[3.14] Exploding Marauder with ZERO active skills - very SSF viable done in 28 hours incl. levelling

This build is made to see if it's possible to play really passive as in no active skill at all (I do place a slightly active with travel skills in the build choice inside). It is basically a CWDT-only build and really quite fun to see such mad explosions (9-10 skills thrown together at once) and you will feel it on the screen and sound! I initially thought it will be boring to just walk but apparently it has its own penchant. I managed to create this as a side project during the Flashback 2020 event and since it was done in SSF environment with a very short time, figured it could be a good league starter. To reach T15 is very quick but to reach further it will take some investment (included in the video on the "Expensive/Hard" gear section). Enjoy!


Update: POB is now available
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Interesting build! I enjoyed how the video explained stuff at a top level and with the timestamps it was easy to view and go over again.

well executed!
Thank you for checking it out! Some things are still difficult for me as a totally new creator, but I'll keep doing my best so please let me know for any comments and opinions will be more than happy to discuss

See you guys at the next video soon!
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Looks like fun! Would you be able to post a POB link? It would make referencing your skill tree easier instead of having to skip around the video.
Oooh I love reflect tank builds. This looks interesting, I'll def have to try this out later on in the league
Interesting build, thanks!
Aah, fnally found my build
Glad you guys liked it, I hope it can provide some fun especially considering the playstyle that's a bit different
Brannfodt wrote:
Glad you guys liked it, I hope it can provide some fun especially considering the playstyle that's a bit different

you can add ring 20 life gain on spell hit
or watcher eye with same mods es gain on hit is even better it will give you small es shield

We can import your POB if you make characters public and let us know which character is running this build. That way you dont have to maintain a POB and we can get access to changes as they occur. Thanks for considering.

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