[3.13] League Start Bleed EQ Gladiator. 1.5M Sirus DPS. No Uniques. No Jewels. No Bullshit.

Hew guys, julianozx here with my first ever build guide. This is a theorycraft build only, though i’ll be playing it as my leaguestart for Ritual.

This is my take on the Bleed Earthquake Gladiator, completely built with a league start in mind, it doesn’t require any uniques, any jewels or any clusters to work, in fact, the starter gear is a lot worse than you’ll probably get.


The build revolves around the fact that the earthquake’s aftershock has a huge, 150% built-in more multiplier for hits and ailments. Meaning for us that this juicy multiplier busts our bleed damage to sky-high values. We use a bow to Ensnare our toughest enemies for a sweet sweet inherent, movement-related bleed multiplier.

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The gameplay is simple: run to a pack, EQ the s**t out of the monsters, wait for the aftershock and watch everything bleed to oblivion. With a simple weapon swap (“X” key by default) we ensnare the bosses or rare monsters, increasing the bleed damage by a factor of 3. If the boss insists on being alive, we use the poacher’s mark as a “mercy hit”.


Gearing is simple: We stack evasion rating AND armor, so watch out for hybrid gear with these stats, life and resistances. The resistance cap of 75% should be acquired rather easily, two 20% resistance in every slot, including rings and amulets, should do the trick. High life rolls are, for obvious reasons, a priority, but you should be able to get - by the level 100 - to 5K life if every gear slot, including rings and amulets, has around 65 life. The provided PoB have exemples of gear that you should be able to have by level 75 just by playing yourself, and gear to aim for as you progress through your atlas.

The Leveling Section will be added in a few days.

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This build rely on Earthquake's aftershock to deal a massive bleed in an area, the usual stuff.

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