[3.13] Sweep Champion 2H Axe Physical - League Starter to M10 A8, SSF viable.

Hello buddies !

Here is my first guide ever.

So please be indulgent and remember that every tips and idea is welcome to make this go further and better !

I'm gonna try to do my best to make this build as easy as possible for new players and explaining alot of things about how to craft items and what gear to look for etc etc...

I'll try to keep this build up and ready for every next league i play.

First of all why this build ?

I was wondering what to play this league, watching a lot of streamers and having a lot of PoB Windows opened.
Suddenly i just remembered all the leagues i used to league start with "explorative" builds and i was just like : "this league i just wanna let my brain lay by my side and play smoothly through the games before i'll swap on another builds trying things out".

The answer was Slayer and Cyclone....

But i used Sweep through the leveling and than i stayed with this skill which feels pretty damn good to play !

If you like the feeling to jump into packs and just... sweep 'em with your sword producing the sound of a giant padle you swing then this build is for you !

But on the way i got tired of the Slayer that is tied to leech and the really hard way to find a good tree with swords (toooo many option....).

So i swaped on Champion and stayed with Sweep.

So let's go through this !


Refont of Guide

1 - Introduction -

1.1 - Videos -

Here are the videos of my boss kills in Awakening 9 with the build. Have invested arround 50 Ex into the build atm (i do not count self crafted items in the build).
Actual gear in the videos :

Uber Itzaro :
Drox : https://youtu.be/oaWxnAPuZNA
Baran :https://youtu.be/B_W-vDTg334
Veritania : https://youtu.be/sGf37kuVHHU
Al-Hezmin : https://youtu.be/EGXVX7zliQM
Sirus : https://youtu.be/lEWtJy80ckM
Shaper :
Elder :
Uber Elder :
Maven invitation 10 bosses :
Maven invitation : The Formed :
Maven invitation : The Twisted :
Maven invitation : The Forgotten :
Maven invitation : The Hidden :
Maven invitation : The Feared :
Maven :
Simulacrum :
Delirium 100% T16 :

Just created a Youtube channel were i'll put all the videos about the build :

1.2 - Pros and Cons -

+ League Starter viable
+ SSF viable
+ Good Map Clearing
+ Steady enough to go on red map and bosses without huge investment (less than 2 ex for full gear)
+ No Unique reliant
+ Can be min-maxed to clean and crush the whole game (expet Atziri and uber Atziri)
+ Fun and simple to play (to me at last :P )

- Not such a good boss killer until you start to min-max (arround 30 Ex to crush Maven A9)
- Min-max could be stupidly expensive (could go above 500/600Ex)
- Lack of some layers of defences to facetank every things ! Not a dumb cyclone.
- Hard time through Hardcore
- Can be boring with mana until you get your main skill at 0 Mana Cost

2. - Build Structure -

2.1 - Main Skill -

We do use Sweep as our main and only skill.

Things to understand about this skill :

- It's an Attack
This mean that anything that interact with channeling, spells and any form of minions won't work on this skill and you have to use it yourself. You will have to go into the fray to deal damages.

- It has a cast time (a time when you have to stay still)
Sweep is not an instant or channeling skill (don't compare it to cyclone even if it can feel the same). So you'll have to stay still the time you use the skill.
This mean that you'll be vulnerable during this time but you'll be able to cancel the attack during a short period at the beginning of animation to move (mainly using a travel skill to move out of danger).
Our main way to deal with this to avoid bad situation is to stack a lot of attack speed through multiple ways (talent tree, gear, blood rage, totems, Frenzy Charges, ....).
This may be one of the most important part to understand when playing Sweep : increasing Attack Speed will increase your damage but more important your surviviability !

- It's an Area of Effect Skill
Since it's not a strike it will not get any bonus from "+# to Melee Strike Range". So any item like Daresso's Salute or bonus in strike range will be useless.
You'll want to stack as much as possible "#% increased Area of Effect".
At the same time it will allow us to benefit from "#% increased Area Damage" which is pretty cool since it'll easy up our gearing.

2.2 - Playing with Sweep -

As Sweep won't allow you to move the time you use it you do not want to just jump into the fray and right after spam Sweep to clean the mobs.

Remember we are melee players who use a skill that have a cast time !

You'll then prefer go to the edge of a pack, using all your flasks and then use sweep to proc all your buffs and start clearing everything. From this moment on you only run and clic (like a run and gun but with a huuuuge AoE).

