3.13.1 Hotfix

3.13.1 Hotfix:

  • Fixed a bug where Jun could not open portals to a Safehouse when in a Map.
Last bumped on Feb 5, 2021, 12:01:26 PM
Pidge_21 wrote:
Seriously.....this was more important than the countless reports of being unable to play the actual game due to constant crash-to-desktop errors???!

We're aware of those problems and are working to fix them.
This particular fix was something we could deploy today, on a Saturday morning, so we did.
We'll keep working to address things case by case, as we always do.

Apologies for the inconvenience this causes for you.
Pidge_21 wrote:
Hi Henry,

I think this is the first time I have seen an acknowledgement from your team that you are aware and working on a fix for this.

It would be really useful and aleviate a lot of the frustration if you guys could be more open about this on the forums.

We have acknowledged it:

We have resolved many of the common causes of crashes and continue to monitor and investigate reports as they arise."


"There are various other reports of bad performance that are being attributed to Texture Streaming but we believe are not related. Those performance problems are real, and we are investigating them on a case-by-case basis, but they are being conflated with texture streaming when they are actually just unrelated engine issues that we need to identify and fix."
Iangyratu wrote:
Thanks Henry! Have a nice day! ♡

One day, one day I'll find out if you're the new old Henry or the new new Henry :P

Thanks, you too. :)
Devilspunch wrote:
What about the texture issues? I cant even play the game right now. Takes forever for textures to load anytime i go into an area. My skills dont even show up when i 1st use them & invisible mobs with a ton of lag/stuttering. The game is unplayable. Never had this issue before. Im running an 17 9700k - 2080ti.

We made a post about this here:

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