[3.13] Anomalous Firestorm Totems - Bombs Over Wraeclast

Hey everyone! One of the things I love about Path of Exile is how flexible the skill system is and how many seemingly odd things can actually work. Firestorm's initial hit damage recently got cranked way up. From the patch notes:
-Now grants more damage with hits and ailments on the first impact (previously it granted more area damage, which does not apply to ailments).
-The first impact now deals 250% more damage (from 150%) with hits and ailments.

A guildmate saw this and said "if you don't build this I will" so I did.

Anomalous Firestorm adds an extra 60% more to that 250% meaning the initial hit damage is now 310% more damage(yay maths). So there's a couple ways we can take advantage of this. For me, I'm interested in doing big chunky hits while making it near impossible to see. Why? Because it's fun. Mathil's current Ice Spear Totem build and pretty much all of Jousis's vids are a pretty good example of the goofy stuff I like about POE. You could build a bunch of ways (ignite for example) but for me I want big chunky hits.

A note about how to calculate damage: it should be (Initial Hit * totem cast speed) * number of totems. Tooltip and PoB will be showing dramatically reduced numbers but I promise you the damage is there.


I accomplish this by stacking up totems, cast speed, and boosting fire/spell/elemental damage everywhere I can while not sacrificing too much on defense. Rituals in tight spaces can be a death trap so the Chieftain provides just enough beef to survive most of the time.

The playstyle mirrors most totem builds, drop totems, run around and let them do the work. I add a couple things to make it a little more interesting. My weapon triggers Storm Brand and Frost Bomb with increased crit chance to help proc Elemental Overload and combat the regen effects from Suppressive Rituals and the Maven. I have Divergent Scorching Ray->Cast While Channeling->Flammability->Increased Duration to further reduce fire resistance on hard targets like Metamorphs and Maven buffed bosses. Since I'm already bumping cast speed up, I can reach Scorching Ray's exposure in about 1 second. I use Scorching Ray instead of Wave of Conviction because I take Ancestral Bond so WoC never deals damage and thus never procs fire exposure. Against packs I just drop totems and run.

For defense I have Cast When Damage Taken->Immortal Call. We have reliable endurance charge generation thanks to the Chieftain's warcry node which we pair with Enduring Cry-->Second Wind for a bit more damage reduction. The Chieftain's totem life leech node, and impressive regen per endurance charge take care of our sustain.

Manage expectations. I haven't tried it against any real end game encounters but for mapping it's been fun as hell watching the screen blow up. Bosses drop pretty easily if there's no other enemies to distract the totems.


So when recording I didn't consider how brutal the build is to the bit rate. It runs fine on my computer but every video I tried to capture turned out like this.
Forge of the Phoenix with Maven Witness

Why Chieftain

The main reasons I went Chieftain over Hierophant is the totem life leech, fire immunity for totems (thus reflect immune), the endurance charge generation, and sustain via regen. I think Hierophant would work just fine, doing more damage but being slightly less tanky since you don't benefit as much from enduring cry and immortal call. You may need to spam totems more often too in reflect maps.

PoB Pastebin

You'll need to Path of Building Community Fork to load this

3.13 Passive Tree

Pros and Cons

+ Tanky
+ Explosions
+ Very cheap to start, 6L Soul Mantle being the only expensive piece
+ Non-Meta

- Damage plateaus once you reach max totems, untested in real end game
- Reliance on curse immune flask, kikazaru x2, or Atziri Mirror
- Fast enemies can be a pain to hit (syndicate research, Harvest monsters)
- Totem targeting can be frustrating (bosses in Blighted maps, some delve encounters for example)


Kill all. We need the skill points and none of the bandits really help us.


I'm partial to Araakali and Abberath for general purpose running around and switch it up according to my needs. Shakari and Lunaris are good for this league too.


Valako: Endurance charges are a huge source of sustain and damage via the interaction with immortal call and warcries

Tukohama: This is debatable as with all the regen you get from Valako and
Enduring Cry the leech might not be necessary, but this lets me run no regen maps so it's worth it to me.

Tasalio: Frees up a lot of gear affix space for damage and chaos resist, also saves us a flask affix.

Arohongui: Basically makes us reflect immune so long as you don't have non-fire added to spells, gives us a bit more damage and helps to counter some AOE loss via concentrated effect

If you skip Tukohama I'd suggest Ramako and replacing Elemental Focus with Efficacy or Combustion on the main 6 link.