If you still wan't to jump into things and crush everythings try to remember to never use your attack right after your travel skill.
Every mob will try to follow your jump and start to cast spells and attacks to you where you'll land.
So to avoid being stuck where everything will hit you, you just make a litle move before Sweeping everything.
And keep moving between attacks or we'll just run into death.

We mainly play with the Sand stance active during the map and blood stance only when you are sur to survive a boss fight (the sand stance is a very powerfull layer of defense we need to survive !)

On bosses :

Remember to have your totem activ any time.
Remember to proc your blood rage.
Use your Berserk only when you'll have a dps window long enough to destroy the boss.
Do not hesitate to change stance frequently to avoid bad situations.

2.3 - Build Damages -

As a two handed weapon bearer we will lack a lot attack speed but we will have a lot more base damage.

So we will start to build our offensive layers by stacking attack speed and increased damage.

As Sweep as the tags “Attack”, “Physical”, “AoE”, “Melee” and we do use “Axe” we will profit equally from every increased damage in any of these tags.

As a pure physical build and Champion class we will obviously focus on reaching 100% impale chance and increasing impale effectiveness since it synergises incredibly well with this skill.

Bleeding is an option but will ask way to more tweeks or even drop in some defensive layers to be useful so we only use it as a passiv little upgrad in our damage.

Later on we will add critical to the build as it is an easy way to push damages further and to trigger min-max affixes.

2.4 - Build Defences -

Our very simple and main way to increase our sustainability is through pushing our lifepool further and further.

Then come the elemental resistances. Chaos resistance will be an issue too especially in Ritual League with the chaos altars.

Being a Strength archetype our main defense will be armor but we won’t push it that much using only the base armor we will find on our gear (astral plate, titan greaves, spiked gloves, eternal burgonet that’s all).

As Champion our first way to mitigate incoming damage is the use of Fortify whether through ascendancy as much as through the support gem. It’s a great way to reduce incoming hits and we will easily find some increase in Fortify effectiveness in trees and gear. Since we can’t dual wield or hold a shield we won’t be able to use blocks as a defensive layer.

We will be able to add some layers as dodge through flask (Quartz Flask) and Vaal Grace but don’t count on this as a way to deal with incoming damage but more like something that only gives a chance to avoid little fails on maps.

Then we will stack as much reduced damage taken as possible through Immortal Call, Endurance Charges, Fortify, Enfeeble, Ascendancy. This will be our main focus to survive.

We will find through the tree and the gear a little of Life Regeneration but we won’t count on this as much since we will lose it on “Players cannot regenerate Life and Mana” maps it’s only a little bonus to sustainability.

Obviously as we will be able to deal a lot of damage we will use life leech (you’ll get it through Blood Rage) but as the life regen we won’t emphasise this stat any further through the tree or gear, having the possibility is powerful enough.

3. - Tree -

3.1 - PoB -

/!\ It's a community fork PoB /!\

You can get it here : https://pathofbuilding.community

Here is the PoB link, it's not finished yet (still missing leveling gear and alternative gems link and a lot of notes, like almost all the guide will be on notes so no need to have PoB + This guide open to follow everything)

Actual POB guide here :

3.2 - Bandits -

We start helping Alira :

+5 to Mana per second
+20% to Critical Strike Multiplier
+15% to Elemental Resistances

This will help a lot to deal with mana and elemental resistances early on.

Later on we use a Book of Reform to get Eramir's Favor (2 passiv skill points).
For this you sell 20 orb of Regret and 1 Onyx Amulet to any vendor.

3.3 - Ascendancy -

I chose Champion as ascendancy since it provides a lot of useful bonuses and is, in my opinion, the best ascendancy for pure physical builds.
But you can consider using Slayer since it gives you the capacity of running reflect maps but this will ask you to tweak the talent tree. I’ll give later on a variant of the build using Slayer or even Berserk as ascendancy.


Unstoppable Hero
20% increased Attack Speed while you have Fortify
+500 to Armour and Evasion Rating while you have Fortify
Cannot be Stunned while you have Fortify

This is one of the three mandatory notables. We take it in first since you should get Fortify Support in your main link right before doing your first lab. It gives us stun immunity and a lot of defenses early on (remember what i just said about attack speed : the more we have the safer we will be !)


30% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills
You and Allies affected by your placed Banners Regenerate 0.1% of Life per second for each Stage
Banner Skills Reserv no Mana
When you Create a BAnner, it gains 40% of the Stages of your placed Banner

I choose to take this notable in our second labyrinthe since at this moment we won’t have that much impale chance (should be around 60%) and it will simply help us dealing with mana and simply emphasise our Auras and Banner.


