Flameblast T-value modifier is possibly bugged

"T is the total number of casts multiplied by the cast time."

As of 3.13.0, the T modifier for flameblast doesn't seem to apply, as my flameblaster, which should do around 24000 non-crit pvp damage according to calculations, has extreme trouble hitting for more than 10000 damage. I tested hitting a character that had 15000ES and 74% fire resistance.

When I plug in an unmodified T-value into the calculation, it seems to match the damage I'm doing currently.

It feels pretty bad that my build that does 3.6mil average hit to Shaper cannot kill much more than glass cannons.
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10000 hp "glass cannon" fml.
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Result: depressing mess
I mean, considering there's several tank options like Divine Flesh, Indigon, and high ES investment builds, this change completely destroys Flameblast's niche over other more sustained dps skills, which was a nuke that you had to stay still and channel for. At the moment, Flameblast has no identity over things like ele conversion Bladefall/Bladeblast, elemental Rain of Arrows, or ele conversion miners, which would have 0 problems with killing a build with uncapped resistances at the same investment as my Flameblaster.
Appears the state of this game hasn't changed. Elemental this elemental that, convert this, penetrate that, 1 shots versus anyone that isn't running ES. ES paired with skills that require virtually no tree investment to kill....

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There's several physical based builds, like phys bow, which are completely viable. It's just for the sake of comparison to an elemental based spell like Flameblast that I used those elemental based skills as an example.

One of the best defense in the game is a mechanic that converts elemental damage taken into chaos damage, and is limited to life builds (Divine Flesh). The most potent recovery in the game is limited to life as well (Indigon).

These days, I'm actually having trouble trying to recall builds that don't need investment. Previous offenders such as Scorching Ray and Flame Wall have been fixed. There's surely builds that are mechanically much easier to win with but they still need investment.
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Ya? I'll have to check it out.
GGG, the ADA of gaming....huuuur i gotz mai skilz.
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