-cast Immortal Call linked to Increased Duration on LMB which is consistently consuming 5 endurance charges for max effect. Overall, coupled with the high damage on this build it is rather difficult to die.

You can make this build tanky without relying on these mechanics (especially Surging Vitality). I went through alternatives above in the Gear section. I also cheekily dropped Enduring Cry for more damage. It is easy to get more life by skipping out on the medium and small cluster jewels and pathing down towards Marauder's tree and also get Call of Arms for instant Enduring Cry uses (it is crazy regen, literally 2k life and ES in 1 second) while picking up an extra endurance charge and Unwavering Stance (if you don't have 10 jewels with avoid stun chance).

If you go for a rare chest, you can also run Arcane Surge in the BV setup which allows you to change your Watcher's Eye mod for a tankier one, add Awakened Hextouch + Enfeeble, swap out a cluster jewel for Culling Strike on cursed targets, and then add in an additional gem setup like CwDT-Stone Golem, so many possibilities. It is very much possible to have 2k+ more life than I do. Yes your damage will suffer but you will still clear everything because of consistency.

-I think this is a very versatile build (with the exception of no regen/reflect and perhaps 100% Delirium unless you specially build for it). You can build around defenses a lot more and still perform comfortably because the 6L triggered Discharge naturally does a lot of damage.

-Inquisitor is a really powerful ascendancy. So much crit and defence. Even though Assassin gives a power charge and has traditionally been the go-to choice for CoC Discharge, Inquisitor has easily came out ahead post 3.13 buffs.

-The main cons of this build are the mediocre clear speed (honestly it gets better when you have more AoE, you can Flame Dash to proc Discharge) and the REALLY ANNOYING SOUND WHEN CHARGES GET USED. You can't mute it without just muting skill sounds completely.

Well, I was quite literally the only person I know who is playing this (not anymore, glad to know this) mso all of this is self-theorycrafted. I would like to hear some feedback on improvements and what not really. Cheers for reading!
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looks good, i want to try it.
It looks like its good for single target dps. What about map clearing speed?
paserek wrote:
It looks like its good for single target dps. What about map clearing speed?

It's average, with enough AoE you can just Flame Dash from pack to pack and it will trigger Discharge to clear.

First of all, I'm loving the build, decided to drop my CoC Ice Nova for it and yeah, single target is great, but clear speed not so good for now, I'm lvl 87 still.

I'm using the PoB you posted on reddit 7 days ago, and that one is a bit different. I noticed you dropped Unwavering Stance, my question is, how do you deal with stuns now? I couldn't find anything related to that on your post or on the tree.

Some explochest instead of RSotL will give better clear.
Some explochest instead of RSotL will give better clear.

Yes for sure. Less life and damage, but there is a lot of QoL there.

Yantor wrote:

First of all, I'm loving the build, decided to drop my CoC Ice Nova for it and yeah, single target is great, but clear speed not so good for now, I'm lvl 87 still.

I'm using the PoB you posted on reddit 7 days ago, and that one is a bit different. I noticed you dropped Unwavering Stance, my question is, how do you deal with stuns now? I couldn't find anything related to that on your post or on the tree.


I dropped US because I have 10 jewels with avoid stun implicits. You can still spec for it.
1. Buy random iLv85+ Shaper helmet with +5 Discharge radius enchant

Shouldnt that be crusader instead of shaper?

5. Buy random Crusader Helmet with +1 power charge and another random Crusader mod (can be any, make sure this is the only other influenced mod)

And this should be warlord instead?
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Build looks interesting and i wanna do a last build for the league, tho i can't be arsed to level again.
I have a lvl 97 witch and i saw you were doing elementalist,so i am curious how that would look as the gear you have is pretty min maxed and i won't be getting nowhere near close to that, i could maybe throw like 40ex at it if i liquidated some stuff.
Im just curious what sort of gear a begginer version would look like so i can test the build before i throw money at it only to realize i don't like the playstile or smth. Rings without max pcharge are cheap, so is the ammy and the boots but i'm not even sure what kind of staff i should start crafting.
Any help would be appriciated!
Really nice build OP, that's a nice interaction with endless misery and the trigger craft. I'm relieved that trigger discharge is not dead :P

Here's a video of what I put together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OpXKsKvw20

and the PoB: https://pastebin.com/9ze0J26q

I found the build very easy to get started with a basic set of gear, you should be able to get a flavour for the build without having to invest too much. On a tight budget you could also take the instant warcry keystone instead of getting the cluster jewels.

I started out with a generic spell damage/crit/penetration staff with no extra charges and the damage was ok~ however I found that in my setup having +3 charges from eventuality rod was a big upgrade: not just in terms of damage but AoE too. I put points into the staff block nodes by glancing blows to make up for the lost block implicit. It's a shame that the +charge staves are only warstaffs because you miss out on a lot of nice mods. The staff OP crafted is probably BIS with that level of investment in power charge rings etc. However I "only" spent around 15-20ex crafting my staff and I certainly can't afford those rings atm. I'll link my original and crafted staff for u to take a look at.
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