Master of Metal
Impales you inflict last 1 additional Hit
If you've Impaled an Enemy Recently, you and nearby Allies have +1000 to armour
You and nearby Allies deal 6 to 12 added Physical Damage for each Impale on Enemy

This is the notable that will make our impales very strong and make us able to reach such high single target damage even with a skill like Sweep. It even gives a little bonus in defense through armor.


100% chance to Taunt on Hit
10% reduced Damage Takent if you've Taunted an enemy Recently
Enemies Taunted by you deal 20% less Damage with Hits and Ailments against other targets

Here I chose this node ove Fortitude (the one that gives passively Fortify) since it results in way more tankiness and we will need as much as possible in end game content. You can easily use Fortitude over this one since you don’t focus on doing high end content or even when you get your min maxed gear since enfeeble will do the same thing and will allow you to run Maim Support or even Pulverise Support instead of Fortify Support and increasing your clearspeed or pushing further your damage.
If you chose this notable remember that you won’t be passively immune to stun ! You’ll need to trigger Fortify so you NEVER jump into the fray at the beginning of a map or a boss. You always want to proc Fortify once before running into enemies. Remember that every map and boss with "monster cannot be taunted" will take out this 10% less damage taken

3.4 - Passiv Tree -

The passive tree is pretty modular since there are a lot of points I use as min-max or even quality of life. And since you’ll very fast reach a decent amount of damage you’ll be able to trade offensive nodes for defensive one.

Mandatory nodes are :

Swift Skewering
Harvester of Foes
Splitting Strikes
Born to Fight
Heart of the Warrior
Forceful Skewering
Call to Arms

Nodes you can drop :

Hatchet Master
Crimson Dance

Nodes you can get if you lack of something :

Eagle Eye (for more Accuracy)
Weathered Hunter (during leveling and early mapping for more accuracy and elemental resistances)
Executioner (for more AoE before Cluster Jewels)
Wrecking Ball (for more Attack Speed before Cluster Jewels)
Soul of Steel (for more defense)
Inexorable (for more defense)
Escalation (for more Life Regeneration through Warcry)
Admonisher (for Ailments if this is a struggle)
Jewel below Scion with Unnatural Instinct (for more defense)

Keep in mind that anything which emphasises Critical will be good only if you got a decent Fleshripper as a weapon (8%+ Critical strike chance) and have the mod “Gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike”. So this is a min-max part of the tree.
And everything which is non mandatory to the build is really up to you to pick or not to make the tree match your gameplay and gear.
Up to you to balance your damage and defense.

4. - Gems -

4.1 - Links -

Actually we will play with two six link and every of our socket count.

You can modify some of the gems to make it match more your own style or even depending on the ascendency choice you made.

The more important thing here is to get as soon as possible your Sweep 21/23 since this skill scale very well with levels and quality.

6L - Body Armor - Main Skill

Sweep 21/23 - Melee Physical Damage 20/20 - Brutality 20/20 - Fortify 20/20 - Ruthless 20/20 - Multistrike 20/20

In our main link we put everything that gave us more physical damage and free attacks. If you choose to take Fortitude as ascendancy you can swap Fortify Support for Maim Support or Pulverise Support to increase your damage further.

6L - Weapon - Auras

Blood and Sand 7/20 - Flesh and Stone 20/20 - Pride 20/20 - Herald of Purity 20/20 - Precision 1/20 - Enlighten 4/20

We run all the physical auras we can. Precision is level 1 only to trigger the watcher’s eye and can easily be swapped for vitality if you have a vitality Watcher’s Eye.

4L - Gloves - Utility

War Banner 20/20 - Blood Rage 20/20 - Berserk 20/20 - Leap Slam 20/20

Simple you put here your movement skill which is Leap Slam (only when you feel comfortable enough with your attack speed. Before that you use Dash) and you fill with every gems who don’t need a link.

4L - Helmet - Totems

Ancestral Protector 20/20 - Vaal Ancestral Warchief 20/20 - Multiple Totems 20/20 - Enduring Cry 20/20

We run all totems that give us bonus in damage. Culling Strike Support is here only to shorten the bosses but since you can easily have it on a good weapon craft you can use the last gems for anything you want. I personally chose to use it for Blood Rage which allows me to put a Faster Attack Support on my Leap Slam. You can even put an Endurance Charge on Melee Stun if you feel the need to generate more Endurance Charges.

