Elemental Hit - Ranged Slayer [3.14] | 4 mil. dps no flasks

Hello, I didn't see a guide up, so I thought it might be worthwhile to put this information out there. Elemental hit slayer is a pretty fast mapper and a decent bosser. Crafting notes are in the relevant gear sections. You can quite easily get over 1 mil dps with sub 10ex invested.

Let's get into it, exiles.

-fast mapper
-good bosser
-pseudo tanky
-real good damage with no flasks

-pseudo tanky
-moderately expensive (30 ish ex)
-no ele reflect or cannot leech maps
-not quite as fast as a bv explosion build


I'm working on getting some bosses up.


A8 Sirus


A8 Drox



Wrote this guide in 3.13, so all changes are for after Ritual.

We got hit with the nerf bat this league, but it's not so bad.

-Flesh and Stone mana reservation increase might mean you have to level precision a little less.

-Crusader explode chest changed from enemies you kill explode to chance to explode, so you might want ignited enemies' corpses are removed on kill from a medium cluster.

Bosses Downed

All bosses on A8
-Shaper: deathless
-Maven Shaper: deathless, use frost bomb in helm.
-4 shaper guardians
-A8 Sirus: 1 death
-Elder: deathless, absolute joke
-Maven Elder: 1 death (wasn't paying attention not sure what to look out for), less of a joke
-4 elder guardians
-Maven cortex: 1 death feelsbad
-Abaxoth: deathless, kited like a motherfucker
-10 bosses new vastir: deathless
-Heart of the Grove: an embarrassing 4 deaths, first time on the fight though
-Uber Elder: 1 death, not sure what killed me. If someone wants to look at the video I posted and let me know, I'd appreciate it.



General notes

When bossing, make sure to use your clear skill to keep the debuff from combustion up.

This build is kinda expensive, but doable early on. I probably wouldn't start with it, but for a second build it's pretty solid.

Look to the PoB for clusters+combat focus jewel placement.

If you find the maven is giving bosses too much regen swap out combustion support for frost bomb in helm.

Cluster jewels in general are incredibly efficient for elemental hit bc we get an extra jewel socket to stack more crit multi.

Spec into mana and life leech until you get a cluster.


Headsman--Brutal Fervor--Bane of Legends--Overwhelm.


Help Alira. Crit multi and ele resists are real nice.

You can change to 2 passive points later on to get more crit multi from jewels.


We use only 2 unique pieces of gear (not counting jewels), so getting resists is going to be quite easy.

Asenath's Chant. That's it. Nothing too complicated here. We use Asenath's Chant to trigger sniper's mark, wave of conviction, and flammability. There's a .3 second delay between each one, so if you're attacking a boss be sure to attack frequently enough so that all 3 can be triggered and kept up


We want an elder or hunter chest with attacks have +# to critical strike chance. This in addition to one of our ascendancies will raise our base crit to a frankly absurd level. Our endgame chest should have enemies you kill explode too.

A tabula is fine until you can afford the upgrade.

Crafting the chest is relatively easy. Take an awakener's orb. Use it on a chest with enemies you kill explode (make sure that's the only Baran mod on there). And then use the awakener's orb on a 6 linked chest with attacks have +# critical strike chance (again make sure that's the only elder/hunter mod on there).

If you can get a chest with an additional curse, anoint your amulet with lava lash instead of whispers of doom.


Ideally, we'd have gripped hunter gloves with chance to intimidate on hit. However, some nice gripped gloves with life, accuracy, and resists on them are fine.

I crafted these by buying am ilvl 84 base and spamming resist and life essences.


Mods to look for are: life, resists, increased fire damage, critical strike multiplier, elemental damage with attacks.

If you can't get an Asenath's chant/anoint whispers of doom you may also want to look for curse enemies with flammability on hit.


Xoph's Blood anointed with whispers of doom.


Mods to look for: elemental damage with attacks, critical strike multiplier, bow attacks fire an additional arrow, life


Mods to look for: life, movement speed, and resists. You can also get elusive+tailwind boots for the higher end.


Stygian vise
Mods to look for: life, elemental damage with attacks, and resists.

I crafted mine by essence spamming resistance essences.

Your abyssal jewel should have global crit multi and life.


