[3.13] Divine Ire Ignite Elementalist - balanced build: tanky, high damage, great clear (SSF, HC)

I will update/upgrade this guide by the time.

Road map for the guide: better structure, additional and more detailed explanations, gifs and videos, Flask section, jewel section, cluster jewel section, öeveöing section

Hey there. Thats just a quick writing down of the build I started with on ssf. While my initial plan to go with Eternal Youth turned out to be working rather bad I made some changes and now it works really good and I am convinced by the concept. I have to say though, that I havent yet tested this build and I dont know how far it will take me. What I can say is that I have no special gear and it is very fun and tanky and fast and bosses die quickly (what can one want more?^^). I am currently in white maps and lvl 80 on SSF.

Have a look at my character here:

I saw there is a DI ELementalis guide out there already, but it seems to be very focus around dealing huge amount of damage. What I try when I make build guides is to provide a solid build that is great in every aspect, while being beginner freindly and affordable (i play the build as ssf league starter...). I alsoy do not bate you with 1000 Million DPS headlines or bullshit like that. No one needs that.

+ great clear with ELementalists AoE and ignite proliferation
+ decent boss damage
+ great survivability
+ easy to gear for and upgradeably by the time
+ ssf and maybe also hardcore friendly

- not yet fully tested, might also be crap in endgame^^

To outline the concept of this build:
How does offense work?

We deal damage with the Skill Divine Ire. Its a physical skill that converst 50% of physical damage to lightning damage. It consitis of a chargable beam that deals big amounts of single hit damage which is very good fr ignite builds. It come handy in place that Elementalist now gives the possibility to ignite with what ever damage type you like from the fist lab on. So we can use DI to ignite... We then scale it with Elemental Overlord, Elemental Equilibrium (we never hit with fire, but we want fire res to be lowered, so it works perfectly), lots of spell damage, fire damage and lightning damage increases, fire damage over time multipliers and lots of -fire res to enemies.

Additionally we use arcane cloak and sigil of power to gain additional lightning damage added.

How we that all looks in detail I will write down later.

How does defense work?

Our base defensive layer are going to be: Life, Life regeneration, Mind Over Matter, Block.
In addition to that we gain a big Damage Shield for elemental damage from the elementalists Primal Aegis skill.
Arcane Cloak gives a damage shield with small cooldown as wwell and sigil of power proviedes big reduced damage for enemies over a large area.

How we that all looks in detail I will write down later.

Take 2 Passives (kill all).

Passive tree:

Thats a lvl 94 Tree. Please consider adjusting it for you own needs and keep in mind that I havent yet tested the tree (just like the while build) in endgame. Take Glancing blows if you feel more comfortable with it. Also keep in mind that we are useing Elemental Equilibrium and do not profit by the 25 more ignite damage from the elementalist. EE just provides more damage than that.


Wand: Look for spell damage, elemental damage, fire damage or lightning damage, damage over time increases, fire damage over time multiplier, +1 to phys or lighnting spell, cast speed (to charge the beam faster), mana, mana regen

Shield: as much block as possible (spell block preferably), life, mana, resists, dexterity. I am currently using a Daressos courage which is quite op block wise but has no life or mana.

Helmet: Best in slot is an Eye of th Malice (check wiki for its mechanic), the rare alternative woudl be: Life, mana, resisits, dexterity, good enchant.
Eye of the malice would also give a very nice opportunity to apply an exposure (thus triggering the addidional res penalty from the elementalist node). Otherwise we will have to use wave of convicton which is kind of meh (more about that in the gem section).

Bodyarmour: Just the basics here as well. I will try to get an Warlord influenced chest ilvl 80 later. That should have lots of life and secondly most important 4-6 Life recovered on kill. Also +1 to active skill gem is very good. Mana should be on it as well.

Amulet: Just the usual (will go more in detail later). Good annoints are: Explosive Impact, Deflection, Forethought or anything with life or endurance charges

Ring: Just the usaul as well, Essence worm with Malevolence would be a good thing and of yours stormfire.
If you manage to get a storm fire you can switch your ascendancy node from shaper of flames (we only need it to be able to ignite with storm fire) to Shaper of Storms, that increases our damage quick well.

Boots, Gloves, Belt: just the usual rare gear with life mana, resists and dex.


4: [Divine Ire - Combustion - Ignite Proliferation - Burning Damage] - 5: [Deadly Ailments] - 6:[Infused Channeling]

4: [Arcane Cloak - Sigil of Power - Arcane Surge - Increased Duration] (Arcane Surge for the 1% mana per second)

4: [Lightning Warp - Swift afliction - less duration - faster casting]

3: [Wave of Convition - Added Fire Damage - Combustion] (we need to get fire damage higher than lightning to apply fire exposure, yes that makes it very uncomortable, read more in the rotaion section about that shit)

The rest: [Enduring Cry], [Stone Golem - Minion Life], [Vitality], [CWDT (lvl:1) - Tempest Shield (lvl:6)] - [Flamability]

Gameplay rotation:

Boss Encounter Szenario:
1. Wave of Conviction (apply Fire Exposure before we gain added lightning damage form sigil and cloak!)
2. Sigil of Power (added lighnting damage and 20% ledd damage from enemies at max charges)
3. Arcane Cloak (lots of added lightning damage and damage shield, also charges up the sigil by a good amount, Divine Ire hasnt enough mana cost to quickly charge up the sigi, but arcane cloak does a good job doing that)
4. apply Flammabilty
5. CHarge Divine Ire
6. Release Divine Ire
7. Wait until the ignite has expired and repeat

For other encounters like ritual:
do the same but dont use WoC as it would make thing unnecessarily complicated
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You could look into using the new hydrosphere to proc exposure instead of WoC. You loose 15% pen but it's much smoother to use.
ccarles wrote:
You could look into using the new hydrosphere to proc exposure instead of WoC. You loose 15% pen but it's much smoother to use.

Hydrosphere only goves cold or lightning exposeure as far as i know. Ignote only scales from fire exposure tho.
Do you understand that spell damage doesn't do anything for ignite build?
pocifik wrote:
Do you understand that spell damage doesn't do anything for ignite build?

ignite size is based off the damage from the hit of divine ire, %spell damage makes divine ire do more damage = bigger ignite
It's based on base damage, not on the actual hit damage, so no.

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