4L - Boots - Defensiv Setup

Cast When Damage Taken 7/20 - Immortal Call 9/20 - Vaal Grace 10/20 - Increased Duration 20/20

Our defence setup. You can let Vaal Grace go to use an Increased Duration Support or even put Berserk instead of Culling Strike Support to use a 4L defence setup with Increased Duration Support.

4.2 - Awakened -

We use only three awakened support Gem.

Awakened Multistrike Support : the most expensive awakened support gem but the one that will give the higher damage boost.

Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support : the first awakened support gem you’ll farm since she gives you 10% chance to Intimidate on Hit (at 20%).

Awakened Brutality Support : the last awakened gem you wan’t to farm since she doesn't give that much bonus. It’s basically the same but better.

4.3 - Alternative quality -

We have a lot of alternative quality gems who can fit in the build.

Divergent Sweep : 2% chance to deal Triple Damage
This is the only alternate quality gem you really want and you don’t need to have it above 20% quality since it won’t upgrade further your chance to deal triple damage.
Anomalous Sweep : 10% increased Attack Speed
You trade Area of Effect for Attack Speed which is pretty insane since Attack Speed leads to more damage and survivability.

Anomalous Pride : Attacks Hits against nearby Enemies have 10% chance to inflict Bleeding
This one is pretty insane and almost a must have the moment you lose all your chance to bleed everywhere else on your gear.

Anomalous Flesh and Stone : Buff grants 10% increased Evasion Rating and Armour
This is a simple buff to defensiv layer but almost negligible. So don’t try to farm it just put it if you find it.
Divergent Flesh and Stone : Buff grants 20% increased Damage if you’ve changed Stance recently
A very nice alternate quality that emphasises the Versatile Stance node in the tree but will ask you to change stance right before a boss fight or during phases to get the most of it.

Anomalous Enlighten : 60% reduced Intelligence Requirement
Simple it just allows you to drop some intelligence on your gear. It’s only a matter of quality of life.

Anomalous Precision : 10% reduced Mana Reserved
Only if you plan to play with precision and level it when you’ll grind your last levels.
Divergent Precision : You and Nearby Allies deal 2% increased Damage
If you want to play with precision it’s a little bonus in damage. That’s a matter of min-max nothing else.

Anomalous Ruthless : Supported Skills have 10% increased Attack Speed
A very very good alternative quality gems that trade Attack Damage for Attack Speed.
Divergent Ruthless : Supported Skills have 20% reduced Attack Speed, Ruthless Blows with Supported Skills deal 20% more Damage
Could be an option but this will only buffs your Ruthless Blows so at the moment you trade your multistrike for an awakened version it’ll become pure trash.

Anomalous Blood Rage : Buff grants 2% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge when you Hit a Unique Enemy
Here we trade Attack Speed for possibility to sustain Frenzy Charges on long boss fights (hello Maven and Sirus) which is damn powerfull !

Phantasmal Leap Slam : 10% increased Attack Speed
More Attack Speed on the travel skill is always strong.

Phantasmal Ancestral Protector : 20% increased Buff Effect
This simple alternate quality gives you 4% more attack speed, very strong.

Anomalous Ancestral Warchief : 40% increased Totem Placement Speed
Just as Attack Speed is strong totem placement speed is damn powerful since it’ll lower the time you stay still and allow you better placement.

Anomalous Cast When Damage Taken : Supported Skills have 20% increased Skill Effect Duration
Simply increase the duration of Immortal Call which is really great.
Divergent Cast When Damage Taken : Supported Skills require 20% reduced amount of Damage taken to Trigger
Never used this one and I see different things from PoE and PoB so be carefull but if it works as said it’ll simply allow you to level it and immortal call further to get more potent defensive buffs.

Anomalous Immortal Call : 20% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate
This is very strong, allowing you to proc immortal call mor frequently and to be really more reliable.

5. - Gear -

5.1 - Median Gear -

The whole gear is build arround crafted rare item as high end gear and as starting gear to.
So i'll present gear with the base item you can look for followed by the influence you want and then the stats you look for with the minimum tier of each affixe, giving you the things you want into your final item in each slot.
Stats will be preceded by a P if it's a Prefix, S if it's a suffixe and a C if it's a crafted mod.

I'll show possible Unique that will made the trick before you get high end items on the slot we can use 'em or some that can be added but will ask you to find solution in the gear and tree to be able to put them on.

