[3.13] DISCHARGE CHIEFTAIN - 5 million DPS EASY. Prominence Burn PLUS ULTRA. CHEAP build to make

Hello guys, welcome to my Discharge chieftain guide.

I've been really interested in discharge, and finally decided to make one this league. I knew about the elementalist ignite, and although they had had the dmg, they were a bit too squishy for my liking. So I decided to do the chieftain version.

My gear is very easy/cheap to attain. Most of you can easily do much better. My current dps is slightly over 6 million ignite dps. If I truly min/maxed I could go with dual influenced gear and whatnot I could push to 7mil but my current dmg is enough for me atleast :P . You can easily reach 5 mil dps. Its once you get to 6 mil that'll you'll have to do a bit more to push further.





You're going to need enough dex on your gear to run Awakened Deadly Ailments


You want an ilvl 84 (minimum) Void sceptre Warlord Base. Throw a bunch of scorched fossils at it until you hit a combination of:
-Fire dmg over time multiplier
-Dmg over time multiplier
-+1 to fire spell skill gems
-Increased burning damage

It doesn't have to be perfect, but good enough that it gives you a sizeable amount of dmg.


Redblade banner is best in slot. Don't need any corrupted implicits or anything


I use Berek's Respite for clearing, and I switch it out for 2nd Kaom's way when doing endgame bossing


You need an ilvl 84, minimum, Hunter Jade amulet. I threw a bunch of scorched fossils at it to get that. You can use scorched + pristine as well. You want an open prefix so you can craft "non channeling skills have -9 to mana cost" on it.
You are looking for:
-Fire Dmg over time multi
-+1 to all intelligence gems(optional)

ANNOINTMENT: VIGOUR (opalescent + opalenscent + crimson)


You want an ilvl 85, minimum, Warlord Helm. I tossed a bunch of scorched fossils at mine and finished it off with harvest crafts. I augmented the "Nearby enemies have -9 to fire rez" on the helm. In order to do that you have to have full prefixes, an open suffix, and fire rez crafted. Or you need an open suffix, fire rez, and you can craft the prefix "10% of phys dmg taken as fire dmg". This will block the only other fire mod the helm can get which will guarantee "-9 to fire rez" with an aug fire craft.

You are looking for:
-Nearby enemies have -9 to fire rez


Corrupted Kaom's roots with "+1 to maximum endurance charges"


Any 6L chest that can easily roll 4 blue - 1 red - 1 green sockets. I got mine from trade cause it had dexterity on it and you need dex for awakened deadly ailments.


You want ilvl 84 shaper gloves. I actually bought mine from trade. I tossed a couple hundred scorced + pristine fossis at a glove and didn't get anything worth wearing so just hit up trade. If you want to craft all you need is scorched + pristine fossils
You're looking for:
-16% fire dmg over time multiplier


You need an ilvl 84 elder letaher belt. Quality it up to 20% with fertile catalyst. Then toss a bunch of pristine fossils at it till you hit "Flat life" and "%increased maximum life".
You need an open prefix on the belt so you can craft "increased cooldown recovery rate". This is for your Discharge, and will help it recover faster.


You're going to need 6 jewels. One of them is a Malevolence Watcher's eye with "Damaging ailemnts you inflict deal dmg faster while affected by malevolence.
THe other 5 need to have %increased max life with any combination of
-burning dmg
-fire dmg
-fire dmg over time multiplier
-increased dmg
-increased dmg over time


Large Clusters

I bought one of them and crafted the other through a combination of harvest, alt spam + aug + regal, and chaos spam. YOU NEED BURNING BRIGHT ON BOTH UR LARGE CLUSTERS. They don't have to be 3 proc, just as long as they have burning bright
DO NOT GET Cremator. It's a bricked mod

Small Clusters

I crafted all of mine with alt spam - aug - regal. The most important mod is Blowback or Wasting affliction. You want to have one of those. After that you can have any other mod you want EXCEPT cremator. Cremator is ALWAYS A BRICK on large or medium clusters for ignite. Ideally you want burning bright or cooked alive but any other notable (besides cremator) will do.

