If you like getting a behind the scenes look at the development of Path of Exile, then we have a treat for you! In today’s news post, we wanted to share some more concept art from the Warlord Mystery Box; this time, of the Misery themed cosmetics. Have a look below!

In case you missed it, you can check out the concept art for the Suffering themed items from the Warlord Mystery Box here or get your box here.
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Slavpocalypse wrote:
There isn't an actual bow MTX is there? I don't recall seeing a bow in the trailer.

Anyways, after spending so much on the Twilight mystery box to try and complete even just one of the Sunrise/Nightfall sets I don't think I'll ever be doing mystery boxes again.
Will have to learn patience instead.

On a sidenote, when can we expect the music for this mystery box to enter the Hideout music player? IIRC, not even the Twilight mystery box theme is available yet in the hideout.

The bow you can see here is the design for the Misery Weapon Skin when used on a bow, this is shown in this video at the 0.07 second mark if you'd like to see this modeled in-game. :)

I'm afraid I cannot speculate on when the theme will be available in the Hideout Music Player however the Mystery Box soundtracks historically have been released approximately a month after their announcement so I'd suggest keeping an eye out for that.

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