And i'll give you my actual gear on my champ that is for the whole majority handcrafted.

And i'll try to explain at the end of this section in which order you wan't to get your gear to make it easyer to get.


Since the build revolve arround physical damage and impale and don't focus on critical you have two suffixes free.
But you obviously can look for a crit weapon, it work pretty well to (even better on mappping)

- Base item -
Fleshripper Axe
- Influence -
- Stats to look for -
P #% increased physical Damage tier 4
P Adds # to # Physical Damage tier 4
P #% increased Physical Damage / +# to Accuracy Rating tier 4
S #% increased Attack Speed tier 5
S #% increased Impale Effect tier 1
S 15% chance to Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit (only if you don't allocates First to Strike, Last to Fall)
S #% increased Critical Strike Chance tier 3
S +#% to Critical Strike Multiplier tier 3

- Unique -
Atziri's Disfavour Vaal Axe (arround 5 Ex budget for 6L)

While you wait to get this crafted weapon you can easilly use it.
It's pretty easy to farm in Uber Atziri, just take care about the reflexion which hold a mirror (she reflect damage, you'll get insta crushed)

Since you can easily get a Disfavour the axe and won't struggle with damage won't be your first aim while grinding your gear.

- My Actual Gear -


This piece of gear is here only to build defences and to hold the lab enchent.
One of the first piece of gear to farm.
The lab enchent isn't that predominant on this build an you can pretty much take any one of the three possible since they all gives you great bonus.

- Base item -
Eternal Burgonet
Nightmare Bascinet
- Influence -
- Enchantment -
BEST 40% increased Sweep Damage
Defensiv Sweep as a 30% chane to grant an Endurance Charge on Hit
Clear Speed 24% increased Sweep Area of Effect
- Stats to look for -
P +# to maximum Life tier 3
P +# to Armour/+# to maximum Life tier 2
P C +1 to level of Socketed AOE Gems/#% increased Area of Effect
S +# to Fire Resistance tier 2
S +# to Cold Resistance tier 2
S +# to Lightning Resistance tier 2

- Unique -
Starkonja's Head, Silken Hood
A very nice piece of gear that grant a lot of Evasion Rating and a pretty good DPS increase.
Can easily be used before you get a very decent rare Helmet.
Rat's Nest, Ursine Pelt
A good Helmet that grant a lot of offensiv stat.
Very good for farming low tier maps, but lack a lot of deffensiv stats.
Abyssus, Ezomyte Burgonet
The highest dps increase option (arround 10M DPS increase on final gear stupidly powerfull) at the cost of a lot of surviviability.

- My Actual Gear -


This is the first piece of gear you'll look for and may be the last one you'll min-max !
It's the most important part of the build ande you've a lot of option out there in the trade league. And may be the hardest part to get in SSF.

- Base item -
Astral Plate
- Influence -
Elder + Crusader
Warlord + Crusader
- Stats to look for -
P +1 to level of Socketed Active Skill Gems
P +# to maximum Life tier 2
P #% Increased maximum Life tier 2
P Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 3% of their Life as Physical Damage
P You Can apply and additional Curse
S +#% to Chaos Resistance tier 2
S Attacks have +#% to critical Strike Chance tier 1
S Socketed Attacks have -# to Total Mana Cost
S +#% quality of socketed Active Skill Gems
S 15% Chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike
S #% increased Area of Effect

As i said a lot of choice here. The first thing to look for is Life and -# total Mana Cost.
Everything else is only here for pure min-max our damage and clearing speed.
If you go for the additional curse you'll have to find a ring with Assassin's Mark on hit.

- Unique -
Tabula Rasa, Simple Robe
This is the easyest option to get your 6L early on. Can be farmed at the blood aqueduct or find into Rituals.
Easy to corrupt for a +1 to level of Socketed Gems. But you'll really feel weak, very weak.
Belly of the Beast, Full Wyrmscale
A simple and nice option for more life. Since we lack a lil of life this could be a pretty decent option waiting for the -# total mana cost body.
Loreweave, Elegant Ringmail
The easyest unique item to farm, especially this league.
Gives us everything we need before the rare chest piece. A very powerfull option.
Carcass Jack, Varnished Coat
The AOE option for increasing map clear speed and gives life and resistance.
Pretty good for farming low tier maps.

- My Actual Gear -


A piece that is pretty easy to craft through Delve Fossils (less than 10 try to get a very very decent one with self farmed fossils). One of the two piece of gear were you put Accuracy.
Can be min-max into high end tier gear but will cost alot.

