[3.13] Lioneye's Glare Raider starter (Day 1, 700k DPS, 200% ms with basic items, PoB ready).

Hi guys. I thought I would revive one of my old builds - (Lioneye's Glare Ele Conversion Raider - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2007539) because of some huge buffs it has received.

Namely Far Shot now gives 60% MORE damage. That means you can just safely stand on the edge of the screen and spam Tornado shot and receive 60% more damage. No need for barrage shenanigans or point blank.

In addition to that Raider has received buffs across the board - to frenzy charges, onslaught as well to phasing. Tornado shot itself also got buffed.

There isn't going to be an endgame min maxed build here because I haven't played in 2 years and I really don't know what is good and whatnot however I will present here a starter build that I will be playing now in 3.13. Over the next week I'll min max it and update this guide.

Now if you're looking for a build that will zoom-zoom around the atlas with dps that will clear everything up to Elder/Shaper, day1 and 200% move speed look no further.

The downside is that this build has 4k life and you need to stutter step 24/7 and not get hit, so probably not the best build for new players. It's a very much portal/cast on death build. We do however have a lot of dodge.

PoB link: https://pastebin.com/wHR9EH5X

Now some info:

1.How we achieve 200MS%

56% from Onslaught Ascendancy
32% from Frenzy Asendancy (4%*8 frenzy charges)
16% from the tree (disciple of the slaughter cluster)
40% from Darkray Vectors boots (5%*8 frenzy charges)
50% from queen of the forest
10% from rat's nest

= 206% MS

We got 7 frenzy charges from the tree and 1 from Darkray vectors.

How we cap queen of the forest for 45k eva is very simple: we got 140% increased evasion rating from ascendancy - 80% from frenzy charges and 60% form small nodes. Combined with 3k evasion flask and 100% increased evasion flask + rats nest, queen of the forest caps it easily.

2. The items in the PoB:

Weapon: Lioneye's Glare
Chest: Tabula rasa -> Queen of the Forest
Quiver: Signal fire
Head: Rat's nest
Boots: Darkray Vectors
Ring: Malachai's artifice w/ storm brand to proc Ele equlibrium.

Ring, Amulet, Gloves - rare with resists/life


Atziri's Promise
Stibnite flask
Jade flask
Speed flask
Diamond Flask

As you can see these cheap uniques cost around 5-10 chaos per item, even day 1.

3. How to play:

1. Zoom zoom around the map with TS
2. Debuff with storm brand for elemental equilibrium vs bosses
3. If you die: cast on death + portal!

4. How to level

With toxic rain/quill rain until lvl 70, then switch.

Personally I'm looking forward to farming headhunter and lots of other currency with this build in 3.13, I will be posting updates in this thread.

Any questions please ask, I will be updating this build over the next week

My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2255805
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PoB link not working for me,unknown version of skill tree
I used to play your build back in the day.

How is it feeling now?

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