[3.13] Raider Kinetic Blast / Power Siphon Wander | 20mil DPS | Screenwide Clear | SPEED DEMON

Recent Updates
-Added a Budget POB

-Added a short crafting section

-Added a note on our Large Cluster Jewel setup

-Added a note about including "Feast of Flesh" Cluster jewel notable

Video Showcase

Hey guys, this is my build guide for a Raider based Kinetic Blast / Power Siphon Wander. Very powerful, very smooth, fairly durable, and most importantly, a SPEED DEMON. I wanted to go fast fast fast, and boy do we thanks to raider. Great all around character that scales extremely well with gear.

I decided to make this guide because I've done pretty much all the content I've wanted to this league, with this build, and I'm about ready to quit the league. Figured I'd share my character before doing so. It's been a very enjoyable experience thus far.

Why Raider?
You can easily play this build as a Deadeye or an Assassin, and I might include a deadeye tree in the future. However, I chose Raider because it provides a strong movement speed floor and a ton of innate survivability through ailment immunity on top of lots of evasion/dodge. Great starter ascendancy.

Pro's & Con's
+Giga boss killer - Killed Awakener 9 Sirus and Maven buffed Uber Elder, Shaper, Cortex, Breachlords etc... with ease. Still need to know mechanics, but they are all fairly trivial.
+Screenwide Clear and Beyond - This is a KB wander. One blast of projectiles decimates the entire screen. Very satisfying.
+Extremely high damage - My final damage was around 20 million with flasks + sigil of power. We melt bosses.
+Several Defensive Layers - We have 75% attack and spell dodge. We have good evasion. We use Blind. We use Wind Dancer. Life pool of 5200 with a mini ES pool of 400. All in all, this is a fairly tanky build for an Evasion based character. The 75% attack dodge / spell dodge is what makes it.
+Well rounded tackles all content equally well - Can do whatever you desire, whether that be speed farming maps, bossing, or running and farming Harvests.
+Scale-ability - Scales extremely well with gear.
+Easy to play - I'm mostly a melee player, so I wanted to build a wander that could just shoot and destroy the entire screen, nothing too complex, and this is that. Fire off KB while mapping. Hold down Power Siphon on bosses. Straightforward, satisfying.

-Cannot do ele reflect maps.
-Struggles with no leech maps. - Can be done with a mana flask swap in or mana gained per hit/kill somewhere, but annoying.
-Can be expensive. This is a Wander, so item and crafting costs can get pricey. You can play it on a budget, but I can't promise anywhere near the damage of my current setup. Go into this build with a stack of exalts so you can craft or buy some strong gear, aiming for mods similar to my gear linked below.

Path of Building Pastebin
Minmaxxed (ideal): https://pastebin.com/uQmxcEGS

Budget (by popular demand -- will be less effective obv): https://pastebin.com/JHJm8GTN

Bandits: Kill All
Pantheons: Lunaris + Garukhan

^^ NOTE: This PoB uses the fork by local1dentity, not sure if it works with standard PoB. Highly recommend downloading the fork.

We have to manually add in 70% inc proj damage for the Repeater Medium Cluster node, as PoB does not have an option to toggle nearby enemies, but bosses are always effectively nearby.

A Note on Tankiness

Our Min/Maxed Defensive Tally:
-~5.2k HP
-72% attack dodge (capped with vaal grace)
-60% spell dodge (capped with vaal grace)
-Life Leech
-Wind Dancer (20% less damage on most hits -- we don't get hit often so this is POWERFUL)
-87% evasion (with blind, which we get from an abyss jewel)
-Immortal Call CWDT for extra mitigation
-SPEEDY. This is an underrated defensive aspect, we have full phasing and move incredibly fast, which makes it easy to maneuver.
-20% Chaos Resistance. From our gearing choices.

We aren't a 10k HP Chieftain, but as far as evasion characters go, we have a lot of layers of survivability. I rarely if ever die, but survivability is also dependent on player skill. You can't sit there or react sluggishly, but I've rarely been one shot by anything. The innate defensives give me ample time to react to most mechanics.