- Base item -
Spiked Gloves
- Influence -
- Stats to look for -
P +# to maximum Life tier 3
P +# to Armour/+# to maximum Life tier 1
P Adds # to # Physical Damage tier 2
P C +1 to level of Socketed AOE Gems/#% increased Area of Effect
S +# to Accuracy Rating tier 2
S +#% to Chaos Resistance tier 2
S #% increased Attack Speed tier 2

- Unique -
Oskarm, Nubuck Gloves
Some easy to get uniques that gives you life and offensiv stats allongside some dodge chance.
Tombfist, Steelscale Gauntlets
Maybe the only real option to consider here. Can even be better than rare gloves but only if you find a good way to get the Accuracy you'll miss.
Gives you powerfull offensiv option at the cost of two gems socket (you sacrifice Increased Duration and Vaal Grace).

- My Actual Gear -


May be the second hardest piece of gear to get and one of the most expensive (actually almost 50 Ex to get the perfect one). So here you go step by step.

- Base item -
Titan Greaves
- Influence -
Hunter + Redeemer
- Stats to look for -
P #% Chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike
P +# to maximum Life tier 3
P +# to Armour/+# to maximum Life tier 3
P #% increased Movement Speed tier 2
P C #% increased Movement Speed/Cannot be Chilled
S +# to Chaos Resistance tier 2
S You Have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently
S #% increased Movement Speed if you've Hit and Enemy Recently

- Unique -
Nothing to put here since there is no real option better than any rare with life, Resistances and movement speed.

- My Actual Gear -


The first item you want to get. With Prismatic Catalyst you can go to +50/+55% all Elementals Resistance on this item. Which allow you to be really more free on the rest of your gear. Combine this with the Helmet and you almost got Elemental Resistance cap with two items.
Try really to go for a Stygian Vise since it'll give you a lil life than the other one and also grant offensiv power with the Murederous Abyss Jewel you'll socket into it.

- Base item -
Leather Belt
Stygian Vise
- Influence -
- Stats to look for -
P +# to maximum Life tier 3
P #% increased maximum Life tier 1
P Flasks applied to you have #% increased Effect (can be crafted)
S +# to Fire Resistance tier 2
S +# to Cold Resistance tier 2
S +# to Lightning Resistance tier 2

- Unique -
Ryslatha's Coil, Studded Belt
The offensiv option. You loose so much defensives stats that you'll need to tweak the whole rest of your gear to put this on.
But combine this with the Abyssus Helmet and you'll be able to go above 100M Sirus Dps full geared. Stupid.
Soul Tether, Cloth Belt
The defensive belt that allow you to become virtualy a Slayer and gives you Intelligence.
Pretty cool but really hard to get into this build since the rare Belt gives 50%+ all Resistances.

- My Actual Gear -


One of the more important part of your gear. The second part you wan't to get.
Only one of them need to be wiht a curse on Hit the second one is only if you have a can apply an additional Curse either on the body armor or on a corrupted Amulet.

- Base item -
Vermillon ring
- Influence -
- Stats to look for -
P +# to maximum Life tier 3
P Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks tier 2
P C Non-Channeling Skills have -# to Total Mana Cost
S Trigger Level # Assassin's Mark when you Hit a Rare or Unique Enemy tier 1
S Curse Enemies with Vulnerability on Hit, with #% increased Effect tier 2
S +# to intelligence tier 2
S +# to all Elemental Resistances tier 2
S +# to Chaos Resistance tier 2

- Unique -
Le Heup of All, Iron Ring
A simple ring that gives stats, resistances and increased damage. Simple and powerfull, only lack a lil of life.
Romira's Banquet, Diamon Ring
The offensiv option that gives you a lot of crit and push your dps even further but ultimatly again at the cost of deffense.
Ventor's Gamble
A tricky one that can gives you every thing you need for a decent price.
Life, Resistances and even item Rarity and Quantity.
You could want one to farm low tier maps.

- My Actual Gear -


Nothing really interesting here.
You will be able to craft a good one very early and cheep, but like the rest havin' a min-max amulet could cost you every thing you have (actually around 60 Ex).

