[3.13] Wild Strike Trinity Inquisitor | 10M Sirus DPS | All Content


Some video previews:

Burial Chambers T16
Maze of the Minotaur


- Good clear speed
- Freeze anything
- Element ailments immunity
- Over 9M+ Sirus DPS
- 1k+ hp/es regeneration due to Glorious Vanity
- No pants

Path of Building Fork Link


Expensive Version:


*dont pay attention to boots lab enchant

Any Redeemer str chest with frenzy generation, +life and some ele res

Replica Farrul Fur - BiS


Any gloves with attack speed and +1 Frenzy corruption
a good choice early on - Hands of High Templar

Expensive option - Hunter/Warlord gloves with +frenzy and additional target (free up anointment)

Boots, Helmet and Belt

generic life + ele res
Tailwind Boots may be useful, but not give essential DPS increase

Interesing options with new Ritual implicit mods (expensive)

Blizzard Crown and Shaper suffix "Nearby Enemies take increased ele damage"

Penitent Mask - defensive variant with Crusader suffix "25% Fortify Effect"

Amulet and rings

At least 200-300 accuracy rating should be obtained on jewellery (or helmet) to reach 100% hit chance
Try to get max flat phys, Assassin's Mark, int and some life/res

Mark of the Elder or any Circle (with increased buff effect) is fine too

Rare amulet with life, a ton of intelligence and crit multi

Astramentis can be useful early on

Annoint - Tribal Fury
Cheap alternative - "Blade Master" (at a cost 5 points on the tree for allocate Tribal Fury manually)
"Mark of the Prey" or "Blade Master" if you get additional target on the gloves

Gem links

Wild Strike - Melee Phys Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Multistrike - Forify - Trinity

CWDT - Steelskin - Inc Duration (+hydrosphere)

Ancestor Warchief - Culling Strike - Multiple Totems

Dash - Second Wind - Blood Magic - Hydrosphere (lvl 1)

Wait.. what? Hydrosphere?

Hatred - Herald - Precision (lvl 18-21 depending of int) - Enlighten (lvl3 enough)

Herald of Purity provide best DPS, Ice or Ash help with mapping

Ice golem will help with accuracy on early stage

Jewels (important part of build)

Warning: mana leech provided only by "Fuel the Fight" (Large cluster) and not present anything else on the passive tree


Added Small Passive Skills grant: 12% increased Damage with Two Handed Weapons

Mandatory passives:
"Fuel the Fight" on one cluster
"Martial Prowess" on both clusters

Would be nice to have:
"Surefooted Striker" on both clusters


Added Small Passive Skills grant: 15% increased Critical Strike Chance
Any commbination with "Pressure Points"

Glorious Vanity grant free ~30% EHP boost and double regen

Base jewels stats - TradeSiteLink
in order of importance: life, crit multi, attack speed, increase %# damage, Intelligence


Must have:

or any Diamond Flask with crit chance veiled mod

Cinderswallow Urn Silver Flask

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What would you recommend for leveling?

the skill tree does not focus on any element damage or weapon type, so you can use absolutely any skill you like
I even assume that you can successfully (and faster) get 68 lvl with Arc or any brand (a lot of elememntal damage nodes near the starting point)

if talk about melee skills, so i think Ice Crash / Tectonic Slam or Consecrated Path will be a good choice

rush to Resolute Technique and allocate a wheel depending on the selected weapon (next to RT)

something like this (axe version for Limbsplit and Reaper Pursuit)

gem links is same:
ele damage with attacks
melee phys damage
multisrtike + fortify
and fire (or cold) penetration
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Awesome, thank you for the reply.
Is it safe to assume the ascendancy should be leveled Sanctuary - Pious Path - Righteous Providence - Inevitable Judgement since you recommend taking resolute technique early?
FVRSolomon wrote:
Is it safe to assume the ascendancy should be leveled Sanctuary - Pious Path - Righteous Providence - Inevitable Judgement since you recommend taking resolute technique early?

Yes, but actually no.
If u have some currency for respec to full crit build on 68-70 i would recommend take Righteous Providence first, skill tree with only 1 cluster set requires exactly 70 lvl (clusters very important part of build (and expensive))
otherwise keep leveling with RT and take Sanctuary - Pious Path

Anyway you always can respec it before Uber Lab at a cost of 10-20 regrets orb
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Just made it to maps and I'm doing t5 with ease, almost died on t10 (only 5.6k ehp). How vital is the +max frenzy charge and frenzy/endurance charge on hit/kill to this build? I'm assuming from what I've seen so far it's primarily for speed/survivability in red tier maps
How vital is the +max frenzy charge and frenzy/endurance charge on hit/kill to this build?

Extremely important
Due to low base attack speed on VoidForge without frenzy charges and attack speed investment on the tree build may feel clunky
Also, frenzy provide around 20-30% total dps
Endurance charges recommended but not required (basalt flask may help eary on)

Due to the lack of the ability to block or avoid damage with 2H sword, all of defensive abilities in this build are "Fortify", Endurance charges and "Glorious Vanity". So ignoring any of them leads to a serious loss of survivability.

PS I done all content with this build on Ritual except UberAtziri. Some Maven encounters (like The Feared or Hidden) can be a problem(but doable nonetheless), all others including Maven itself just not present any difficulty.
hey what's your cosmetic cloak man ? Cant find it in game, I asked you on the youtube video but I might have more answer here haha
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How is this build looking for 3.14?

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