Skill gems

6L Bossing (Chest):
Anomalous Power Siphon - Ele Dmg w/ Attacks - Barrage - Elemental Focus - Added Lightning Damage

4L Clearing (Helm):
Anomalous Kinetic Blast - Inspiration - Ele Dmg w/ Attacks - Greater Multiple Projectiles

Wrath - Herald of Ice - Enlighten 3
Precision (solo linked)

Curse + Buffs:
Sniper's Mark - Sigil of Power - Ice Golem

Dash - Second Wind

Immortal Call (3) - Cast when damage taken (1) - Vaal Grace (20)

Sniper's Mark:
Casting this on bosses is very important. It is a massive damage increase and is fire and forget with a very low cast time. Run up to a boss, cast it, then kill them in under a second. If you prefer, you can attach this to arcanist brand, but I find that unnecessary. This is an absolute life saver of a mark on Maven boss fights, since it turns your suped up power siphon damage that is normally single target into an aoe arc that hits all other bosses.

A note on Awakened Gems:
Awakened Gems help elevate this build. I listed the base gems, but Awakened GMP, Awakened Added Lightning, Awakened Ele Dmg w/ Attacks, and Awakened Ele Focus are all very powerful upgrades, and personally, I use them all.

Anomalous Gems:
Anomalous KB and Anomalous Power Siphon are extremely important, and powerful. Anomalous Power Siphon gives us +1 projectiles, and if you get a level 21 version +2 total.

I'd go as far to say Anomalous Kinetic Blast is near mandatory as it provides innate pierce, which greatly enhances clear speed/damage. Get this!

Passive Tree


BiS Wand Mods:
Our wand is probably our most important piece because it's worth so much of our damage. We want at least tier 1 or tier 2 flat lightning damage (or the essence craft which is close to tier 1). We want tier 1 or 2 flat cold damage. We want at least 60% increased spell damage. Then we ideally want crit chance, crit multi, and attack speed. It doesn't matter which of these 3 you craft on, can have natural attack speed/multi and craft crit if you like.

So to summarize, ideally:
-t1 or t2 flat lightning damage
-t1 or t2 flat cold damage
-Crit Chance or Crit Chance + qual (can be crafted)
-Attack Speed or Attack speed + qual (can be crafted)
-Crit multi (can be crafted)

It helps to start with a fractured wand of some kind, preferably fractured spell damage, but fractured cold damage flat roll or fractured attack speed also works. Then hit your fractured wand with deafening essence of wrath until you get something workable.

Notes about Gear
Most of this gear is custom crafted, and I'll be sure to make a crafting section later if there's enough interest. For the most part it just boils down to playing with Harvest though.

We get our mana leech from one of our large cluster jewels, before you acquire this you need to dip down in the bottom right ranger area and take 1 point of "Mana leech." Alternatively, take "Mind Drinker." After acquiring cluster jewel mana leech, you can drop any passive tree points dedicated to it.

Abyss Jewels:
Make sure you get some well rolled Abyss Jewels as these can really help scale our life and damage. Your highest priority stats are +Life, Global Crit Multi, Lightning Damage to Wand Attacks, Lightning Damage to Attacks, and Attack Speed if crit recently. Generally speaking you want at least 3 of these mods on each abyss jewel. Cold damage to attacks or Cold damage to wand attacks are also two acceptable mods.

We also want to aim for at least two abyss jewels with +16 strength (or get this throught belt/ring) in order to meet our strength requirements. Also, make sure at least one abyss jewel has a blind mod, this is very important for survivability and is high impact for low input.

Spell Damage
I always get this question as people new to wanding are always confused -- why do we have %increased spell damage on gear? That's because of the Wandslinger node in our passive tree. This makes spell damage a particularly powerful source of scaling for our wand attacks. So having high spell damage on both your wand and shield is absolutely key to scaling our overall damage.

Important Pieces:
The most important pieces here are the Belt, Shield, Helmet, and Wand. We need a strong Wand to carry our damage, and similarly the shield is worth around 30% more damage as it provides us with our frenzy charges, double damage, and lightning gained as chaos. The Belt is a HUGE survivability boost.

The most important aspect of the helmet is the enchant, +2 to power siphon projectiles is worth 10% more bossing damage. Hitting an enchanted helm with an Essence of Horror will produce the Socketed Gems Deal 30% more damage mod, and that's important since our Kinetic Blast is in our helm. Effectively makes it a 5-link.