- Base item -
Turquoise Amulet
Onyx Amulet
- Influence -
- Stats to look for -
P +# to maximum Life tier 2
P Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks tier 3
P C #% increased Area of Effect/#% increased Area Damage
S +# to Accuracy Rating tier 2
S +# to Intelligence tier 2
S +# to Global Critical Strike Multiplier tier 2
S #% increased Global Critical Strike Chance tier 2

- Unique -
Impresence, Onyx Amulet
This is basically THE Amulet you wan't to get early on, especially on the trade league since it's a cheap one, and she allow you to run freely Vulnerability as an aura before you get a ring with Vulnerability on Hit.
Gives you life, Armor, Added Damage and Even a 10 sec Aura that reduce the move speed and the damage of nearby enemies.
Really something perfect that just ask you to tweek one or two points on the tree to reach the 100% chance to hit.

- My Actual Gear -

5.2 - Flasks -

Very Simple you run only magic flasks and even can get rid of the Mana Flask when you reach 0 mana cost of Sweep.

You look for a Life flask that gives you instant Recover.
One Quicksilver Flask for the movement speed and you'll craft it with more movement speed.
One Quartz to get Phasing and increase our layer of defenses.
One Granite that you'll change for Lion's Roar, Granite Flask
One Mana Flask that don't remove on full mana that you'll trade for a Diamond Flask when you get a 0 mana cost Sweep.

The Must Have Suffixes on Flask are :
Of Heat Immune to Freeze
OF Guarding Immune to Curse

The really Important Suffixes you could want :
Of Curing Immune to Poison - Almost a must have before you cap your chaos Res
Of Dousing Immune to Ignite - Some Rituals gives VERY high fire damages to monsters who will just crush your life.
Of Staunching Immune to Bleed - Until you find a good Jewel with immune to corrupted Blood it's a mandatory Suffixe.
Of Guarding Immune to Shock - If you have a hard time dealling with the shocked ground this is THE solution.

The easiest way to Craft this is to use Einhar.

5.3 - Jewels -

Very Simple here you look for Life and any stat that gives you damage ! Always more DPS !
You still want as early as possible a Jewel with Life and corrupted with on implicit : Corrupted Blood canot be inflicted to you

- Base item -
Crimson Jewel
- Influence -
- Stats to look for -
P #% increased maximum Life
P #% increased Attack Speed with Two Handed Melee Weapons
P #% increased Attack Speed witk Axes
P #% increased Critical Strike Chance with Two Handed Melee Weapons
P +#% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Two Handed Melee Weapons
P #% increased Damage with Axes
P #% Global Physical Damage
S #% increased Damage
S #% increased Melee Damage
S #% increased Attack Speed
S #% increased Area Damage
S #% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
S #% increased Melee Critical Strike Chance
S +#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
S +#% to Melee Critical Strike Multiplier

For your Abyssal Jewel on the belt here is what you look for something arround this.
Do not hesitate to use this slot to fill something you could lack of.

- Base item -
Murderous Eye Jewel
- Influence -
- Stats to look for -
P +# to maximum Life
P Adds #to # Physical Damage to Axe Attacks
S #% chance to Blind Enemies on Hit With Attacks
S #% increased Attack Speed if you've dealt a Critical Strike Recently
S Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks
S #% increased Attack Speed
S +# to Accuracy Rating
S #% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
S +#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

For the Cluster Jewel Swap you just go for thoses three. Here No real choice, just one to easy your gearing path.
The only choice possible is between Run Trhough (gives you the last 10% chance to Impale to reach the 100%) or Drive the Destruction (gives you life leech allowing you to drop 2 point in the tree and leech life until you get it on one ring or amulet)

- Base item -
Large Cluster Jewel
- Implicits -
Adds 8 Passive Skills
2 Added Passive Skills are Jewel Sockets
Added Small Passive Skills grant: Axe Attacks deal 12% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments
Added Small Passive Skills grant: Sword Attacks deal 12% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments
- Affixes -
P 1 Added Passive Skill is Bloodscent
P 1 Added Passive Skill is Run Through
S 1 Added Passive Skill is Martial Prowess
S Added Small Passiv Also grant : #% increased Attack Speed
S Added Small Passiv Also grant : #% to Chaos Resistance
S Added Small Passiv Also grant : #% to Elemental Resistances
S Added Small Passiv Also grant : +# to Intelligence

For the two Medium Cluster Jewels just go for whatever you want on suffixes, only the two prefixes are mandatory.

