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The idea behind this build is to bring a way cheap way(SSF viable) to play Raider after the 3.13 changes, using lightning strike as the primary source of damage, for some hipster PoE action.

I'm planning to league start this build, and update as I play. At the moment the build is fully theoretic, but Pob show some decent numbers using pretty crap gear.

Change Log

V 1.01 - 2021/jan/18
I made some changes on the tree, getting more lightning damage, penetration and blind. I also ditch flesh and stone because we already get enough blind from silent steps.

Ancestral call is huge for lightning strike, in the pastebin bellow we already have anointed Tribal Fury, but until you get this node use ancestral call with lightning strikes and frenzy. You wanna attack from a little far, for the ancestral call deal the melee hit and you character hits with the projectile.

I also changed the gem setup, because nightblade has great synergy with this build and we can convert physical damage using syndicate crafts.

I added a setup including sigil of power being casted from CWDT, you can change that and cast yourself if you want more damage.

I ditch vaal grace, because we get enough dodge from Nightblade.

PoB Pastebin:https://pastebin.com/Gahpu42q
The PoB above include trees for 33, 56, 77, 89, 115 points, the gear that being used is gear that I found in SSF except for the convert mode on the gloves that i currently don't have.


- Bis: Best in Slot
- pDps: Physical Damage per Second
- PoB: Path of Building
- CWDT: Cast When damage is Taken (Support gem)
- L: Links
- SSF: Solo Self Found
- LS: Lightning strikes

Pros and cons:

+ Fast Mapper
+ Straightforward playstyle
+ High movement speed
+ 95% evasion
+ High dodge (more than 50% at all times, 75% with Vaal grace)

- Can't do elemental reflect maps
- Susceptible to one shots
- A lot of off colors

Passive tree:

V 1.1 POB: https://pastebin.com/Gahpu42q

V 1.0

The passive tree at this moment is very simple.
I'll be using cheap itens in the begining and I'll update this section as play.

What is POB

If you don't know what PoB is, or what to do with the pastebin above, you should check this website https://pathofbuilding.community and download the path of building tool.

Its a external tool that help planning and following builds, i really recommend any Poe players to have it.


Just run from pack to pack dropping orb of storms and hitting they with LS, occasionally hit with frenzy to maintain your frenzy charges. Revive your golem when necessary

Bosses, need more damage, send hELP!
Drop Sigil of power, orb of storms, ancestral protector, hit with frenzy until you cap your frenzy charges then unleash your LS with vaal LS (if you have it). Try to keep some distance to hit with your ancestral call (Tribal fury).

Gem links:

Main damage - 6L

- Lightning strike - Elemental damage with attacks - Added Lightning Damage - Multistrike - Nightblade - Inspiration (until you get tribal fury swap inspiration for ancestral call or Multistrike if you are on a 5L)

Auras - 3L
- Wrath - Herald of thunder - Precision (level it up until you cap acc)

- Ancestral Protector - Frenzy - Fortify - Culling Strike (Use Ancestral call in the place of culling strike until you get Tribal fury)


- Flame Dash - blood Magic - Summon ice golem

Curse and power charge generation

- Orb of storms - Hextouch - Conductivity - Power charge on critical
(you can replace hextouch and conductivity after you get a curse on hit ring)


- CWDT - Steelskin - increase duration - Sigil of power

Frenzy over blood rage
Since we have a bunch of attack speed is fairly easy to keep hitting mobs to keep our frenzy charges, also is a decent way to get fortify. On top of that blood rage won't generate frenzy during boss encounters, so frenzy help us with that.

You can change this if you don't like the playstyle.

Bandits & Ascendency:

For bandits I'm planning to kill them all for 2 passive points, but Alira is also good and facilitates capping resistances.


1 - Rapid Assault - for zoom zoom purposes
2 - Quartz Infusion - for perma phasing and some dodge
3 - Avatar of the veil - Ailment immunity and exposure
4 - Avatar Of the Chase - for increase DPS and evade chance


- Soul of Lunaris, for dodge and extra movement speed
- Soul of Tukohama, since we are stationary a fair amount of time it helps mitigating some potential one shots

Anointments :

Tribal fury is BiS, allow us to lose ancestral call to get more support gems, but is quite expansive to get

Budget options are:
- Cloth and chain, easy resistances
- True Strike, Crit node
- Claws of pride, more damage


This build lacks of strength, so you might need to craft a bit among your gear.