Tailwind/Elusive boots are certainly BiS for this build, but you can easily replace them with a 2 socket bubonic trail if you desire.

Cluster Jewels:
We use a variety of cluster jewels for the build, they all provide a large damage increase. We use two large clusters, one lightning damage base with Prismatic Heart, Stormdrinker, and any 3rd mod. The third mod doesn't matter as long as it has one. We still need it to have one so that we only need to put 6 points in as if we buy a 2 mod large, we have to invest 7 points. Our second large cluster is a wand attacks one with Opportunistic Fusilade, Martial Prowess, and Fuel the Fight. This one is important as it provides us with a lot of damage and mana leech. HOWEVER, NOTE that you only need Opportunistic Fusilade and Fuel the Fight, Martial Prowess is luxury. Just opt for a 2 mod or any other 3rd mod if you can't find one with Martial Prowess.

We use two medium projectile clusters with Repeater + Eye to Eye as these provide significant damage for the points spent.

This is just a luxury item, but Spiked Concoction is the most important mod here. You want to look for something with Spiked Concoction + 2 other useful mods.

Budget Alternatives/Recommendations

-Swap out Tailwind/Elusive Boots for 2 abyss socket Bubonic Trail.

-Instead of a 3 mod large cluster, just go for 2 mod. Opportunistic Fusilade and Fueld the Fight are your two important notables, the third can be any mod, or no mod.

-Use budget abyss jewels -- so abyss jewels with only 3 valuable mods, and lower life rolls (i.e. 20-25+ life instead of 35+).

-Use regular gems over awakened and anomalous gems. A significant cost of this build are the awakened and anomalous gems. While you want to eventually work towards those, regular ones will do fine. Prioritize anomalous kinetic blast over all others, and before you get anomalous KB, use pierce in the 4 link over ele dmg w/ attacks. Buy a 21/20 regular power siphon until you get an anomalous 21/20.

-Use budget rares. So my rares are minmaxed (nearly), but you can afford to be missing a mod or two. You can have a wand missing spell damage for example, or crit multi. While you eventually want to work towards a super strong wand, but all you need to start is t1 or t2 lightning flat, attack speed, and crit. My shields/rings/belt are all giga crafted, but standard damage mods and good life rolls with resistances will do fine until you have enough money to harvest craft something crazy. For the shields, try to find one with +2 frenzy charges for cheap, then one of spell damage or lightning damage, and max life. Then craft the missing mod.

-Opt for a watcher's eye with just wrath lightning penetration, no second dps mod. Much cheaper with a single mod.

-Use any old crappy base for your +2 power siphon projectile enchant for helmet. Buy something for cheap and hit it with essences of horror to get our 30% more ele damage socket so we can have our KB 5-link. In the future, buy a good base with the +2 power siphon enchant as a project, but any base will do to start.

Feast of Flesh (Cluster Jewel Notable)
Feel free to drop 1 abyss jewel or even a medium Cluster setup to include a small cluster with Feast of Flesh. The life gain on attacks will allow you to near instantly fill up your life pool when damaged. I was fine playing greedy for more damage and relying on my life flask, but if you don't like that playstyle -- slot in feast of flesh for extra sustain.

Quick/Short Version Crafting:
Wand - Get any ilvl82+ imbued wand or to make it easier, find one with fractured at least 80% spell damage. Hit it with deafening essence of wrath till you get something workable (i.e. can harvest on/off a mod or two with some good mods already on).

Helm - Buy a helm with +2 power siphon projectiles lab enchant. Preferably as high ilevel as we can get, but that's not fully necessary unless minmaxing. We want minimum ilvl 75 though. Hit it with essence of horror until you get a good life roll or have an open prefix to craft life. If you want to minmax, you will first hit your helm with a warlord exalted orb, THEN essence of horror and then stop at a good life roll or open prefix to craft life AND an open suffix to Harvest aug crit multi.

Shield - This one isn't really craftable per say. Find one with +2 min frenzy charges and 1 other good mod (either max life or spell damage or lightning as chaos), and remove what you can through harvest, aug'ing some of the others or just giving it a bench craft.

Belt - Get an ilvl86+ elder stygian vyse. Hit it with pristine fossils until you get a good roll of life + %max life. Aug attacks with an open prefix if possible.