Your bow is gonna be a lot of your big boss damage. +1 to socketed gems, +2 to socketed bow gems, and bow attacks fire 2 additional arrows. You also want some crit multi and ele/fire pen, but that isn't as big a deal as the other mods. + to levels is a more multiplier for elemental hit, which is why we're trying to scale it.

I used a death's opus until I could afford to craft the endgame upgrade.

To craft this, I bought a base with +2 to socketed bow gems, and bow attacks fire an additional arrow. Then I multimodded with cannot roll attack modifiers to fill the suffixes. Literally every prefix bows can have save 1 is an attack modifier. The one that isn't is +1 to level of socketed bow gems. Once the suffixes have been filled on a bow with +2 to socketed bow gems and bow attacks fire 2 additional arrows AND cannot roll attack modifiers is crafted on, Slam it. You are guaranteed to hit +1 to socketed gems.



elemental hit-elemental focus-damage on full life-barrage support-elemental damage with attacks support-inspiration support


Elemental hit-inspiration-greater multiple projectiles-chain-mirage archer-combustion


Wave of conviction-combustion
Sniper's mark


We use Flesh and stone, summon skitterbots, and precision.

Precision gives critical strike chance and accuracy. We need critical strike chance to scale our very high base crit and accuracy to hit things.

Summon Skitterbots is about a 30% multiplier for a damage. Elemental hit deals 10% more for each elemental ailment affecting the enemy, and shock increases an enemy's damage taken by 10%. So we get a flat 20% more+however much the shock does in addition to things like sniper's mark or intimidate.

Flesh and Stone
is defensive. We use it to take less damage from attacks that aren't nearby and blind the ones that are. In addition to our dodge chance, we won't be getting hit a lot, and taking fairly little damage.


Dash-second wind.

Pretty simple. You can use blink arrow-faster attacks if you prefer.


Blood rage.

If you can fit in a cast when damage taken set up, go for it.

Other Improvements

-Frenzy on crit craft on quiver would be a nice dps and QoL boost.

-We can get elemental ailment immunity from the Thick Skin wheel, gloves craft, chest craft, and elegant form on a small cluster


Thank you for helping with the build.

Thank you for reading! If you have suggestions to improve the build or questions about it, please comment and let me know.
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You can go with whatever you want, but these are my preferences.

Major: brine king for help with the occasional stun while mapping

Minor: shakari for help with chaos damage

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Hey I've just respec'd my cyclone slayer to this and I really like it. I just don't quite understand how to sustain mana wise. Is there anything Im missing?
You get mana and life leech from cluster jewels. Until then spec into the leech just under Vaal Pact.
what did you level the build as?
I'd reccomend making some videos of the build, regardless, i think im going to try this.

Also how come slayer and not other asc?
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Dufffyyy wrote:
what did you level the build as?

I leveled as is. But it was not my first build of the league. I would NOT recommend this as a starter. Even having like 100c (6l death's opus + tabula)is gonna make a massive difference.

If you really want to level this, it may be worthwhile to try starting melee ele hit and then respecing around level 40 b/c you can't use barrage support until level 38 and your boss damage won't feel good until then.

GreenToast_ wrote:
I'd reccomend making some videos of the build, regardless, i think im going to try this.

Also how come slayer and not other asc?

I'll see about getting some videos up.

Slayer provides a nice combination of offense and defense. The former from crit and 20% cull ascendancies, and the latter from leech mechanics and passive tree position. By passive tree position I mean it's near the big scion life wheel (really a rectangle) and real close to wind dancer.

A deadeye would by comparison struggle to get a comparable amount of life with our damage.
Dufffyyy wrote:
what did you level the build as?

Should be super easy leveling with ele rain of arrows.
Hello. Thank you for sharing the build.

I would like to know about the mechanics of switching off from one elemental hit skill to another elemental hit skill. Are we constantly firing them both or?
When mapping, use pretty much exclusively the elemental hit with the clear support gems (GMP, Mirage archer, and Chain). If you run into a big beefy rare or a rogue metamorph, feel free to smack it up with the barrage ele hit.

When bossing, occasionally fire off your clear elemental hit to apply an ignite with combustion's debuff. Alternatively you can replace frostbomb in the helm with combustion and link it to wave of conviction and just use the barrage ele hit when bossing.

I'm using frost bomb to help with maven regen on bigger bosses like shaper.

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