The Lost Legion | English | All Playstyles | Discord | 70+ active members | Necropolis

Open to everyone on all servers.
We are focused on Softcore Challenge Leagues.
Active Discord Server.

We are a growing community looking for more active members to join us.

Who do we want?
● Active members who participate with the guild.
● Experience does not matter, we accept everyone.
● People who are willing to help out other players who need it.
● 18+ members.
Discord Voice activity is mandatory - our members use this more to communicate in voice and chat rather than in-game chat

Guild Activities?
●Helping people achieve their challenges.
●Uber lab trials and carries.
●In-house map trades/swapping.
●EXP carries for discount or free.
●Boss killing for free.

How to remain in the guild with good standing?
● We are a guild with new and experienced players, you will not be kicked for your lack of knowledge of the game.
● Helping out others in the guild.
● Being active on discord and using voice chat to ask questions
● Having a good sense of humor

● Keeping the guild stash fair, don't loot everything and sell. We will be checking
● Logging on discord every now and then, checking up with your guildies.
● Be respectful, we endorse "toxic" behavior but only if it's fun and in good sport.
● 18+

We are always recruiting!

80+ active people in Discord.

How to apply?

Join our discord at (DO NOT PM ME, Forums or PoE Mail doesn't get notified to me)
The Lost Legion

PM @Tommypsycho in-game for invite
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if youre active then invite poe chat is dead a.f.
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hi there would love to join your guild if there still room for tp join, i'll bring drinks and snacks along :D

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