- Base item -
Medium Cluster Jewel
- Implicits -
Adds 4 Passive Skills
1 Added Passive Skills are Jewel Sockets
Added Small Passive Skills grant: 10% increased Area Damage
- Affixes -
P 1 Added Passive Skill is Titanic Swings
P 1 Added Passive Skill is Assert Dominance

6. - Leveling -

6.1 - Go through Acts -


- First thing to do is to buy two one anded strength weapons and put them into your switch weapon slot, it'll allow you to put in gems that you'll level until you use them or for the corrupt attempt (especially for the sweep 21/23).
- Then try to get a 2h weapon as soon as possible.
- Then you should try to buy or drop as soon as possible a Chain Belt. Having Energy shield will allow you to reduce the chances to get stun.

Your first itemisation goal will be to get two coral or iron ring and any piece of armor with 4 sockets and 4 links into it (it'll carry you to the end).

As you go through the Act 1 you'll be rewarded some gems so just follow like that :

- Start with :
Cleave - Chance to Bleed
- Then you take Ruthless (ruthless is to switch with any other support gem that give a consistant damage upgrade if you lack of accuracy) as a quest reward and you can buy Onslaught (only use onslaught if your gear is decent enough it's only purpose is to fasten the clearing by giving you action speed but it'll deplete your mana like hell !)
- Next quest reward you take Ancestral Protector and Dash (will be your main deplacement skill until you get enough attack speed to use leap slam) and you'll have to buy here SteelSkin (which willl be until very late game your main guard skill), War Banner (never forget to plant it for bosses !) and Blood and Sand (only usefull the moment you get Sweeep)
- Next reward will be Maim and Enduring Cry (don't use it until you get Call To Arms on your passiv tree. At this moment it'll become your left clic button) you should buy Leap Slam (you'll use it later when you'll get enough attack speed) and Precision (just keep it level 1. It'll help with accuracy a bit and later on will be here to trigger the Watcher's Eye).
- Last but not least you'll get your Sweep !

So at the end of Act 1 you should have

Sweep - Chance To Bleed - Maim - Ruthless
Blood And Sand, War Banner, Precision
Ancestral Protector, SteelSkin

Unused Gems

Leap Slam
Enduring Cry

Some Tips to use your currency !

Don't hesitate to use chance orb on those base item white, with extreme luck, it can reward you with pretty damn good leveling legendaries !
Simple Robe
Iron Ring
Whole Shoes
Leather Cap
Havy Belt
Leather Belt
Iron Gauntlet

Do not hesitate to use your Orb of transmutation on cool white gear who get the good socket color ! Even a low item level item with 4 socket 4 link and nice Affixes (like life and resist) can carry you to the mapping with ease !

Same for the essences, you won't really use it in endgame (unless you wanna craft good bases but this is another point)

The tree at the end of act


The tree at the end of act


The tree at end of act


The tree at end of act


The tree at end of act


The tree at end of act


The tree at end of act



ACT 10

6.2 - Leveling Uniques -

7. - The Atlas -

7.1 - First Craft to start Mapping -

7.2 - Itemisation order -

7.3 - Getting a good gear -

7.4 - How to fix issues with gear -

7.5 - Atlas Passiv -

8. - Min - Max -

8.1 - Softs, Addons and how to use them -

8.2 - Min-Maxing Gear -

9. Build Variants

Thanks alot to every one who read this guide and will try it or even just giving any tips to make it evolve further.

Lastly just enjoy your journey through the game !
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Last bumped on Apr 15, 2021, 3:15:22 AM
Any updates on the build guide? I don’t have a comp for PoB, and I play on console, so the act guides would be really helpful for leveling. Great guide so far though. Very detailed.
hi, i'm using this guide right now and just want to say that this build is cool. Also can you recommend other ways to reduced my sweep mana cost. I want to try this build with the explode chest but i cant find any explode chest with -mana cost in it. TIA
Any updates on the build guide? I don’t have a comp for PoB, and I play on console, so the act guides would be really helpful for leveling. Great guide so far though. Very detailed.

Since i didn't played this much lately i didn't try any thing out. Actually writting a full version of the build and working arround some videos.

myklNinth wrote:
hi, i'm using this guide right now and just want to say that this build is cool. Also can you recommend other ways to reduced my sweep mana cost. I want to try this build with the explode chest but i cant find any explode chest with -mana cost in it. TIA

You should be able to run easily with only the reduce mana cost on the rings, but you'll have to let down some auras (Precision and Herald of purity first) or may be trade some support for ones that don't push the main skill this high.

And going back for an enduring mana flask is a good solution.
Reserved. Prolly will be going for slayer build tho. 3.14 lets go

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