We are near the end of Week 2 in the Echoes of the Atlas expansion. Yesterday, we deployed Patch 3.13.1 which included several improvements. Before we begin the next week, we wanted to give you an update on other things we're working on.

Texture Streaming

Yesterday, we released a Development Manifesto that explains the purpose of Texture Streaming and how we're improving it. Please check it out here.

Echoes of the Atlas

Is the Maven blocking natural master missions from spawning?
We have investigated this and it is working correctly. It appears to just be a streak of bad luck for some players.

Taking Harvest Altas passives in Haewark Hamlet reduces their spawn rate
We've investigated this and haven't found any issues but will run a few more tests for good measure.

I captured 10 bosses and didn't get an invitation from the Maven
This issue should now be fixed. If you have already captured 10 bosses and haven't yet received an invitation, you should receive a guaranteed invitation drop upon your next boss kill within that region.


Some Rituals can't be completed because of invisible enemies
We're aware of an issue that prevents influenced monsters from displaying when they're revived in a Ritual. This is fixed internally and should be deployed in one of our next patches.


Forking River Map boss is too hard
We've made some improvements to the difficulty of this fight which will be included in a future patch.

Can you add Pure Breachstones and Winged Scarabs to the Fragment Stash Tab?
We're working on something for this, hopefully as part of 3.14.0.

Can you make it more obvious which Master Mission is active on the map device?
Yes, we've recently improved the way this looks. This change should be live now.

Can you increase the capacity of the Horticrafting Station?
Limiting the number of crafts that can be stored is the trade-off for keeping very powerful crafts accessible. We don't have any current plans to increase the storage limit.

Bugs and Technical Issues

The 'Attack Without Moving' toggle is resetting every instance on some skills
We're investigating a few reports like this but don't have any updates to provide just yet.

The Blackflame visual effect is bugged
We don't have a fix for this just yet but are working on the issue.

My Sacred Grove Is Empty
If you find a Sacred Grove that appears empty, it's most likely that you've spawned the Heart of the Grove fight. Travel to the centre of the grove and interact with the vines to begin the fight. We're also working on better signalling that this is the case by adding an icon to the minimap as well as potential other visual indicators to draw people toward the fight.

The Anomalous Golem gem doesn't grant its increased buff effect
We are aware of this and are working on a fix.

Sometimes my Zana mission won't count as completed
We have a fix on the way.

Warlord's Mark on Hit grants less rage than it should
We have a fix for this internally and will deploy it as soon as we can.

Arcane Surge's buff is not applying correctly
We have a fix for this internally and will deploy it as soon as we can.

We have resolved many of the common causes of crashes and continue to monitor and investigate reports as they arise. If you are still experiencing crashes, please post a report on the Tech Support part of the forum. If it appears to be related to a specific game mechanic then please post your report to the Bug Reports forum.
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Grinding Gear Games
Hellus666 wrote:
GGG can u fix BLACKFLAME RING purple squares bug?! Now on Mathil stream, its annoying AF, people see this and its doesnt look good....

We are aware of this issue but do not have any updates at this time.
Chaotikka wrote:
Sorry, but..... Arcane Surge?

We have a fix for this internally and will deploy it as soon as we can.

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