Almost All Health Gating Bosses Getting Permanently Frozen

I first noticed in the Pen map and thought it may be a map-specific bug, but since I got a bit more damage it's been happening with any boss that goes invincible at some point. They just get permanently frozen when they health gate and it's impossible to progress the fight without having all players leave the area. In the case of something like the Lab or zones where you have no extra portals, this equates to bricking the map for the player. In the Maven's invitation, this forces a logout to move the fight forward.

I've had to replace one of my support gems with Elemental Focus in order to make the game playable since this started happening. Please look into fixing this as soon as possible.

I am using Penance Brand with Call of the Brotherhood rings if that helps reproduce the issue internally.

An example of a permanently frozen boss in the Maven's Invitation. He has been like this for several minutes and only having all players logout will allow the fight to progress.
Last bumped on Jan 31, 2021, 7:07:32 AM
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Bump, game is still completely unplayable without elemental focus except for specific maps.

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