[3.13] - The Minion Hater - Maw of Mischief Stone golems/Herald of Purity!

Hello everyone, my nick is Silaos and this is my first ever guide and english is not my native language, so forgive my bad english xDD

This a build that I came up with when I saw the new Elementalist Liege of the Primordial ascendancy. Basically, it ressurect every golem 4 seconds after they have died. Paired with Herald of Purity sentinels, which spawns when you kill a mob or a hit a unique enemy, these mechanics will suplly Maw of Mischief with super juicy 290k+ hp Stone Golems and 300k+ hp Sentinels. I didnt calculate the actual damage yet, but its pretty high. The base damage of maw of mischief is more than 35k per minion!

- Fast clear Speed
- Minons go BOOM
- HUGE single target damage
- Satisfying explosions
- Active gameplay (you can either go lazy and pop 1 minion at a time, or try to do big combos and delete everything)
- Can start at a very low budget and you can fit a ton of currency to make it better

- Not squishy, but not tanky
- Targeting can be tricky and take some time to get used to

For defence I used 75% all res and Glorious Vanity with Divine Flesh to get 80% chaos resist. We get 70% attack block with glancing Blows, huge life regen with stone golems buffs and a good life pool. The build is not HC viable tho and can be killled sometimes (death portal included).

The build is doing so well at maps, even T16 and oneshotting almost every boss when I'm able to land the combo xDDD. The tricky part is the targeting. Since the minions explode, you need them to go near your enemies. But the maw of mischief choose the minions to explode at random, so at faster mapping you may need to use Smoke Mine/Flame Dash into the packs and then use convocation to get a propper clear.

Current Items:

silaos wrote:

Showcase Video: https://youtu.be/vVnjMYhzL2k
Budget option POB: Incoming
Actual POB: https://pastebin.com/8rNh8Tey
Late game POB: https://pastebin.com/KkH4NtNc
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Look fun. Any video gameplay? Im playing skeleton boomber. Just want to try your build
Just uploaded a showcase video on my youtube channel! I speak Portuguese, so feel free to skip just to the map clear xD

Video: https://youtu.be/vVnjMYhzL2k
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Im tryning this build an is so fun, but I have problems with the minion life, idk how to scale it, my golems only has 80k life, who I can hit the 200k? I have to use the clusters yes or yes?

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