[3.13]Hierophant Flameblast Ignite - help improving


This is my first build and I was hoping to receive any sort of feedback on the tree, equipments, skills and so forth.


My knowledge of uniques is limited and there is bound to be room for bigger improvements.

My budget would be around 20EX for this, and right now, considering league prices, I think it's around 5-10EX. My aim is to be able to survive in many situations and deal decent damage that will allow this build to do all content.

I know I'm missing enchantments on boots, helmet and gloves.

I tried the discord channel as well but didn't receive much feedback there.

Thank you kindly in advance.

Last bumped on Jan 15, 2021, 9:20:04 AM
The thread of hope jewel doesnt work the way you think it does. You can only allocate the notables inside the blue boarder. Not inside of the whole ring :) If you put a thred in the tree you can manualy click in the nodes. So no need to edit them into the jewel itself.

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