You are going to need Aspect of the spider on your gear. You can put it on your amulet, gloves, belt or helmet. I put mine on my weapon


You are immune to freeze/chill and slow (tempchains,etc) so you don't need a freeze immune flask.


Discharge (21/23 or 21/0) - Awakened Deadly Ailments - Awakened Burning dmg - Anomalous Combustion - Awakened Unbound Ailments - Ignite Proliferation

Scorching Ray - Spell totem - Multiple totems

Storm Brand - increased critical strikes - Hextouch support - Flammability

Flame Dash - Infernal Cry - Enduring Cry - Second Wind support

Malevolence - Wave of Conviction - Clarity (lvl 6 or 7 MAX)


Valako - Ramako - Taslio - Arohongui

Kill all bandits

Arakaali - Shakari


I use Berek's respite for clearing and switch to my 2nd Kaom's only when I'm doing endgame bosses/content. The minotaur video was to show that the build can take a hit. You do not need to stand that close to minotaur with those dmg mods.

The Forgotton
Minotaur with 41% more life, extra phys as fire + inc dmg/speed
Uber Atziri with Maven watching
Cortex with 64% more life


-Before engaging with endgame bosses you want to release a discharge in order to proc the Valako ascendency (15% more dmg if you've lost an endurance charge in the past 8 seconds). Then enduring cry again to gain ur 10 charges

-Put down 3 scorching ray totems

-Cast storm brand (so it can proc both EE and EO)

-Cast Wave of conviction

-Cast inferanl cry

-Press Flask and cast Discharge
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Did 64% more life cortex earlier today. Video updated.

I tried The feared invitation but failed. trying to dodge Uber atziri took 5 portals from me. Then shaper took the last. Also tried maven for the first time this league and failed that as well. Didn't want to upload failed runs lol.
Looked like a cool build but after watching the videos, it seems you are still very squishy with half the damage of an Elementalist.
jackals1234 wrote:
Looked like a cool build but after watching the videos, it seems you are still very squishy with half the damage of an Elementalist.

Squishy?!?!? with half the dmg of the elementalist?!?! LUL the mino vid was the "squish" test. Ur not supposed to stand next to mino and get hit on purpose when he has extra phys as fire + increased dmg/speed. I rolled that map on purpose and stood next to him on purpose to show the build can take a hit. That was the point. The elementalist version would have died to any mino hit or a random rock. I got hit by mino and rocks.

Yeah ofcourse the elementalist version has more dmg. Her ascendency is stacked with dmg and most elementalist versions are running way better gear than I am (replica farruls + crafted insane staves).

The whole point was to create a tankier version that can do endgame just the same, but as a chieftain instead, with way cheaper gear. If you mess up and take a hit you can survive. You don't have to be perfect and won't die the moment a monster looks at you.
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Guide has been updated and completed. I completely forgot but got reminded today so decided to finish it up.
Hi OP,

First off this was the most fun build to play so far. So very good guide and insights!

Question: the helm you are using, wouldn't a helm with increased burn damage and + chance to ignite be better?
I got my hands on one for 30c and was wondering if it would be better than the one with - fire resist.
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GoldChaiN wrote:
Hi OP,

First off this was the most fun build to play so far. So very good guide and insights!

Question: the helm you are using, wouldn't a helm with increased burn damage and + chance to ignite be better?
I got my hands on one for 30c and was wondering if it would be better than the one with - fire resist.

My bad. Got done with the league last week, started playing another game and forgot to hit this thread up.

I'm glad ur enjoying it.

IIRC the -9 to fire rez was more dmg in pob. At one point, before i crafted my helm, I remember PoBing the increased burning dmg mod vs -9 to fire rez to see which one would yield more dmg. The -9 fire rez came out on top. Not 100% sure but i remember checking them both out and -rez was better.

You can use the burning dmg one tho if that's what you can get ur hands on.
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PoB link comes up broken for me :(
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AnaLoGMunKy wrote:
PoB link comes up broken for me :(

I just tried it again. It's working on my end. Not sure what could be going wrong.

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