Current Gear


Gear priorities
Cap resists, get to a comfortable amount of life, then Cast Speed and spell/fire/elemental damage. Cast speed means more big balls which is the primary source of damage. Depending on what gear you can find you may need to get some dex on something. For me I get it on a ring because of my boots. I think we benefit most from Armor or Armor/ES hybrid gear


Firestorm Damage enchant
Phys taken as fire damage


6L Soul Mantle
We need the +1 totem badly. We'll manage the downside with a curse immune enduring mana flask.


Cast Speed
Spell Damage


Freeze Immune
Increased Duration (on Elder boots, frees up a gem link)


Stygian vise
Ideally hunter Vise with +% Increased maximum life and a good life roll


Opal Rings with...
Cast speed
Spell/fire Damage


Cast speed
Spell/fire Damage
+1 Fire spell skill gems


Golem's Blood: More HP + regen

Stamina or Vigour: More Endurance Charges = more damage, regen, and less damage taken

Cleansed Thoughts: Way easier to cap Chaos res

Soul of Steel: More max res = less damage taken

Barbarism: Discount Soul of Steel

Arcane Swiftness: Damage + the avoid ailments makes it easier to find "Chance to avoid being frozen" boots since you only need 80% more to be freeze immune.


Cast Speed
Fire Spell Damage
Adds x to y Fire Damage to Spells
Open Suffix to craft "Trigger Socketed Spells when you use a skill"


+1 Maximum Summoned Totems
Spell Damage

An argument could be made to go Tukohama's Fortress, pick up Supreme Ego on the tree and make Anger super strong. I'm not a fan because the totems cost ~250 mana to cast and depending on the map that could be too risky. It might be worth investigating though if you want more damage. If I went this way I'd probably pull from the Shamanistic Fury cluster since you get almost all of that damage back from Tukohama's Fortress. You'll need another way to proc arcane surge too if you want the extra bump from that.


Life flask of Staunching
Bleeding to death sucks. In a no regen map this can and will save your life.

Atziri's Promise
Free damage and helps cap chaos res in stints, can swap with a defensive option (Rumi's concoction, Granite/Quartz/Amethyst/Stibnite flasks) or an "of Quickening" flask for more cast speed.

Sulphur Flask of Curing
Poison is like bleeding but worse since it's chaos damage.

Silver Flask of Thawing
Freeze is really bad, the occasional frostbite from Soul Mantle makes freezing even more likely. Ideally you have freeze immunity from boots and you trade this for Cinderswallow, Rumi's, or a Silver Flask of Quickening depending on your defense vs dps preference.

Enduring Eternal Mana Flask of Warding
CRITICAL to have some way to deal with curses. This is how I do it. Combined with the passive tree's Essence Extraction means we'll always have access to mana and thus curse immunity.


Corrupted Blood immune
Abyss jewel with life, cast speed, spell damage

Gem Links

Lots of room to play here depending on how much you want to automate.
For me I'm comfortable with ~3-4 buttons. Main skill, movement skill, supplemental skill(s).

Main skill

Anomalous Firestorm: More damage > AOE
Divergent Multiple Totem Support: More damage > totem placement speed
Awakened Fire Penetration
Concentrated Effect
Elemental Focus
Controlled Destruction

Before you get Soul Mantle use Spell Totem over Fire Penetration


Flame Dash
Arcane Surge
Second Wind
Increased Duration

Arcane surge gives us more cast speed and increased duration means we'll have it up more often than not.

Supplemental skills

Enduring Cry
Second Wind
Increased Duration

If you get elder boots with increased duration built in you can roll Enduring Cry into the Flame Dash link chain. Increased duration and second wind aren't strictly required but I've survived some dumb stuff thanks to both.


1 link, the only really useful aura since we're not doing ignite or crit and we need enough mana to cast the totems. You could roll this into an essence worm if you want to free up a link and can manage to make due without the ring slot, or go the Tukohama's Fortress route as detailed in the Shield section.

Stone or Chaos Golem

I prefer Chaos Golem since our regen is great while endurance charges are up and the extra damage reduction is nice. If you have a 2-link I'd recommend a Meat Shield support for bulk and something to pull aggro from you after you enduring cry.

Anomalous Scorching Ray: Increased Duration > Beam Length
Cast While Channeling
Increased Duration

We want to reduce enemies fire res as much as possible. In a T16 with 40% elemental resistance and Elemental Equilibrium this combo works a treat to open a hole through tough defenses.