For weapon we are using Claws, for good sustain and good crit nodes,
you should aim for a 300 Pdps Claw (my simulations use a 250 one), or one with decent pDps and flat lightning damage, you also might want:

- Crit Multi
- Crit Chance
- Attack speed
- Elemental damage with attacks


Look for a good evasion base with life, resists and chance to dodge

For coloring purposes we want a base Str/Dex, the BiS is a cruzader base with "Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 3% of their Life as Physical Damage" A.K.A explody chest.

A good unique alternative is Inpulsa's since it provides basically the same effect, but get the right colors could be tricky.

bellow I listed some unique options:

- Daresso's Defiance, onslaught effect
- Belly of the beast, juicy life
- Kintsugi, effective a second wind dancer (hard to get colors)
- Loreweave, max res and more damage


IMO Atziri's Step is the BiS, it provides the extra dodge that we need, high evasion, on top of that is fairly easy to obtain.

You can also go with 30% movement speed, life and resists evasion/two tonned boots.


You need a glove with "25% physical damage converted to lightning", you can obtain this craft from syndicate members. You can go with spyked or gripped gloves, since we hit with melee and projectile both are viable choices.

Look for at least 80 life, attack speed (essence crafting) and resists

Rings and amulet

Try to fill the required Str and Int, get life and resists.
For rings look for steel rings, for some sweet phys stacking

If you have extra affixes, you could try craft, some flat physical damage and % elemental damage with attacks


Until you get enough evasion/dodge I recommend using the following setup:

Life - Jade - Quartz - Diamond - Quicksilver

Once you manage to get high evasion and nighblade/Atziri's Step running swap to:

Life - Diamond - Sulphur - Atziri's promisse - Quicksilver

Since we don't have ways to mitigate poison,

Try to roll in your flasks:
- of curing, Poison removal
- of warding, Curse removal
- of staunching, bleeding removal (on the life flask)

You can easily get this mods using beast crafting from Einhar.

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask I'll try to respond as soon as I can.

Stay Sane Exile.

Ps: Some guys message me here in poe forum as in game, helping with great suggestions. I just wanna say, thank you guys for the great contribution you are great! :)
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EDIT: Sorry my POB was out of date

Not taking point blank?

Underestimating the value of heading towards the Duelist tree
+1 Frenzy Charge, Life, Res, Claw Mods

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I don't get the CWDT - Vaal Grace link. CWDT says: "Vaal skills [...] cannot be triggered "
I don't get the CWDT - Vaal Grace link. CWDT says: "Vaal skills [...] cannot be triggered "

You don't need to worry about linking vaal grace it's really a 3l + 1l, you'll just pop the vaal grace when needed
AdkWoody wrote:
EDIT: Sorry my POB was out of date

Not taking point blank?

Underestimating the value of heading towards the Duelist tree
+1 Frenzy Charge, Life, Res, Claw Mods

You probably right about point blank, I was planning to focus more on the melee part of the damage, but Its only a two point node with 30% more damage.
After the league start I will update and probably include this one.

About the gladiator tree, looks like a lot of traveling points to get there.

Btw, thanks for the feedback!
looks interesting,two questions:

1) whats the advantage over Frost Blades?
2) how is the single target damage?
BeRse wrote:
looks interesting,two questions:

1) whats the advantage over Frost Blades?
2) how is the single target damage?

So far I think lightning strikes has slightly better single target because of the shotgun effect of the projectile part and shock effect, frost blades has better clear, but the two skills are very similar.

The single target is kinda Slow until you get a 5 link or constantly swap the ancestral call. So far I had 0 issues with bosses, did first Baran in about 6 seconds with a 5 link and some claws with about 200 pDps.

I already made some changes into the build in order to improve single target damage, but didn't had the time to write here. For instance I swapped flesh and stone for herald of thunder and get some blind on the tree, also I'm messing with point blank.
thanks for the answer, i will follow your updates/progression

another question: how about a shield for more defense?
BeRse wrote:
thanks for the answer, i will follow your updates/progression

another question: how about a shield for more defense?

You can incorporate a Shield without too much trouble, but you might feel a hurt on the DPS side. Also we get some dual wield nodes on the tree, so you need to ditch those nodes.

Command of the elements is a really good node for this setup.
Any thoughts on what flasks would be ran here?

I was thinking Mana, Diamond, Quicksilver for sure, no real ideas for the last two slots (I guess Bottled Faith would still be BiS for Sulphur flask DPS?)

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