[3.13] Occult Berserker - Splitting Steel - physical pew pew and also cheap

Occult Berserker is that a profession?

Despite what "Berserker" sounds like, this build is quite defensive. I play with 2 curses, a shield and plenty life nodes. Basically a ranger with weird Ascendancy perks. And she is not slowed down by the weight of armour.
DPS is most centered around Splitting Steel. You can switch to Spectral Shield while you got poor luck on weapon finds. Splitting Steel and Lancing Steel are early gems, so that's a pleasant start.

For now I got a 5L on Splitting Steel. And it's easy to switch around Splitting Steel, Lancing Steel and Spectral Shield as you're finding new gear.
Spltting Steel > Impale > Vicious Projectiles > Maim > Brutality

Herald of Purity > Stone Golem > Culling Strike
for meatshield and clean-ups

Hydrosphere > Hextouch > Temporal Chains > Enfeeble
for dem Curses. Occultists swear a lot. Berserkers badmouth too.
Hydrosphere is a fun spell because it acts like a wall. It covers your back and allows you to channel foes into a killzone.

Starter Tree
So the first things to head for are some life nodes and Pierce +2 on the right side of the skill web. Together with the leveling gem it makes for Pierce +1 +1 +2 = +4. Pew lotta deads NEXT.
I did the Occultist Ascendancy first because of dual curse and the intellect.

Level 80-ish tree
I like runspeed and attack speed. Pew pew k thx bye. My current character got 80%-90% extra runspeed, racing around in T5 maps. Grab the rage nodes once you get the Berserker perk.

I got no items of interest. If you want to aim for any equipment try to get the Lord of Steel gem.
Tooltip damage with most level 19 gems and 60 Rage.

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POB Please
Have you tried this on any T16 maps?

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