Boots - Standard Elusive/Tailwind boot procedure. I highly recommend just using Bubonic Trail here until the rest of your gear is done. Get or roll tailwind mod on boots. Get or roll elusive mod on boots. Awakener orb mash them together, being careful to make sure each boot only has 1 influence mod and 1 influence before mashing.

Abyss jewels - Throw some bases (preferably with a high fractured life roll) into your Harvest "reforge with lightning mod," "reforge with crit mod," "reforge with chaos mod," etc... it's nice to just use these in your Harvest chaos spams, might get something good.

*Feel free to give me any formatting tips or ask any questions. If there's enough interest, I will create a crafting section later on how to best make some of the rare items in the build. For the most part it's a mix of Harvest trial and error though.
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Clear looks fast, how do the maven boss fights go? Want a faster build as my next character and this looks a lot more fun than the typical int stacking wander
LilUglyPolo wrote:
Clear looks fast, how do the maven boss fights go? Want a faster build as my next character and this looks a lot more fun than the typical int stacking wander

Maven is fairly trivial, I haven't attempted a feared because I hate uber atziri. I've done every other invitation outside of the feared, as well as maven buffed uber elder / shaper / breachlords / cortex, etc...
Last edited by Anbokr on Feb 5, 2021, 4:38:35 AM
can you post a couple video to see the build in action during map clear and boss fights? seems interesting, but i don't know if i can get near your setup with 50ish ex as budget.

Inbued wand is the best base for this build?

EDIT: lol i saw the video in first row of your post. sry

EDIT2: this wand is good enough to start the build i think?

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StormIceX wrote:
can you post a couple video to see the build in action during map clear and boss fights? seems interesting, but i don't know if i can get near your setup with 50ish ex as budget.

Inbued wand is the best base for this build?

EDIT: lol i saw the video in first row of your post. sry

EDIT2: this wand is good enough to start the build i think?

For sure, that wand is more than fine. Pretty good one. I think you can definitely do this build with a 50ex budget, you just might have to go Power siphon 21/20 instead of anomalous power siphon.

I'll be adding a budget section today, will post when it's complete.
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Hello, your build looks really great :) Can I ask you what do you think about Pathfinder in terms of tankiness? The minute I saw your thread I checked market for decent Megalomaniacs and I got this:

Is it good for the build?
Dam this is a nice build, expensive af tho, do you have a crafting guide? and/or lvling guide as well?
I've added a budget section towards the bottom of the guide. You should expect to do 5-11mil DPS with budget gear compared to the 20mil of near minmaxxed. Still good though as you work your way towards better gear.

lampicka95 wrote:
Hello, your build looks really great :) Can I ask you what do you think about Pathfinder in terms of tankiness? The minute I saw your thread I checked market for decent Megalomaniacs and I got this:

Is it good for the build?

Yep, that mega is pretty good. I particularly like feast of flesh, the +10 life gained for each enemy hit by attacks will do wonders for survivability. This is something I should put in the guide as a defensive option, can opt to drop 1 abyss jewel on our medium cluster, and instead go for a feast of flesh small cluster.

SkyCloudST wrote:
Dam this is a nice build, expensive af tho, do you have a crafting guide? and/or lvling guide as well?

I have not yet made a crafting guide because I kind of just yolo'd most of my crafts rather than step by step them. I kinda just bought whatever to start and ping ponged mods around by looking at craftofexile. The most important note on crafting is to use essence of wrath to craft a decent wand. Beyond that, it's just about harvest crafting off bad mods, harvest crafting on good mods.

I might make a crafting section at a later date when I have some time though.

As for leveling, I normally avoid including a leveling section in my builds because I am a terrible leveler lol. I kind of just do whatever as I go through the acts, sometimes a spellcaster, sometimes bow, taking standard bow/projectile nodes that are near my final tree and upgrading my bow incrementally as I go. If I were a better leveler or more knowledgeable, I'd probably put in a section.
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looks like very nice, dont get how to craft shield like this, but other stuff is pretty easy to get, gona try this one
Hello, can I ask you what do think about going as a Pathfinder? With enough flask effect, we can get another projectile from Dying Sun, it has ailment immunity as well plus flask charges doing boss fights are pretty good as well. The only issue is applying exposure but I guess it can be solved by Elemental Army on golem or using trigger spell in wand.

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