A FOG in 1vs1/sarn arena

Hey i hope you can add a ''Fog'' or something like that in 1vs1 arena and sarn arena ( or bring us nicknames in sarn arena minimap again) because lately looks like mandatory to buy a ''widescreen'' if u want to play pvp in poe , use ur TV for play pvp works too ( or just changing your desktop resolution to widescreen)

a widescreen or a big tv let you see the whole pvp arena, i dont know what think GGG about it but i think thats unfair for new players , a ''FOG'' in 1vs1/sarn arena would limit player vision so will be a fair match between players

also i noticed that some skills can practically have ''more'' area of ​​effect if you play the game with a widescreen or your TV ( because you knows wheres your opponent also you have a big field of view to target your opponent with your mouse )
Last bumped on Jan 25, 2021, 5:01:04 PM

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