[3.13] Carrotizer's Pyroclast Mine Saboteur into Herald of Thunder Autobomber

Previous 40/40 builds:

Ritual YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzbZ0ch_fwPg_Z2wraQEGqRRo4ByLmWlA
Twitch: twitch.tv/Carrotizer

Autobomber guide from Harvest:

Guide in progress.


Why Herald of Thunder Autobomber?
Not much changed since Harvest. This is still one of the fastest mapping builds.

This build utilizes almost all buffs:
* Double curse (Conductivity + Assassin's Mark)
* Aspect of Spider
* Rampage
* Onslaught
* Culling Strike with Critical Strike
* Lightning Exposure
* 6 second Arcane Surge
* Shock (with Overshock)

* High EHP as hybrid, and ES gives 50% stun immunity by default. Jewel implicits can give further stun immunity.
* 23% Block chance, 14% Spell Block chance.
* 50% Spell Dodge, 48% Attack Dodge.
* All-capped resist (including Chaos), with 79% Lightning Resist
* Elusive (250%), with 234% movement speed at peak Elusive + Quicksilver
* Chill & Sap enemies with Algor Mortis.
* Constant chilled ground from CwDT + Cold Snap + Creeping Frost, as well as Vaal Cold Snap
* Hinder from Aspect of Spider

Gears & Links

Map mods to avoid:
* -X% maximum resist
* Elemental & Physical Reflect (can do Physical Reflect -- just don't use Wave of Conviction!)

To-do List:

* Run 40 Mavens after leveling up to 99
* Craft T1 life on the triple-elevated helmet
* Craft T1 life on elevated explode chest
* Craft T1 hybrid es/life on boots after randomising T1 life to max.

Changes from Harvest (I did not play Heist league, so some of those changes are included here):

* 3.13 Assassin nerfs
* Alternat quality gems
Gem setup changes:

Herald of Thunder: Divergent Power Charge on Critical Support
Storm Brand: Replace Awakened Lightning Penetration with Swiftbrand
CwDT setup: Replace Arc with Vaal Cold Snap
Flame Dash: Anomalous Flame Dash. Divergent Arcane Surge for extra duration.

Autobomber PoB codes:

Lv 98 with crit multi + life + Chaos resist jewels: https://pastebin.com/XqYM2AfL
Lv 98: https://pastebin.com/A7920Gue

Caping Resists:
Because rings, amulets, gloves, and belt are all uniques, rares have to provide good chunks of resists. Here's how I capped mine:

* Glorious Vanity 7394 grants 2x 10% Lightning Resist nodes, which helps a lot; none of the rare items gives Lightning Resist, yet we are at 82% uncapped resist (79% capped with triple elevated helmet) once you use Prismatic Catalyst on a Storm Secret.
* Assuming maximum rolls on gear, no resist modifiers from rare jewels, and only implicit + Chaos resist from boots:
* Lightning is capped
* Fire is at 72% -- 3% short.
* Cold is at 32% -- 43% short.
* Chaos is at 36% -- 39% short. With 5% Chaos Resistance from 3x Cluster jewels, 24% short.

We have 2 rare Jewel slots, and 2 flexible resistance suffixes.
With body armour enchant for cold resist, cold resistance is 28% short.

Heist notes:

* Contracts:
* Gianna for blueprint reveal + discount. No doors on the way out.
* Karst contract for currency
* Contract's talent requirement level determines lot, not ilvl of it.

* Heist guide reference sheet: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/362023686145966090/769024720121102406/HeistCheatSheet.jpg

Pyroclast Miner:
PoB codes:

* Lv 94: https://pastebin.com/t8752p7G

Time elapsed during leveling:

* 47 min 31 seconds to get to Act 2 town
* 3 hours 58 minutes to Act 6
* 1 day, 14 hours, 40 minutes to 90
* 1 day 18 hours 12 mnutes to 91
* 3 days, 18 hours, 6 minutes to 95

Autobomber gear in progress:


* Bought ilvl 88 Hubris Circlet with 30% reduced mana reservation for 2 Exalts.
* Gilded + Perfect Fossils, got 30Q on the first try (!)
* Hollow + Prismatic + Metallic, got stun & block recovery suffix. Used non-fire craft to remove it, but it instead hit the Abyssal socket.
* Hollow + Prismatic + Metallic try #2:

Build guide compilation: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2869658
Delirium, Metamorph, Legion, Betrayal, Abyss: 40/40
Breach: 36/40 D:
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