Weapon Triggers socketed skills when you use a skill
Frost Bomb
Storm Brand
Increased Critical Strikes

This is to proc Elemental Overload and manage the insane regen we're dealing with in Maven fights and Suppressing Rituals.

Cast When Damage Taken
Immortal Call
Increased Duration

Pretty standard here. It's a huge defensive layer with our endurance charge generation. Basically use Enduring Cry every time Immortal Call procs and you'll have defenses for days.


Straight up, not great to level. I went with holy flame totem for a while until Firestorm was available. Even then until you get multiple totem at 38 the build just doesn't feel great. If I went back to level again, I'd probably go with fireball until 38 then spec into totems, though the Consecrated Ground from Holy Flame totems is pretty convenient for AFK'ing some fights in the story. Pick up totem and elemental damage when you can but focus on getting Cast speed ASAP. Keep your mana flask up to date with your mana pool too. From 38 till the end of the story you can rely pretty heavily on the totems. Once damage starts to plateau look for a +1 totem shield, then again work over to Ancestral Bond once damage plateaus again. Finally when you can try to grab a 6L Soul Mantle and the Enduring Eternal Mana Flask of Warding. From then on you should be online.

Cluster Jewels

I didn't have room for any but if you can work the tree differently I'd look for the following notables in this order:

Ancestral Echo - More cast speed = more balls = more damage

Ancestral Inspiration - Arcane surge here frees up a link with Flame Dash allowing you to move Enduring cry into that link chain. This opens up a full link to do something with.

Ancestral Might - Once your 6 totems are down in a boss fight you should rarely need to resummon them but the situational aspect of the buff brings it down.

Ancestral Reach - Range can help with blighted mapping and some boss fights.

Burning Bright - More AOE helps with faster enemies

Cremator - If you skip elemental focus and allow for ignite this is a great way to get rid of on death effects.

Smoking Remains - depends on if you make smoke clouds when totems kill enemies. If so this would be a huge survivability buff in Rituals.

Spiked Concoction - since we almost always have a mana flask up this is a good cast speed boost.

Corrosive Elements - Might be a better way to inflict exposure vs Scorching Ray depending on if skills used by totems can proc it.

Prismatic Heart - might free up resists for gear while still providing good damage for the points


Until I get more to go on here's some to get started:

Why does my firestorm DPS look like trash in PoB/tooltip?
-Remember we only care about initial hit damage not the subsequent hits in Firestorm so to properly determine damage we use the formula (Initial Hit Damage * Totem Cast Speed) * Number of totems. PoB doesn't really calculate this, it gives you the initial hit damage but doesn't account for the recast, number of totems and I'm not sure but Scorching Ray's exposure didn't appear to show up either even with it enabled. The tooltip DEFINITELY doesn't so while you'll be running around with 6k tooltip DPS you're still cleaning out T16's.

Why go elemental focus when you could ignite?
-There's better ignite vectors than firestorm and I want big chunky hits. You can roll with ignite, I put a few things to try throughout the guide.

If you want big chunky hits why not slams?
-Honestly, that was my backup plan if this didn't work. I was going to respec into Tectonic Slam. This worked out so I didn't need to.

Doesn't Scorching Ray need to do damage to proc exposure?
-No apparently. The debuff gains stacks even with zero damage and with enough cast speed procs exposure fairly quickly. Wave of Conviction however does need to do damage to proc exposure.

Why aren't you doing x/y/z?
-Either I hadn't thought of it, the cost of trying was out of my budget, or I tried it and it didn't work.
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how bad is the lag tho?
jalkarai wrote:
how bad is the lag tho?

I'd imagine it depends on your PC. I don't get the slowdown/framedrops you see on the video in game. I've tried a few different recording settings and nothing really works to mirror the quality I get while playing.

This is mostly a meme build that I was surprised actually worked through T16's. The meme is you can't see anything once you're online. Does respectable against solo bosses. Bosses with adds like Elder portal waves might be trouble but conquerors aren't much of a problem. I haven't tried Sirus or Maven but against the multiboss encounters it worked fine up to 6 so far.
Does your Storm Brand / Frost Bomb deal damage since the damage is not dealt by yourself? Thought about Elemental Equilibrium as soon as I saw these two paired with fire based skill.

EDIT: Alright, it most probably doesn't work. With EE it would make most mob group require at least either Storm Brand or Frost Orb. Although the boss damage would get boosted substantially. I'll try some variations to it, I'll check if it makes sense.
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You cannot proc EE while you have AB unfortunately. "You deal no damage".

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