[3.13][SSF]Archmage Hexblast Ignite CI Trickster, EXTREME BUDGET, Open Ended build.

Ever wanted to use your same gear from Act 10 forever?

https://pastebin.com/gewTZPZp - POB Link
http://poeurl.com/daPt - Tree Only

I'm not a fan of builds that rely on amazing luck to find or craft items, where the entire build falls apart if you cant find the perfect Watchers Eye. The fattest item mod in this build is the 30% damage to fire on the staff and thats tier 5. Imagine putting awakened jewels in your SSF build.

https://pastebin.com/gewTZPZp - POB Link
http://poeurl.com/daPt - Tree Only

+ NO gear that is required for the build to function
+ NO jewels or cluster jewels for function
+ NO awakened gems or expensive supports for function.
+ Viable from leveling to endgame.
+ Build has no POB-Warrior configuration. Everything is turned off so you can actually use the build yourself to progress further.
- Cannot do certain map mods such as Reflect or Hexproof.

1. Stack mana for Archmage (The Added hits to Hexblast are big)

2. Stormfire Ring to let the lightning damage from Archmage ignite. Its also just a great ring. This is optional, just like the Sin Trek.

3. Chaos Inoculation for chaos res. Turning off chaos damage has always been really cozy for me.

4. Resistance Lowering is accomplished by
----Elemental Equilibrium, I like to use Frostblink, adding Lightning damage to it will give us big Fire Res Down when you hit with it. You can also Orb of Storms + Added Cold, in one of the myriad empty sockets of this build.
----Flammability, with Hextouch, this applies another big Fire Res Down. For bosses, selfcast flammability for big DOOM stacks.

1. For packs, just cast hexblast naked and ignite prolif will kill everything
2. For harder enemies, hit WOC then hexblast. Should be enough.
3. For bosses, Dont use Hextouch here. Flammability, then WoC, then hexblast at max doom. Setup your next hexblast while you run around like a chicken dodging shaper balls. Repeat.

Based on your own stats, you want to scale the following mods for damage:
(0.1). Mana - This also scales damage in multiple ways and boosts your survivability. Use POB to calculate if its better than something else here as it will vary wildly.
(0.2). Fire Res Reduction. The chaos damage of Blast is scaled by the lowest resistance the monster has - Fire. This can also vary wildly depending on how much you have.
1. Chaos Damage % - the damage of the blast is actually chaos. Inherently scales the ignite as well.
2. Fire Damage over Time % - Scales the ignite. The blast is Chaos. Best Scaling.
3. Burning Damage % - Ignite only, better scaling.
4. Damage over Time Multi - Ignite only. OK Scaling.
5. Other Ailment/Burning/Over Time Mods - Only scale the ignite. Cant roll as high as the others.
6. Spell Damage - probably very low value per point. You get a lot of this already so diminishing returns are in effect.
7. Added Lightning or Chaos Damage (Spells) - Scales both the hexblast and ignite, but Added Damages cant roll high enough to matter.
8. Added Cold Damage (Spells) - Only scales the blast, and quite poorly.

X. Added Fire Damage (Spells) - Destroys your Elemental Equilibrium. Do not get.
X. Fire Damage Penetrates X Resistance. Doesnt work. The calculation is done on Chaos.
X. Chaos Damage Over Time. Our ignite is fire, the hit is chaos. Doesnt work.

1. Cluster Jewels, Any jewels really. Burning damage, chaos damage, over time damage, added damage (not fire)
2. Gear is obviously horrendous. Dont be surprised by the low life and mana pools when you load it up.
3. I'm sure the tree is not optimized, but its good enough. You could add Doomsday for example, remove some of the +30 stat nodes with good gear, etc.
4. Despair on Hit mod, obvious other CI gear like Shav's Wrappings, Bated breath. Awakened jewels (LOL!).

6L Hexblast Body: Hexblast > Ignite Prolif > Archmage > Deadly Affliction > Swift Affliction > Burning Damage : Boom.

4L Curse Hands: Flammability - Hextouch - Wave of Conviction - Faster Casting : Lower Resistances or start Doom.

4L Movement Feet: Frostblink - Faster Casting - Second Wind - Culling Strike : Go Fast and try to land on something.

4L Head - Free.
6L or 3L/3L Weapon/s - Free

You should never be following a build down to the strictest letter - I have left it open ended for this reason. There are plenty of options to take here, including not even using a staff and dumping the staff nodes, going for agnostic, dumping CI entirely, etc.

https://pastebin.com/gewTZPZp - POB Link
http://poeurl.com/daPt - Tree Only
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Not sure if you are aware, but CI bricks MoM... mana will only protect you if you have no ES https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Mind_Over_Matter
Can you please post a video of beating Sirus 8 with this build and the pob with the gear that you used to do the kill? Thanks in advance!

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